Reviews for Finding Home
blondferretgirl chapter 41 . 8/28
Love your first fanfic!
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 35 . 6/8
Hooray for Alfie!. Don"t have time for more. Just found this story. Gotta keep reading.
gotitbad chapter 41 . 6/2
So I realized I hadn't read all or your stories! I enjoyed this one as well as the others but can tell how much your plot lines have improved or rather stayed on topic. Even though I really thought this story was fun it felt so busy. I love how you are always giving story recommendation I've read a lot of them. So I thought I'd give you a few-Cutlass » Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course.
A Few Tables Away by drotuno Twilight u:11-07-2015 - Edward spent most of his life trying to be invisible until he got to college. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there's only one person he wishes would see him. His Library Girl, just a few tables away.
Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips by Hoodfabulous Twilight u:10-31-2014 - Bella can't stand Edward Cullen. She hates his tattoos, his piercings, and his stupid band. But mostly she hates how badly she wants him. He hates her too...or so she thinks. Will one iPhone fail change everything? My entry to LOL Text Message Contest. Won: Public Vote, Best Edward, Hottest Text Fail, Host's Choice- CaliGirlMon, Judges' Pick-
sabrina michaels chapter 41 . 4/18
What a great first story you wrote...So Many twists and turns ..plenty of excitement and some mystery...lots of loving...and sexy times...comic relief where needed ...what more can a reader ask for? Oh and let's not forget the object of the entire story...The values of love and family..vs. the love of material possessions and greed...So well done..never doubt your ability to bring a story matter how weird you think it may be going...characters and their stories develop a life of their own and you are just along for the ride...hUGS
sabrina michaels chapter 39 . 4/17
I am super glad Renee finally blew her charade and blew her top..she has a mental disorder for sure...Under my Nose was one of my favorte stories... I know I read ass backwards...what can I say? I did review evry chapter of that one also...I think...and I recommended it to everyone..also loved the recipes. I'm a notorious foody...
sabrina michaels chapter 38 . 4/17
What a piece of work Renee is...OMG...I don't know if I am buying her remorse however...
sabrina michaels chapter 37 . 4/17
Oh Goody can't wait to see what Renee is up to...
sabrina michaels chapter 36 . 4/17
Oh what a sad but wonderful plan you put into place...I am however worried about the silence from Charlie...something is up stateside ...loooking forward to more if and when my phone will give me a break...
sabrina michaels chapter 35 . 4/17
What a fabulous treasure they have found..but now comes the real dilemma..what to do with it all...That kind of welth can be corrupting if not put to good this...
sabrina michaels chapter 34 . 4/17
an exciting treasure hunt it would have ended for me at the roaches...well hell a girl has to draw the line somewhere..We have some here..quite a few actually that you could enter in the Kentucky Derby...Palmetto bugs my Aunt Tessie's Tent. Edward hasn't broken any bones I hope...
sabrina michaels chapter 33 . 4/17
Nicely done...kick ass and take no prisoners..Bella seems to really be taking to this royal stuff ..handling herself with aplomb and a good aim..and mean kick...loved it..
sabrina michaels chapter 32 . 4/17
Holy cow on a cracker...what a turn of events...This is getting exciting...
sabrina michaels chapter 31 . 4/17
Well it seems as though Bella and her Gran endeared themselves to those they met...and they spent a wonderful day in England..Henry's cryptic message was very ominous...looking forward to more..
sabrina michaels chapter 30 . 4/16
Oh God you have left my mouth watering...corned beef..brisket...pastrami on rye...I think Jasper has the wooden leg...But a Reuben would do the trick right now...Almost as good as the sex...LOL
sabrina michaels chapter 29 . 4/16
Serendipity at it's finest...They now have eye witness ID..on the two who broke into Charlies house...
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