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SoulTea2000 chapter 32 . 6/4/2016
day 15 part 1. Is T- T-F-N ta ta for now a reference to Winnie The Pooh? If so *does the dance to melancholic by rin kagamine*
A Shining Yoshi Star chapter 73 . 5/6/2015
Heh, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd review this story. Mostly because I made my account after it had finished and because I don't do that anonymous review life. Anyway, I like yours and Cam's work here. I think this will be good for Kim's character and the overall story for TDL3, which is coming out in about a month now. The hype is too real!

Getting back on topic, I like all the nice little touches you two made not only to this chapter, but to a few of the previous ones as well. I do wonder how Kim will turn out by the time we see her again; it'll be something to behold indeed. But yeah, until next time, dude.
xebla chapter 73 . 5/3/2015
That was a fantastic official way to end Letterama. In a duration of one chapter, you've managed to turn Kim from my least favourite into one of my favourite! That's the first! :D

You and DSB did an amazing job handling with Kim's situation. I loved her explanation video. It was well detailed, explained everything about her behavior during Letterama and revealed the true Kim for the first time. :)

I'm pleased that Kim's parents welcome back Kim with opening arms. Same with how the law were helping her to get back on her feet. It was satisfying after everything Kim went through.

Excellent job you two and CB, I looked forward for TDL3 in June after waiting for SO long! Keep up the great work, my friends! :)
ChloroFax chapter 73 . 5/1/2015
Wow, holy moly. I truly think that this is a perfect direction to go in preparation for the next season in this timeline. In retrospect it is better than what happened before, but no sweat- changes can be made, no problem.

It's hard to break this review into parts, because all of it was just amazing! Kim, her parents, and the people that helped her while she was under arrest...all of it was insanely awesome. To learn now that Kim was all along just a nice girl who was deprived of her medication while on the island puts a lot of things in a new light.

What else can I say? Other than I'm ultra-pumped for the next story, obviously. I assume Kim is a contestant in this one, right? That'd actually be super-duper.

