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Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 15 . 12/7/2021
" "I know when I kiss you that I forget about everything else in the world and everything that's happened. I almost forget where I am." Ron tried to look unmoved at her heartfelt confession. "All I think about is you and me and it's like everything else just melts away." "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 14 . 12/6/2021
"He couldn't make the words sound from his mouth. He wanted to tell her all he wanted was to just be close with her, that her touch - however fleeting or innocent - made everything else in the world disappear, that just feeling her resting against him gave him a kind of comfort he couldn't even begin to describe. But he couldn't string the words together. All he could do was reach for her and try to show her he didn't want anything but to be close to her."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 13 . 12/6/2021
" "Yeah, like Professor Orchid's Eternal Sprouts," he slurred.

"You mean Professor Sprout's Eternal Orchids?"

"That's what I said." Charlie snorted at Ron's ramblings and pulled a handful of money out of his wallet to leave on the bar. "That's what we are, you know? Eternal. Me and Hermione."

"You're completely legless," Charlie laughed again at this brother and rose to his feet slowly. "Mum'll have my head for this." "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 12 . 12/6/2021
" "For weeks he was all by himself and he found his way back to us on Christmas," Hermione spoke warmly, talking about him like he was some kind of hero.

"Talk about the best Christmas present ever," Ginny laughed.

"Yes, the best Christmas present ever." Hermione looked to Ron with assuring eyes. "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 11 . 12/6/2021
The biggest part of this chapter is a delightfully sweet and exciting moment between Ron and Hermione. However, I would say that, in terms of character development, this moment is the one that struck me the hardest:

" "I'm so sorry he died." She tried her best to make her words slow and strong, but her voice broke. It was the first time either of them had truly acknowledged what had happened to his brother. It was the first time anyone had ever really said the words so bluntly to him."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 10 . 12/5/2021
"This was so much more than just a kiss. This was the anger that had bubbled up inside of him during the Yule Ball, the jealousy he hadn't even known was jealousy while watching her dance with somebody else when he was fourteen. This was the confusion those summer nights at Grimmauld Place when he finally began realising his best friend was a girl and that he found her attractive. This was the beat his heart skipped when she'd kissed him on the cheek before his first Quidditch match. This was the frustration he felt when she ignored his compliments time and time again, the feelings he'd never known what to make of for years. He could kiss her now, though. He could kiss her the way he'd dreamt about for years."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 9 . 12/5/2021
" "Hermione." He spoke her name one more time, this time softly, almost like a whisper. He moved his hand to her cheek like he had yesterday when she'd leaned into it, right before he'd kissed her a fourth time. "Relax." "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 8 . 12/4/2021
Favorite quote from this chapter: so many that I might as well quote the entire thing.

But if I had to pick one line and only one...

" "But it is real. You and me," Hermione stated then, a pleased smile crossing her face. "Finally." "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 7 . 12/4/2021
" "Nothing," Ron glanced around the hall that, while still in shambles, was decidedly neater than it had been previously. Even in its state of disrepair, it looked as magnificent as it had when he was eleven. "Just saying goodbye." "
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 6 . 12/3/2021
"He looked at Neville's swollen face and his brother's black eye. What would the day after the great Battle of Hogwarts be like? He searched the room for George, but could not find him. What would the day after so much had been lost be like? His eyes rested back on Hermione. What would the day after kissing Hermione Granger be like?"
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 5 . 12/3/2021
"Home. The word sounded strange to Ron as he looked to her. For the past ten months the mere thought of home had crossed his mind frequently. In the first few months of their journey he'd thought of little else. But he was no longer sure where home was or what it meant. Was he a terrible son and brother for not wanting to return to be with his family? For wanting to stay here at Hogwarts with Harry and Hermione? They'd been his home for the past year, after all. He had longed for his family so often, but as the year dragged on he had begun to realise that the Burrow was not his home anymore. Despite the temporary respite of the common room, Hogwarts wasn't home either. It was an odd thing to think about. Even though he knew he had a warm bed waiting for him back in Devon, he felt a bit like he was homeless. He wondered if all young wizards came to this realisation when they finished at Hogwarts."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 4 . 12/3/2021
"The more he thought about it all being over, the more worried he became about what the future now held for him. For the past seven years, summer holiday had meant Quidditch in the garden, trips to Diagon Alley and biding his time at the Burrow until it was time to return and board the train to Hogwarts. Now there was nothing to look forward to at the end of the summer. The summer would just keep on going without any place to be or any idea what came next. All he knew for certain about his future was that he wanted Hermione to be a part of it."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 3 . 12/3/2021
"So much had been lost that he hardly allowed himself to remember the feeling of sheer elation that coursed through his entire body whenever he recalled the feeling of Hermione's lips on his. He felt guilty remembering it, for even daring to be happy over a simple kiss - no mater how long he'd waited for it - when there was a room full of sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers who would never kiss anyone again."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 2 . 12/3/2021
"Ron embraced him as soon as he became visible. His hand was still joined with Hermione's and their arms enveloped Harry like a blanket. It marked one of only a handful of times Ron could ever remember hugging him in his life, but if Harry was at all uncomfortable by the fierce hug, he remained silent."
Milk Chocolate Frog chapter 1 . 12/3/2021
I'm an avid but shy reader who usually prefers the privacy of PMs over the publicness of reviews. I also have a strict always-keep-moving-on-to-something-new policy which dictates that I shouldn't waste time re-reading a multi-chapter fanfic once I have read it once, no matter how much I enjoyed it.

However, "Australia" is an exception. The first time, I was so engrossed in it that I couldn't stop reading for hours on end, and ended up binge reading it the span of a few days. And despite the many incredible and outstanding stories that the Romione fandom can boast, "Australia" long stayed in my mind as the one that had left the deepest impression on me.

So, exactly one year after my first read, I decided to immerse myself in it once more, taking my sweet time now to better savour the journey. I thought for sure that I remembered every single detail, but once I started re-reading, I discovered that it was even better than in my memory.

Incidentally, I also discovered that the author had published on her blog a playlist of songs that had inspired her throughout the writing process. I'm currently listening to it as I progress from one chapter to another. It's an amazing experience.

Now, as a humble tribute to this exceptional story, I will try and overcome my own shyness, and leave a review for every chapter with my favorite quote from it. This is the one for Chapter 1:

"The world had shifted. Everything - from the way Hermione leaned against him, breathing slowly into his shoulder to the "thank you" that sounded from behind them as food was delivered - seemed to show it."
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