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Hystericalhearts chapter 25 . 8/23
*dancing insanely and belting out self-styled lyrics* "THIS FIC, IS FUCKIN AWESOME, THIS FIC IS AMAZING, NOW I CANT STOP SINGING" *slaps self in face* I love this fanfiction! I ️ Bellamione! If you want to see probably some of the the sweetest/funniest pictures you've ever seen, search "Bellamione pictures" I was in tears. *chants hysterically * "BELLAMIONE!" BELLAMIONE!" "BELLAMIONE!"
(And I expect a cookie )
Diamond1234 chapter 1 . 8/22
This. just, this. this is soooo amazing, really you've done such an incredible job on writing this wonderful job
Cissy's Mione chapter 1 . 8/21
Also, just curious, If PPL had ideas or requests, can we pm ya about it?
Cissy's Mione chapter 15 . 8/21
Loved how this fic has proven to be very tasty and delicious. If you were to make another fic, Perhaps one that acts like a sequel to this, BUT perhaps Bella wishing to Court Mione, to mate and to bond with Mione, perhaps to even impregnate her
Guest chapter 25 . 8/20
I totally love this new chapter :D
BellaMioneCissyTwain chapter 8 . 8/19
What if Lovemaking was key, Bella also needing to be Strong, Hermione feeling lonely and desperately needing Bella, Bella filling her own Tits with some warm sweetness, Hermione suckling, Bella grunting and then she gave Hermione the Lovemaking of a lifetime, and that after Hermione was slowly getting better
BellaMioneCissyTwain chapter 6 . 8/19
Narcissa then told Bella that for some reason Bella and Mione were bonded in some unique way.
She told Bella that ONLY True love can save Hermione, Bella was stunned, asking Narcissa what she meant by that.
BellaMioneCissyTwain chapter 5 . 8/19
Thought, what if Bellatrix managed to rescue Hermione from the clutches of Vold, Luc, Drac and Roddy, Hermione was severely injured, and that Bella was concerned, and that she used all sorts of magic but it JUST wasn't enough, Narcissa tried as well, BUT was shocked that her abilities had ZERO Effect.
Narcissa did some further research into the situation and made a shocking discovery
BellaMioneTwain chapter 20 . 8/19
Hi. Read and fell in luv with this fic.
Ya know what Bella reminds me of, Shania Twain
Was thinking, Bella using spell to dress like Shania, the one where Shania dressed in that I feel like a Woman outfit, using Spell to have Hermione dressed in a Spaghetti strapped Tank and Skirt, and that they were in a sacred place where Bella would take Hermione as her Beloved wife, and that lovemaking was intense, Bella ripping Hermione's Top for her Nipples, when Hermione was feeling erotic and arches her back, Bella kisses Hermione, Then tears her own Outfit off, Hermione gasping in complete surprise, Bella lifting Hermione's skirt to put her Cock in, she saying You Feel like a Woman, as she rams hard in Hermione, Hermione shrieks in Esctacy as Bella grunts and screams, the lovemaking not Just a Mating, But that Bella wants to start a Family, and wants Hermione to carry their Offspring
Cissy's Mione chapter 16 . 8/15
BUT, Here was something else that might serve as the Catalyst to where Bella has to choose:

What IF Mione got severely injured, like to Brink OF DEATH, and that though Bella was also injured, Bella was strong and determined to do what was necessary.
When Bella dealt with Roddy, Vorty, and the other Death Eaters, Bella manages to get Mione and Apparate to someplace safe, and that where NO ONE would find them.

Bella tries to use conventional Spells, BUT its not enough, Bella then discovers OLD Magic, something that is forgotten, obscure, hidden, BUT also serves as a sort of test to see if Both are compatible with each other.

Bella having Sex with Mione, and shares her Qi, Magical Life Essence like a Succubus, as Mione held Bella's head as she kissed and drinked Bella's Qi, Healing as they were banging and thrusting, when Mione was healed, She buries herself in Bella, can't let go, unwilling to live w/o Bella.

