Reviews for The Keepsake
jules.murray chapter 7 . 2/9/2012
OMG,OMG,OMG! Just loving this, what a delight this story is, I love your Bella and Edward is equally delicious - looking forward to the next chapter. Jules
angstward chapter 7 . 2/9/2012
Oh please don't leave us hanging for long. Will Edward tell Bella? Will she? I can't wait to find out.
angstward chapter 4 . 2/9/2012
Oh I love him! Edward telling jokes... Who knew?
angstward chapter 2 . 2/9/2012
Ooh. I can't wait to get to know this Edward. I hope he's still sweet and angsty.
Eternally Addicted chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
Oh I am already so intrigued by this new story of yours. I am looking forward to seeing how things play out. I saw the review for it over on The Lemonade Stand and ran over here to begin reading right away! If it's as good as The Decision, which I am sure it will be, I know its going to be awesome !

On to chapter 2!
peachtreegirl chapter 7 . 2/9/2012
Found this fic recommended at the lemonade stand, and so love it already! And yes you left us with one hell of a cliffy. Can't wait to read more!

Will be exploring your other fics.


goldseadragon chapter 7 . 2/9/2012
Oh, shit! She was so worried she'd slip up and speak incorrectly that she totally forgot about the physical signs!

This is a conundrum. If she didn't know him, she'd have to lie about the scar. It's too weird to confide in a human.

Can't wait for more!
Rima2000 chapter 7 . 2/9/2012
I did not see the scar exposure coming...and I should heart is pounding like Bella's must is she going to explain that without giving anything away?

Loved the ice skating sequence...
Rima2000 chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
OH...I LOVE this chapter...Edward, Bella, the gifts, the tentative steps by both of them...the cake, the snowglobe, the tears, the hug...the conversation...the coming back to ask for a date for ice skating, (of all things), noticing the red ribbon in Bella's hair... I have lump in my throat and a pang in my heart and even a happy tear in my eye...
Rima2000 chapter 5 . 2/9/2012
Oh, I just love this Edward...I am all choked up over his conversation with Esme...soooo touching...and Esme kept herself together throughout...she's good.

A few spelling corrections offered again...

I seriously think you don't like the letter "z"

I checked and now see that some words are used in Britain while other spellings are used in the USA.

apologize is American... apologise is British

However, correct while apologised is not correct even in Britain. It's apologized and apologizing in both America and Britain.

analyzing-American ... analysing-British

analized-American... analised-British

leaned is chiefly American...while leant is chiefly British

While smelt is a simple past tense of smell, it is chiefly use din Britain...the word smelled is more often used in America.

So, I am thinking you are British...and I will keep that in mind before I consider correcting words or spelling in the future.

Still...loving this story
Rima2000 chapter 4 . 2/9/2012
Enjoying this story so much...the bits of humor balance the angst that Edward is being drawn to Bella unawares. And love that she is trying so hard to let Nature take it's course.

2 word spelling corrections

Analyzing instead of analising

Color is used more often than colour...although, I think it is spelled both ways.

Looking forward to the next chapter ...
Rima2000 chapter 2 . 2/9/2012
Great story idea...I am hooked...I always enjoy your writing and I am looking forward to this story unfolding.

I did notice a few misspelled words..and in case it wasn't already brought to your attention for correction...

"Tons" not Tonnes...

He's "learned" to manage. Not learnt, no such word.

And I believe the word is "realization" with a "z" and not realisation with an "s"

Hope those helped...I know it is hard even for a proof reader to catch everything the first time around.
RoseT chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
Great chapter! I loved the new birthday idea.
JoanB102001 chapter 7 . 2/8/2012
Gahhhhh the scar! SHIT! Totally forgot about that, damn! I have no clue how she would be able to talk her way out of this...

And frikkin brilliant! Every chapter just gets better and better! I am so pleased and have fallen so hard for your story!

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JoanB102001 chapter 6 . 2/8/2012
I think my heart just are so very romantic in your writing but also very inventive in a simple way...meaning you are able to give E & B new " awww" moments, completely different from the origional storyline, but they are not flashy, or bold, just small things. Shown in a very lovely light.

This is definitely my newest favorite story!

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