Reviews for Monster
ValeriaAnne chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
That was a very touching and intimate conversation between father and son.

Also, you expressed Darken's hidden thoughts very well as well as comparing himself to his son and not wanting to repeat his own tragedy.
tinylexie chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
I hated how in the show they painted Nicholas as pure evil. I don’t believe that anyone is born evil. I love stories that explore how similar Darken and Nicholas are; they both were doomed from the beginning (Darken because of the prophecy and Nicholas because he is a male Confessor). Kahlan, despite being a Confessor, could never understand Nicholas as well as Darken can. Darken and Nicholas, after all, are both viewed as monsters by the world. I think there was a lot of fear involved in both Darken’s and Nicholas’s descent to evil; they probably knew that people saw them as evil and eventually they came to embrace the very darkness people feared that they would become. An excellent one-shot between Darken and Nicholas in which we were able to see that neither are them are the pure evil that everyone else makes them out to be.