Reviews for At The Beginning
ColorGuardSweetHeartHottieFury chapter 1 . 11/17/2011
Awesome :) (Smiling widely) You got this up, its great... I hope you post what they do to eachother soon but if you don't I understand, this time of year gets really busy especially when in school (well jobs to I mean in advertising buisness and merchandising I know they are)... I've gotta get ready for Jazz 1 so I best be going... But thank you it was great really enjoyed it, and can't wait for more (I know i already said that couldn't help saying it again.)

Thanks again Shade Penn, you rock! ;) :) Awesome story and great comedy, made me definitly laugh, cause it was realy good/original comedy gotta love that :) ;)... Love the bet, two thumbs up on that, love the questioning the three had against eachother or Alice and BLurr (I mean asking Alice and Blurr then almost giving up that was good made me laugh/smile), I forget if its mentioned in the past who won what in the bet... I'll skim later to see if I can catch that... I can't wait for more, I really want to know more on the wedding as well...

Well gotta jet (lol relized comedy in saying this after typing it), but maybe this is the millionth time in the review but Thanks for posting this, I was happy seeing it up, and I hope you have a incredibly wonderful day... I really really really thought this was extremly awesome... I loved it... Thanks :) ;) :D ;D farwell for now, till next time... :) ;) :D ;D