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Shikishima chapter 4 . 1/19/2012
Cool :) well then, cant wait to see what you cooked up!
ThisIsn'tUsed chapter 3 . 12/7/2011
Here is a character for you, I hope you like her as much as i do :) Great chapters too, I've been waiting for aaagees! ~


Name (first, middle, last. If they don't have one or don't know it please explain why): Mika Chernov

Nickname/code name: Itza (Mayan for shape shifter, apparently shape shifting originated from there)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Nationality (are they Italian, American, French? etc): Russian

Where they were born (country, state and city, if it isn't known please explain): Moscow, Russia

Birthday: Jan. 20. 1993

sexuality: straight


Body/build: Thin, slightly toned.

height: 5'8''

Weight: Since she is thin around 60kgs - 61kgs. Not sure in pounds.

Facial features (do they have soft features, a prominent nose perhaps? Any distinct features? explain please): She has cat like bone structure, high cheekbones, a well defined jaw and large eyes. She does have weird ears that sort of point at the top.

Hair (color and style it's cut in and it's usually worn it): Black, reaches her collar bone and is normally very messy.

eyes (color,shape etc): Almost black, very large almost animated eyes.

Extras (glasses, scars, tattoos, deformities, piercings, distinct feature not on the face):

She has numbers tattooed onto her left wrist, (numbers:1259) she also has several scars over her body clearly showing struggle or physical harm in her life. (I'll explain more in history) She has the anarchy tattooed onto her inner forearm as a reminder.

skin (color, anything weird about it ie: pale skin with a ruddy complexion): lightly tanned.


Attitude (explain or give examples not just one word): Her attitude is very rude and abrubt, she constantly has a defiant look on her face. You'll never really know how she is feeling.

Personality (be unique and descriptive also logical!): She is very stand offish, she doesn't trust anyone. She is rebellious, has a dark morbid sense of humour and won't tip toe around others feelings, sarcasm is fluent to her and she may be a bit rude or insensitive. She is mostly a tom boy and hates the thought of wearing anything that even looks like a dress. She mostly keeps to herself, doesn't talk unless she feels it is needed. She has strong morals and if they are challenged she won't be afraid to physically harm someone. She is relaxed in some ways, and alert in others. She is far more observant and incredibly sly, you'll never know if she entered the room or if its just wind. You will never know if she's telling the truth, she lies constantly.

Habits (good and bad alike): Bad; She cheats, rude, never honest, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. Good; She'll be kind to you (well sort of) if you do something for her.

Hobbies: Smoking and reading.


color: Black Food: French food.. Music: Electro/ Alernative Animal: Crow

Reason for color choice: She believes that black goes with anything and that it keeps her hidden. A habit of hers.

Dislikes: Crying kids, overly enthusiastic people, sensitive people and downers.

Trademark: The puff of smoke that trails behind her and the anarchy sign.

Fears: To see her family.

Goals: Stop drinking so much.

How do they view themselves: She views herself as an individual, maybe a bit more eccentric than normal people. She is proud of herself that she has overcome such horrors in her life.

How do they view the world as it is: She doesn't like control or corruption, something Russia and America have. To her the world is beautiful with music and ugly with governments.

Beliefs (religious, spiritual, just beliefs in general, ie; believes people should be treated the way they treat others): Atheist, doesn't believe it.

Weapons(if any): A pocket knife, was an old veteran war knife in close contact fights.

Skills (besides powers): She has great manipulation skills, her fighting skills are very strong and she has the ability to sneak up on someone no matter the alertness of that person. She can also make circles with smoke :D

power (be unique and logical): Her power is the ability to shape shift into any person or animal that she wishes, she can change even just one part of her body to disguise herself. e.g her nose. She can transform into any shape of person or animal without a single link back to her original body.

weakness (for powers and just in general ie; do they have a weakness for girls with blue eyes, or chocolate , etc): She can't shift into inanimate objects, she wished she could but she can't. She also has a weakness for bad boys, (as every girl does)

secrets (fetishes, just what they don't want people to know): She killed several people in Russia on her way out to America, it was named 'The Chernov Massacre' (History; will explain)

Allies: No one in particular.

Enemies: mutant haters and Russian citizens.

Groups (it doesn't have to be the name of one above, you can describe what they group they'd more likely be int would be or suggest another group. I still need to add more groups so be inventive.): The Vigilantes.

