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jose antonio chapter 1 . 4/20
Please continue the story
Anonymous Fan chapter 41 . 4/19
I've consistently read the prequel to this and this, and now have found myself at the beginning of chapter 41, which happens to be the end for me. I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. I love this story with a passion. You sir, are a genius. You've singlehandedly taken a tale I love dearly and gave it the single most incredible twist I could've ever dreamt of. Please continue to write, because this story is a writer's blockbuster (pun definitely intended).
-A Fan
Croa chapter 41 . 4/1

I was iffy about how she wouldn't know he was alive. I still am honestly, but more so because I'm not into plot twists like that. They usually feel cheap, however, given Nagatos confession at the end and many other circumstances, I assume she was deliberately kept in the dark and the way you presented her situation was believable. And hey, a mom at some point is better then no mom at all, right? Well, she did go all revenge mode but it was because she loved her son, so I'm sure he'll forgive and forget... or in his case just forgive because their is no history between the two too actually forget, since she wasn't around..
On a serious note, given the context she obviously had no direct involvement with the "dark side" of Akatsuki, however she still was involved and could have, (and by all rights) should have returned back to Konoha. Especially when they went to go destroy her home. However, she did loose her family right before her eyes, one being a newborn, which would ruin anybody, especially a newly made mother. And I cant even count how many other characters in the Naruto verse have went emo for less. So I wouldn't find it far fetched at all if she was pardoned, especially with the sway Naruto has and will have, and the circumstances around her situation
marquis.shax chapter 41 . 3/24
ugh I HATE cliff hangers you have Naruto heading back towards the village but then just completely cut away from him. Then there's Jiraiya who's supposed to be heading back but he's obviously slow as fuck rather than being smart an getting reverse summoned there. ugh hopefully this story is updated soon as it's already been 2 months since last updated :(
marquis.shax chapter 37 . 3/24
heh about time you had her make her appearance although I find something very curious. Have Nagato and the rest of the members kept the name of the jinchuriki a secret from her or is she unwilling to believe that it's her son? This seriously makes no sense wouldn't she recognize a photo of him as he looks so much like Minato with a bit of Kushina mixed in and even without a photo or description the name Naruto Uzumaki would make her want to investigate
marquis.shax chapter 33 . 3/24
It's to bad Jiraiya sucks so bad at being a spy master as I'm sure he'd have found a way to find out about Zetsu since he was often times I believe used as a go between for meetings with Akatsuki and various villages that used their service also Black Cloaks with Red Clouds really stand out so he should've been able to get member names or descriptions but I think he was to focused on bath houses and brothels to really be bothered with running a spy network otherwise he'd have discovered more than Itachi and Kisame and he'd have at least been able to help reduce the damage done during the invasion by predicting that Sound would gain help from Sand due to having an unstable jinchuriki as well as financial problems that would hopefully recover with Konoha being destroyed or at least severely weakened. Also I think you're putting Obidara on a way to big of a pedestal as he's REALLY NOT THAT STRONG. Seriously take away his intangibility and he's not that hard to beat. Facing 3 or 4 Jinchuriki at once would be to much especially one such as Yugito as she has damn good control over her transformation then add Utakata and Fuu who also can use at least a small portion of their Biju powers and he'll be forced to stay intangible for a very long time draining his chakra
marquis.shax chapter 30 . 3/24
hmm so Obidara wants all remaining Jinchuriki together and is betraying his and Madara's puppet Nagato this should be interesting.
marquis.shax chapter 18 . 3/23
hmm so when are you going to have Kushina make her big debut? as I'm almost positive she's alive after you having previously mentioned Danzo having already faked the death of one jinchuriki and then there was Mayu mentioning about not caring about some other female Uzumaki being pissed at her if she killed Naruto.
Shadownecros chapter 41 . 3/7
Great so far will it continue?
jgs237 chapter 41 . 3/4
Good job with the story really love it! When will the next chapter be out?
Megaplayer49 chapter 41 . 2/25
Awesome story bro hope you update soon
Razorknight33 chapter 41 . 2/17
Dont abandon us lol this is getting really good please finish it
Meazm chapter 41 . 2/11
Nice story dudeeee. Can't wait for update !
Screamindivr145 chapter 41 . 1/27
Again, great story. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. I hope Kushina will talk to Naruto. Anyways, please work on putting "in" instead of "on" in the places it needs to be.
gleamfang chapter 8 . 1/24
Hey man. First off kudos for sticking to this project even after five years! Really want to thank you for sticking to it because you're writing one hell of a story here.

I like how you've given Naruto a different personality, new powers, a wonderful relationship with Ino all without making the story feel foreign. It's almost like this was a second cut of Naruto but if so, I must say I like this second cut much much better!

For me the best part of our story is the burgeoning relationship between Naruto and Ino and how as a pair they work hard to live their lives sometimes apart but always together. That and your wonderful sense of honour and non-stop running jokes which really reflect something that is well thought out, unique and most of all CONVINCING. I think the consistency in the story as it develops avoids jarring the reader and truly builds rather than feels tacked on for the sake of moving the plot. Kudos I'm a huge fan of your work! (Clone with personality always gets me man!)

I would also like to commend you for not being afraid to kill off our characters. I know it must have been a hard decision but being un-afraid to do so adds some gritty realism where the lesson that life is imperfect yet it's something worth fighting is courageously conveyed!

I can't wait to read more now that I'm all caught up! I'll do my utmost to review every new chapter I read ok?

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