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debslmac chapter 50 . 5/22
annaharding chapter 50 . 5/22
Ooooh! Everyone is getting set up for their Happily-Ever-After! I'm feeling swoony, too. Hopefully Emmett will come up with some spectacular proposal and put Lee out of her misery.
I am so enjoying this story and all the little side-trips to the blog. Thanx for sharing!
chicagochi4183 chapter 50 . 5/21
Amazing update to an amazing story, as usual. As an aside, you have made me shark-obsessed! Now any time I hear someone say anything negative about sharks irl I always jump to correct them. Can't wait to see Bella meet the fam 3
Jessifer79 chapter 50 . 5/21
I love this story. Every time I read a chapter I always wish that there was another to read right after. Thank you for your words.
Maplestyle chapter 50 . 5/21
Love, love, loved this chapter! Can't wait for more!
sneakygirl08 chapter 45 . 5/21
It's crazy that years after you wrote this story I have found it to enjoy ... And that the same day I get to this chapter hundreds of thousands of these velellas have washed up on Ocean Beach (San Francisco). I'd taken photos and called my PhD scientist brother to ask what they were only to find the answer in your story!
Thank you for writing. I've enjoyed the story very much.
Cory5300 chapter 49 . 4/26
It took me a long time to start this review because I love the story so much that I didn't know where to begin. Your story is the complete package...not just a love story (albeit a great one), but a story of growth and family. I love the multi-dimensional relationships between the characters that is rarely seen in writing. The story also has me learning about marine life, including sharks, which have always been intimidating creatures. Kudos! I can't wait for the next update.
frostedglaze chapter 49 . 4/21
What the freaking shit! I loved the romance and sticky sweetness of all of them together and toasting the end of a season, seriously, you have honeyed my bun, but what the hell is wrong with the ocean?!

A gentle playful puppy of a shark was devoured whole by a big mouthed demon of the sea! Swallowed! Whole! Easily! In a second! Grouper my ass, that was a baby Godzilla with spiky ridges! That is why all the sea creatures are running away trying to shove legs out their butts to try and walk on land, and the ones that can't are committing suicide!

And Edward wanted to dangle above the white sharks and this monster like a tempting meat filled piƱata! Hell, I'm sure Bella will whack him on land if he wants to get rammed so badly!
Guest chapter 49 . 4/19
Update soon plz
TheGreenPanther chapter 49 . 4/11
Ah, they really are wrapping up. Good chapter and the grouper bit was a surprise and very cool!
NY13 chapter 26 . 4/10
Of course the setting of this story is amazing, unique, and vividly detailed. Not only do you impart knowledge of marine research vessels, marine life, and a research trip, you also give the reader a real sense of the kind of the team work it takes to make a trip successful. Compared to the length of the story, the plot is a bit light. I think the length is because the story is somewhat repetitive, e.g. Whit and Masen have almost the exact same conversation (using different words) about opening up to relationships in almost every chapter for about the first 20. Or a story point will be repeated by just about every character shortly after each other. Or a character will repeat describing the same character flaw in chapter after chapter, e.g. being in a relationship is strange to Masen. Maybe you underestimate the reader? It's a breath of fresh air when the reader finally gets new details of the characters, a plot expansion, or a new vivid sensory description.
QuinnFabray83 chapter 49 . 4/4
I just don't understand how this is a healthy relationship between Bella and Edward at all. All she does is constantly emasculate him in front of his friends. Has she ever admitted once to being in the wrong in this whole story? She is constantly questioning and putting him down in front of his work colleagues and friends and will never ever apologize or admit maybe she did something wrong. The best she can get to is a place where they can agree to disagree? It's not healthy to be in a relationship where one person always believes they are wrong and messed up. Heck you even say it in there yourself, "Space between them gave him time to figure out how he has screwed up." How HE had screwed up - never Bella, just Edward.

I think this is a dangerous message to be sending to women who read your stories - that men are just dumb idiots who have to be trained by us women, who never screw up. That's not healthy or even remotely realistic.
Cullen Cousin chapter 49 . 4/5
A lot sure happened in this chapter! Excellent work my dears!
Tinshaw chapter 49 . 4/3
Great chapter as always.
shaz308 chapter 49 . 4/1
It will be interesting to see Edward interact with Bella's friends for a change. A change of environment is going to be interesting for this story.
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