Awesome job! And the perfect lead-up to TDL3.
Jessica chapter 73 . 4/29/2015
So beautiful, it makes me see Kim in a new way
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 73 . 4/29/2015
So, bonus chapter huh? Not expected, but really, I loved this chapter. It was very repetitive though. Seriously, it went over a bunch of things over and over. Sure, they must be important, but it was repetitive and slow. Also, it wasn’t written the same as the rest of the fic. I can’t tell if it was worse or better, but like I said, it didn’t fit. But, it was needed for us to understand Kim, and now we know that my guess was correct for the TDL3 trailer. The pills were for Kim, the mystery person. Let’s just see if my other guess is right.
More focusing on the content, I kind of feel like a jerk, like with Tabitha, only worse. I really felt evil, looking back on my thoughts about Kim when I read it. She obviously had some traumatic experience (dealing with a different race, hence her over hatred) and she was suffering from lack of her pills. I’m so sorry I judged her so fast. But, I now know she’s good really, that it ultimately wasn’t her fault. I hope that I can redeem myself with Letterific in my opinions in her.
Now, a few other things. I noticed a bit of foreshadowing in the finale of Letterama with Eddie’s confessional after the talk of Kim. He said he wished he saw the Kim he knew at the beginning of the competition. Now knowing what she’s really like… hmmm.
Also, is Kim competing or what? In here you say she is, in the other chapter she’s interning, and I just don’t know. Same goes for Nakia, I don’t know. Let me know, seriously.
But, overall, great. Kim’s getting therapy, and has her pills. She will be redeemed. And I hope, maybe, that she’ll be good this time. And I know she will. After all, this is you we’re talking about. You’ll do great.
Also, she’s contributing with the Chris plot line. Obviously they didn’t give her her pills for drama inducing purposes. And it’s sick. I thought Chris would improve! But now it’s clear. Chris and the other two producers are monsters. And Kim will be in charge in taking them DOWN! Can’t wait till June! See you in September when I get to read it!
The Ben Who Must Not Be Named chapter 72 . 4/29/2015
In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, I’m aware of some changes that have been taking place via Deviantart, and I expected something to happen to the story, but nothing that drastic! But hey, I can live. I figured I can do this in two reviews, one for the changes in this chapter, and one for the Kim chapter. Also, I have a bunch of questions, so feel free whether to answer or not. Anyway, let’s begin.
Contestant Removals
‘Bob’: Yeah, I never was a fan of ‘Bob’. To clarify, I’m aware he’s Russell. Cheese. I hear people have done that already, and also, it just didn’t make sense. He’s obviously older, and I don’t get how in cheese he could get on. Glad he’s gone really.
Carlton: Probably the biggest surprise for me. I thought Carlton was a good one to bring back so he could actually compete this time. I was looking forward to it, especially since he and Wallace are good friends. Shame he isn’t in it anymore. I was looking forward to that.
Jill: Ok, let me be honest. I hate Jill. She’s one of my least favorite in Letterama. Heck, I wish she went earlier. But that being said, I expected her to come back since I have a feeling that this season will still be the darkest in the trilogy, and that’s up Jill’s ally. Eh, I really don’t care, but I am surprised.
Mel: THANK YOU! Ugh, her stories been told a thousand times. It was a surprise though, since it came from nowhere, but I’ll totally live. I found it annoying for you to try to portray the same story twice. (Pandora being the other case.) Anyway, I have to wonder who you’ll replace her with. But more on that later.
Nina: I’m neutral on her removal. She could have been great, seeing more of her than we had in Letterama. But where did she fit in? I don’t know if this knew focus on the producers is focusing on other people, but Nina obviously doesn’t fit in, so unfortunately, we have to let her go.
Patrick: He’s now over in Cliques vs Cliques. I can’t complain he’s gone, because he’s in a better place. So, moving on.
Xyly: I really liked Xyly in Letterama. I looked forward in seeing her. But, she was replaced last summer. I can see why though, now that these major changes are public. Sad to see her go, but I’m sure whatever you write will be great.
Contestant Replacements
Alice: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! I’ve actually been hoping you change your mind and bring back Alice, especially since you announced ‘Bob’s’ removal. I ship AlicexBishop so dang hard! Plus, they are so funny together! Can’t wait to see them in action.
Cole: Patrick’s replacement. Now that this new revealment has been revealed, I realized something. THIS WAS COLE’S ROLL ALL ALONG! The Chris plot line has been planned since the start, or at least when Cole was introduced. SO THIS MEANS THE END SCENE YOU REPLACED ZEPHYR’S WITH WAS STILL GOING TO BE A PLOT LINE. I have to say, this is totally an unexpected twist. But now Lavender’s preview is starting to make more and more sense…
Hector: DANG! I love Hector. I was sad when he left in Letterz and that you didn’t really like him. Hopefully you’ll like him this time, and I hope I grow to love him more.
Helen: Why? She’s the only one where I’m like, ‘What in the cheese were you thinking?’ Yeah, Helen’s going through a phase for some weird reason. But I have a problem with boredom. A major problem. She’s the imbodiment of what I have to avoid. Unfortunetly, I know she’ll get far, because otherwise, you wouldn’t have brought her in. Ugh. This is far too exciting. (But totally not!)
Imanda: You know, I never fully appreciated Imanda. Rereading, I actually really like her. Seeing what you have planned, I’m actually pretty excited, and ok with her replacing Xyly. Also, between you and me, HectorxImanda OTP. I’ve actually had this since Letterama, so let’s hope I’m right!
Other Newbes: Ok, this is one of my major questions. All over that section, it said only two more added to the four auditions were returning. But, Mr. Gregson (or whatever his name is) said there were thirty-five. Is it still a thirty-five cast season? We have the first twenty-six, then four auditions, and then Ginny and Thomas. That’s only thirty-two. Are there going to be three newbes we don’t know about yet? Also, are Ginny and Thomas still in the season? I would love it if they were, but with all these changes, it wouldn’t be a surprise.
Zephyr: Out of everything, this was probably the most disappointing change. I was seriously looking forward to him and his plot. Heck, it was him that inspired MY major villain, Vallowsmeir the schemer. Heck, Zephyr started TDASB. I’m massively disappointed and sad that Zeph is gone. I ask, is he gone for good? Or are you placing him in a different season? I hope you use him somewhere, because he’s what got my Total Drama career started, and I would hate to see him go to waste.
New Ending: Ok, this was something I wasn’t expecting. Let me wrap up what I know. Chris never had a tumor, Gregson and Chris along with this Trina character are in on a big scheme, and, from what I can tell, Winnie and Xaria are hosts. I could be wrong in that one, but you kept changing co-host to host. Also, this was one huge scam. Gregson, Trina, and Chris are obviously doing something behind Total Drama. But what? And who’s this him? Do they want to harm the contestants, despite Gregon’s niceness? And what was that blue and bull comment? Something’s up, and it’s not anything what I thought.
Questions: So, is the old host going to be used? Or are Xaria and Winnie really the new hosts? Are you going to update the two cast previews on Deviantart? Also, is Letterific still going to be supernatural? It would be cool if it was. And my last question. Is a death still planned without Zephyr? Sorry to bombard you with questions, but you might want to reconstruct some parts. (Like back in the finale, you still have Kim in the drama chair scenes and you keep changing the number of total contestants a newbees and the whole Winnie and Xaria host of co-hoat thing.) But anyway, confused on some changes, but I hope it will be explained in June. One more review, and I’ll see you in September with TDL3!
insertnamehere21 chapter 73 . 4/29/2015
I'm a little pissed with the rearrangement of cast members (Carlton and Jill are interns now? : ) but that last chapter really made up for it.

