Reviews for Letters
WonderingStarNightmare117 chapter 1 . 3/16/2012
Love all of your JackxSally stories! I swear I'll die of the sweetness you show me with your writing of these two! keep it up! )
A random unnamed TNBC fan chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
Dammit everyone I'm crying right now DDDDDx. I can't even compose myself and I don't even know what to say! D!

Maybe I'll just start with I love you? Everyone? NintendoGal55? SARAH? (Even though I'm not supposed to be communicating with you on here so shhhh x3)

I'm sorry to say this and I know it's creepy to an extent but I really want to hug you NintendoGal55! This lovely story brought into existence by you made me speechless. I am beyond words for the rest of this evening! AHHHHHHH!

And hinting to a certain girl who so effing grandly gifted this to me you already got your glomp so there ;3. I did NOT expect this at all! I feel like I could just die right now ,3. This is the sweetest pre-Christmas present ever. I am filled with love right now. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT I could just die! RAWRRRRRR! God I must sound so stupid right now but I don't care and I really don't know what else to say Dx.

This story is overflowing with sweetness! Overflowing, people! It's spilling all over the place! And I melted in it! I CANNOT GET OVER THIS!

THE LETTERS. The letters!

Sally is so obviously in love in this! Hooray! I love love!

Jack is obviously feeling it to but of course doesn't quite realize it just yet but the things he does and says and writes in this say so much! Plus he's just completely oblivious sometimes but oh well aren't we all sometimes XD. But he is a true sweetheart. He is equally utterly cute in this.

The notes were just warming me to an overload. I am ecstatic at this. I love the idea of it all and it's adorable! And romantic. So much flirting! It was so there yet they couldn't see it x3. They are SO CUTE!

And then in the part where they were just going back and forth to each other at random with these notes I spazzed like crazy! I fell apart, okay? They are complimenting each other left and right and being total sweeties! And they listen to each other and understand their sitations. This story made my whole holiday season, OKAY? There, I admitted it xDDD. I am going to re-read this like a mad-woman. And then when they see each other in person after so many friendly little letters they are so close! I love how they speak to each other and embrace each other and do things together and make time for one another! Just from these notes in their pre-courtship stage you can very much so just TELL that they were made for each other! Awwww and they have dinner dates and Sally makes him a pie 3. And they always try to wish each other a 'good morning' and to have a dreadful and good day x,D!

And they treasure all of the letters...and they get so excited once they receive a new letter. And they miss each other...

I loved it all. That simple. I will treasure this FOREVER. My heart is completely touched. Okay, that was an understatement. My heart is completely smothered! I'm so happy people like you exist. You have no idea how happy this makes me! This story was so random and unexpected and flawless to me! It's a new favorite _. I will never stop loving JackxSally and I will never stop loving your fanfics about them! They make me full of happiness when I'm in my reality that lacks happiness.

There is a lot more I can mention right now, but it would start to get personal and I will start to get even more emotional and full of love. So I will save that for outside from my laptop world. ;I

This is only your first commission, NintendoGal55? That surprises me! I hope you get more ). I love this story with all of my heart. I means more to me then I can say. Thank you forever! D

-A joyful girl who is obviously also a permanent TNBC fan *hugs my Jack doll 3*. But I'm still nameless.

On that note...


the end. *runs away dramatically in happy tears*
Classicsrule chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
Oh, this made my day. :)

I really love how you write about Jack and Sally-they're just so sweet together. It makes me wish that there were more moments between them in the actual movie...Oh, well. The stories you write definitely satisfy those needs. :D Great job with your wonderful descriptions and for keeping these two perfectly in character.
WingedDoll chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
*melts and melts and melts and melts an-*

I am so happy you did this. I cannot even tell you how much this means to me! And Debbs, you better love this too! (I knows your reading this TwT!). I so honored to be your first commission. You really did so well and I hope people can look at this and go to you for a commission sometimes!

This little tie-in made my whole day. And I wasn't exactly looking forward to working 9 and 1/2 hours today but now at reading this I can haul through it, piece of cake! (or pumpkin pie!) *puts on determined face*

Those two are flirting up a storm, lol! And they don't even know it XD. This is all amazingly sweet. They are like kids passing notes to their best friend when they should be doing their school work XD. And that poor ghost doggy must be sick of being the messenger, but I know he sees how all of this is effecting his master and the pretty rag doll girl ;3.

You will definitely be commissioned in the future from me, I guarantee it. If you stay open to them, of course O.O!

This story wins. I melted completely. First my heart melted then everything else followed.

Thank you a centillion times. Really. THANK YOOOOOOOUUUU! :D