Reviews for Beneath The Surface
Romana973 chapter 47 . 1/31
Wow! Amazing detail & imagery! Your writing is truly a gift.
chicalicious chapter 46 . 1/31
Perfect title for this chapter! There were definitely lots of tshirts and several important talks in this one. Bella and Edward's date sounded so romantic and perfect. Even though it was a simple picnic in the back of his truck, I loved it!

chicalicious chapter 45 . 1/31
Incredible chapter! I have missed reading these updates so much, but I'm so glad I have the time to catch up now. I love how Alice is really opening up to the whole crew and on their turf and really trying to be a part of the process. She knows when it's too much and to remove herself and she speaks up when she wants to know more, such improvement! Obviously Edward has made enormous gains as well, I'm so glad the line is gone and now they are just who they are all the time. So excited that Bella has realized that she wants to be a marine researcher with MMR and that her and Edward are already planning their future together!

TheGreenPanther chapter 47 . 1/31
Bella did great! I love the smiling shark. That was great!
sujari6 chapter 47 . 1/31
She's made wonderful progress.
kidnurse123 chapter 47 . 1/31
Awesome chapter! I could picture the dive vividly in my head! Great writing and I have to say that I love your story! Having dived with sharks in a cage dive before, I can relate to the adrenaline and anxiety that is felt with being in the sharks realm and at their mercy in many ways! I commend you on the writing of this chapter and all other chapters. Thank you and I can't wait to read future chapters.
beachcomberlc chapter 46 . 1/31
What a treat-I had somehow forgotten to read this update and when I got the notification of Chapter 47, I peeked back to see what had happened in the last chapter and found an undiscovered treasure! This was a sweet chapter with big steps forward for everyone, especially Edward. Loved the Lizzy moments.
And now, as an added bonus I have another chapter to read!
Thanks for writing and sharing.
branlc chapter 47 . 1/31
That was intense! Bella did awesome and has come so far since the begining. :)
stephi910 chapter 47 . 1/31
loved that bella was able to see that not every shark is looking to cause trouble...great dive! can't wait for the next update!
katelyndc chapter 47 . 1/31
Wonderful update! Glad everyone was together for the dive.

Thanks for the update-Kate
team rob chapter 47 . 1/31
Loved this chapter :) :)
debslmac chapter 47 . 1/31
JXB Addicted chapter 47 . 1/31
Wow, that was awesome! I was bite my nail reading it! Lol! Did she forget to turn the camera off and get pictures of the shark biting the cage? Can't wait to find out. I think Edward forgot to tag the female shark! Lol! TTFN! JXB :-)
lynntjax chapter 47 . 1/31
That was such an awesome description! I truly did feel like I was there! Love that you had Edward pet the shark, and then act guilty when he found out she saw it! I could just picture his little crooked grin and crinkly eyes when she said it! lol As always, can't wait for more!
Iersseltje chapter 47 . 1/31
A great chapter. You described perfectly how Bella was feeling and seeing in the water and after her dive.
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