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jo-zabby chapter 45 . 6/30
I don't think that words can describe just how amazing and flawless this story is. You've captured them perfectly... Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny... and I got so attached to Hugo I don't think I can even breathe! This story made me laugh, cry, and everything in between! You are a WONDERFUL writer and the story you've written is one of the best I've ever read. Frankly, it's quite a lot better than any of the novels I read! I wish I had words strong enough to convey how fantastic this story was.
erikaearthling chapter 45 . 6/29
This is the first fanfiction story I've ever ready. I typically don't enjoy or read fanfiction but my sister insisted this story was different- boy was she right!
I actually met you MsBinns about a year ago in Ames, IA when I helped my sister Kathryn move. You were driving through and stopped for the evening to dine and drink with us. It was lovely meeting you then and absolutely thrilling to read your story now. Thank you so much for putting your heart and sole into Ron & Hermione's story, as far as I'm concerned this is part of my HP canon and is exactly what happened after the war. I read this story directly after finishing a re-read of the series and while I've always loved Ron, I found him to be more likeable, funnier, sensitive and intuitive this last time around. To follow up with your story was the icing on the cake for my new Ron fixation.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story :)
RomioneFangirl chapter 45 . 6/24
beth.fergason chapter 1 . 5/26
This story was amazing. I had an ugly cry at the end because you completely ripped my heart out, but in a good way. Loved this so much.
Lexie.Loo chapter 24 . 5/23
I normally don't write comments on stories that it appears the writer has finished years before but it saddens me that anyone would so heavily criticize this story-especially this late in the game, 24 chapters in and you hate it? Get lost!
I understand some people might not like it, but it completely goes in line with how I view Ron and Hermione. As an avid drarry fan, this is my first Ron/Hermione fic and I'm so glad I branched out.

I think you do a brilliant job of exploring the awkward and unglamorous. The scene a few chapters back where Ron was drunk and yelling at a barefoot Hermione was so real and relatable. Very powerful stuff that you've balanced brilliantly with all the innocent awkwardness the couple encounters as they move forward in their relationship. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this for us!
White.Delicacy chapter 35 . 5/6
I completely agree about the Mudblood scar - I actually liked that added in part of the movie. I feel like while yes the cruciatus curse is obviously terrible, its not something we can actually understand, but a physical scar of a derogatory word, cut into Hermione's arm, that is something that strikes deep into everyone I think. I knew thats what it would turn out to be as soon as you mentioned the bandage on her arm that she never removed. I happily accept that movie canon... well maybe not happily since it is disturbing, but I'm sure you know what I mean.
White.Delicacy chapter 19 . 5/5
Oh my goodness the way your wards make me feel is not okay. I don't know how many times ive cried at this point. That being said, you are a very talented writer. You potray the characters and events so accurately it feels like I'm just reading an extension of JK Rowlings own works (minus the swearing of course - but lets be real, had there been swearing we all know Ron would be cursing like a sailor). It's nearly 3 in the morning and I am absolutely captivated. Thank goodness I'm out of school now so I can stay up reading until I basically pass out - yes that is waht is going to happen because I am so drawn in by Ron and Hermione and their complex relationship and the grief mixed in with the happiness... it all works so well. Well it is 2:46am and its time to continue reading!
HallowSparks32 chapter 12 . 4/27
Hi. You're a good writer but this story made Ron an unbearable 's selfish and made Hermione look weak. And I just cant believe Mrs. Weasley would be that insensitive towards Hermione.
lindsaydrumm chapter 20 . 3/26
I'm with you on this one. I don't think it was right to dismiss an entire House at Hogwarts as cowards or villains. There had to be some Slytherine's who stood up against Voldemort. Probably because their families had been hurt by him and for no other reason, but still there had to be at least a few.
stephalopolisO9 chapter 45 . 3/25
I'll admit...I teared up a few chapters ago when Hermione broke down. The guilt she felt... it got to me. I'm glad Ron took initiative for the search. He def scored some brownie points.

This story won me over. Especially how they're still so raw from the war that they don't quite do what we would like them to. Thank you for making me see them in a new perspective (though I still don't like Ron).

Great job!
stephalopolisO9 chapter 17 . 3/24
So I have to start with.. I never really liked Ron. I still really don't. And I was apprehensive about reading a ff with RW/HG pairing. I tend to avoid them. However, I gave your story a try, and I always imagined what it would be like just after the war. What would they do? What would their reactions be? Stuff like that. So I continued reading because honestly, I think you got it pretty down pat. However, I kinda feel like Hermione is to weak in your portrayal. She seems so submissive and fawning over Ron like a typical house wife. I'm sure she does become more affectionate and understanding but he's acting like a douche. I'm hoping in later chapters she gets more assertive, because she definitely wouldn't put up with that crap, even if it was for a funeral.
amanda chapter 45 . 3/8
Hi I'm from venezuela
Y just want to tell you that you are an amazing writer and I absolutly love your story it was so good that I couldn't stop till I finished it. Thank you
ohsosirius chapter 45 . 3/6
I loved it so so so so so so much! It was great, the characterization was great and I have not even one complain. And the fact that you named your character Hugo was so cute I almost cried when I realized where you were going!
flipingout chapter 45 . 1/29
Wow, just wow.
Your story managed to get me high on emotions just like JKR managed it.
I was totally consumed reading it "in one breath".
I was happy, and angry, and excited, and anxious.
Hugo is awesome, and I like to think they named their son after him.
(Also, the Calibra they were travelling in was a nice touch, as my dad had one a few years back, and now my cousin has one.)
GumGumOnigiri chapter 45 . 1/27
HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAAAA! Oh my God! After years of bad fanfiction I finally stumble onto this! This... this is like coming home! Harry Potter in all it's glory! And let me assure you the people who complain about it are morons! Flat out idiots! Every chapter just seemed to be better than the last! Everybody was just so wonderfully in character that I dare say I enjoyed it more than the final Harry Potter book.

I wish I could go on a tangent about how much I loved this little slice off nostalgia but I'm just not that good with words. I'm just sad that it ended as quickly as it did.

Anyway congratulations and thank you so much for a brilliant read!
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