Bella perhaps also mutters a spell and drinks Firewhisky from Mione's swelled Breasts, and that Mionenever felt more happier, as She felt Bella showing her true love to Mione
Cissy's Mione chapter 19 . 8/15
BUT, Here was another, more dramatic and perhaps entertaining erotic thing Mione and Bella could also do:
Bella and Mione doing some Playful, rough, sexually gressive Wrestling, Bella sliding her tongue between Mione's Tits, and drinking Firewhisky to get more erotic

Another, Bella carrying Mione bridal style, when they come back from their swim, and that Mione's hair was in a Wet Messy braids, Bella's Poneytail and that as they were making Love, Mione riding Bella cowgirl Bella mutters a spell to create some gushing wind, Mione's hair fluttering, Fireplace roaring, Mione's skin glistening as she and Bella sweated during their lovemaking, when Bella and Mione Cum at same time, Mione's tummy was glowing as Bella's seed flows in Mione, as a Sign of their connection, and perhaps the spell glowing that was perparing Mione for her eventual marriage and Pregnancy
Cissy's Mione chapter 20 . 8/15
BUT, what would be hot, Bella dn Mione having a Swim, and that as they got on Sand Bella lands on Mione and then kisses Mione and then makes love to Her, & also, what about a HOT Steamy Shower Sex, Mione, Raking Bella's Breasts with her Nails as she wants Bella, when their Breasts touch, Mione feels some electric feeling, arched her Back as Bella gave all her Might, Mione perhaps sucking on Bella's Tits, Bella giving Mione some sweet Nectar to soothe the Pain, and pleasuring Mione and herself
Cissy's Mione chapter 21 . 8/15
Ya know, what would be an eyebrow raising thing?
Bella secretly bought Mione a series of Gifts, Necklaces, Rings, and a Bridal Lingerie, and had Mione dress in a thin strapped Dress and that they had some private dance in Black Manor, and that as Moon was rising, Bella looked at Mione, her eyes glowering and hungry, as they kiss, Bella kissing Mione Tongues mashing and that then Bella showed Mione how strong she was, ripping Mione's dress off then as she slid down Mione's knickers she lifts Mione off the ground to have Mione's legs wrapped around her hips as her Strap-On Cock erects, Banging Mione while standing, each thrust Mione screaming Bella's name and screaming out Yes repeatedly as Bella got stronger and stronger
Bella then using a spell to bring out a Marriage Bed, RED, OR Green, Soft and that Bella walking to bed as she kissed and banged Mione hard then stumbles to Bed, then rips off her dress, Mione wanting to help BUT Bella pinning Mione down then when she finished ripping her dress and everything off she cocked her head and arched her back to Roar out loud before she then got on top of Mione and then Banged her very hard, and yet she was wanting to bond and mate with her Beloved, after so long when Bella reached her climate she gave a Hard thrust and held Mione close to her as she was Cumming Extremely hard, grunting and kept pulling Mione into her as she didn't wish for a single drop to be wasted, when she completes her lovemaking she shrieked a Loud grunted Warrior like roar when Mione whimpered and that as they looked at each others eyes, They kissed and made love slowly and more gently as Dark Witch and Wife, Mione perhaps hoping conceiving Bella's Baby
Cissy's Mione chapter 22 . 8/15
What if Bella was wanting to perhaps Marry Mione, BUT that perhaps Bella wanting to use One of her Special Strap-On Cocks, one that can not just erect, give Bella ability to feel, BUT also to Impregnate Mione with her Seed, and more.

Mione riding Bella Cowgirl style to feel like a Woman, and that Bella being strong, Mione admiring Bella's Strength, her tight Abs, and Perhaps as Bella sucks on Mione's Tits, Drinking Mione's sweet Milk Honey Nectar, Mione wanting Bella to claim her, Bella biting and leaving Hickeys all over Mione's Body, Mione raking Bella's Tits with her Nails, to inflick pleasurable pain and to claim Bella, Bella drinking Mione's Blood to fully bond and Mate With Mione, Mione licking Bella's Shaft and more
Cissy's Mione chapter 23 . 8/15
BUT, here's something that might make the world go Fury and Brimstone, perhaps adding the twist of fate that might catch the Audience via storm
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