How they found the group: She found a group of people who also had struggling backgrounds, they formed the group as a way to connect with others without getting too close.

History (before the found the groups and a bit about what happened after they joined (some will start in the group, others will join as the story goes on so I need both explanations): She grew up with a parents and two siblings. Her father (Dimitri) was a high politician who wouldn't let anything taint his reputation, her mother (Ivana) was a respectable stay at home mother. Her siblings (Anya, one year younger than herself) and (Aleksandr, one year older) When Mika turned 11 it was apparent that she wasn't normal and her shifting abilities developed around this time, to deal with it her father Dimitri sent her to a Russian Mental Hospital named Kashchenko Hospital in Moscow. Where she was savagely abused physically and mentally. Due to the scars on her body she had physically struggled with them ending in even more harm to her. After five years of pain and struggle, Mika devised a plan to escape. She shifted into one of the nurses who harmed her and pretended she had escape already. With that she ran out of the room, later down the hall she shifted back to her original state due to the fatigue she felt. They discovered her a few minutes later and went to knock her out, she then pulled a scalper from a nearby trolley and killed several people as she made her way out, including the one person she hated most, the doctor who gave lobotomies. She made her way to America by boat, escaping authorities and ending up in your story :)

Good/evil/neutral: Neutral, has evil tendencies.

Romantic interest: Anyone who is a bad boy or shares something in common with her.

Clothing style (not just one outfit give me a general idea): She mostly wears black clothing, a normal wear would be a black 50's leather jacket and jeans with converses. She wears dark sunglasses and black gloves. (She steals a lot so she doesn't want her fingerprint anywhere)

What do they travel with (clothes, essential, etc, also what do they carry it in): She has a black backpack that she always has, it has computer cords, food, some clothes and any essentials swell as several weaponry.

Anything else: Nope, hope you like her :)
silverstarsofquebec chapter 3 . 12/4/2011
Great chapter, really intense. That was some pretty amazing work with emotions and perceptions. It makes me jealous. :) The way you wrote it was perfect, too. I can't wait until you continue!

By the way, I PMed you an X-Men recruit last night. I hope it's alright to submit multiple characters... Okay, good luck writing! :D
magicrazy101 chapter 3 . 12/4/2011

I'll remember what it was like for Axel to remember things...

M-crazy ~.~
Shikishima chapter 3 . 12/3/2011
oooOOOooo, suspense xD can't wait for the next update! oh, since you are needing more characters, can we submit more? We're also speaking for Alise's Owner, My Love Pinwheel (she's with us right now) So can we?

Yuki and Nami (and MLP)
CiCi The Awesome chapter 3 . 12/3/2011
Awesome new chapter! Vvery ominous...cant wait for more! Also, would you allow me to submit another oc, a student? Let me know:)

San child of the wolves chapter 2 . 11/26/2011
Oh that was a great chapter. I had a lot of fun reading that. Especially the second part with my character. You got his personality spot on! I can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck with it.
Muse of Storytelling chapter 2 . 11/20/2011
Wonderful. Keep up the awesome work.
magicrazy101 chapter 2 . 11/19/2011


it's epicly-awesome!

M-crazy ~.~
sparrhawk chapter 2 . 11/19/2011
Wow, that was fast! It's really well written (edited or not)..

Can't wait for the completed chapter! :)
CiCi The Awesome chapter 2 . 11/19/2011
woah, awesomeness! Very it, can't wait for more!

~~Cici :)
The Lady Cloudy chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
It was good. I'd like to warn you in advance I won't be able to review much in November because of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where I have to write 50,000 words in one month. Homework is hell so I'm busy all the time. Just giving you a heads up, I'm not lazy about reviewing I'm just insanely busy. Good chapter, by the way.
CiCi The Awesome chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
:O awesome! can't wait for more!
magicrazy101 chapter 1 . 11/18/2011


I love it! you wrote Ayden perfectly!

please please please write more soon!

(I feel special, first to review XD)

M-crazy ~.~
Lucy in the Sky with Dimonds chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
Wow. You captured the character of Vel perfectly. I honestly did not expect for my character to be portrayed exactly how I pictured her. The writing was really good, and I'm thoroughly impressed. Great Job :-)
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