And DarkShockBro helped? Not a huge surprise, since he had that journal on Deviantart talking about respecting characters - something that has really helped me as a writer, and something I will be keeping in mind when writing season 2 of my Total Drama spin-off of Euro-Drama

I cant wait for TDL3 to begin - like all your works, it will be nothing short of amazing. (I'm rooting for Yessica all the way!)
Knifez chapter 73 . 4/28/2015

Another redeemed villain, just like Tabitha. Kinda liked Kim just being a psychotic bitch. I think I'll call her Tabitha 2.0 now, though it is true Tabitha was more Heather-esque while Kim was more Kasimar-esque. Like it was nice and touching and all, I guess, it was just kinda random and totally unprecedented, like there weren't any hints to it at all throughout the story. (Though maybe in that alternate ending you said you put there is? I don't know.)

Welp, it was very interesting to see an update for this after so long. So yeah...
BaconBaka chapter 73 . 4/27/2015
Awwww... This is the bestest ending ANYONE can wish for! Kim truly deserved to be happy in the end. :)
pizzawizz chapter 42 . 11/28/2014
pizzawizz chapter 72 . 8/25/2014
OH MY GOSH THIS WAS SO AWESOME AND SADDENING I CANT WAIT FOR THE PREQUEL! BTW i have a feeling somethings bad is gonna happen after the mysterious evil that has been mentioned overall I LOVE IT!
insertnamehere21 chapter 25 . 6/18/2014
Very good story so far, but i do have some criticism about the elimination.
It seems many contestants are being eliminated just because they have no love interest, be it real or fake (i.e. Kim).

All i can say is, if gets eliminated next time I will flame!
insertnamehere21 chapter 1 . 5/20/2014
So, I've only read the first chapter so far, but I hope it lives up to its predecessor because TD Letterz was outstanding

My favourite so far is definitely Tyson, but I'll see how things go.
Thunderdrakon chapter 70 . 5/17/2014
Yes! I was hoping for a girl winner, just in the name of fairness, you know. The real TD pays no attention to that stuff and they've only had one girl winner, and she was evil! So kudos to you for making a TD girl winner who people would actually want to win. Nice work!
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