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Anonymous chapter 45 . 11/20
This story is a masterpiece. I loved every moment of reading it.
Anonymous chapter 35 . 11/19
Merlin F ing Morgana! This chapter left my knickers in a knot! I had to stop here for today and I'm very uncomfortable... This story was completely BRILLIANT! Almost the level of JK Rowling herself. There are very few mistakes. One time you wrote 'you and me' instead of 'you and I' (not in chapter 35, somewhere before), but its alright. Loved it so far!
Somebody chapter 8 . 11/16
I loved it, but there is a minor error in this chapter. Hermione is the brightest with of her time and I think she'd know that 'you and me' is wrong. Its supposed to be 'you and I'
Guest chapter 45 . 11/14
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. It made me feel so gooey inside, laughing and sniffling and just feeling so overwhelmed... I'm going to think about this for days, and reread it until I know it by heart, I'm going to take a print and keep it with me. Just, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing this!
ashish123 chapter 45 . 10/18
Words cannot express how much I learnt and appreciate this story. In fact it's a lesson for all of us that whatever happens in life, weather good or bad, we can heal and we can move forward with the help and support of our loved ones. This whole journey of Ron and Hermione is so real and so special that it just makes me once again appreciate your masterpiece. I simply cannot even describe the riot of emotions o felt when I read the story. So as a Ron-Hermione fan I extend my well wishes to you. Hope you enjoy your life and it ius blessed with happiness and love. Thanks for the wonderful story.
grishaverse chapter 45 . 9/29
Wow what an amazing read. I can’t believe it’s over! For days I looked forward to reading the next chapter (or ten) and then all of a sudden it’s done. Thank you to the author and anyone else involved for producing this beautiful story!
deeforthewin chapter 4 . 9/29
I love Kreacher.
deeforthewin chapter 3 . 9/29
deeforthewin chapter 2 . 9/29
Very in character
deeforthewin chapter 1 . 9/29
Ah so that's what they were doing when Harry interrupted them. Always did wonder.
Zoe chapter 45 . 9/6
This is such an underrated piece of work. You've understood Ron and Hermione so perfectly, even how wise Harry becomes, I can imagine JK Rowling writing this herself. Well done!
Mondmaedchen chapter 27 . 8/30
There is a reason I can’t stand Hermione as a character and her emotional range of a teaspoon is why.
GabriellaB chapter 45 . 7/28
xxKLxx chapter 1 . 7/22
My second read through and I loved it more than the first.
L Shakti chapter 45 . 6/24
Dear MsBinns,

I have made it to the end! I absolutely devoured this epic adventure in only a few days. I have enjoyed every thrilling second - from the detailed references to geography and customs of France, Bulgaria, India and Australia to the subtle but evocative sex scenes to the realistic dialogue. I also particularly like the easter egg of Hugo being called Hugo, if you see what I mean.

Thank you for writing this all, it must have taken immense effort and dedication. Please know that it has kept me company and that I hadn't been excited about reading like this since the Harry Potter books came out!

Love xxx
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