Reviews for Love? Since When?
Kiteria Faye chapter 8 . 9/16/2012
that was a nice surprise. Update soon, i'd like to see wizard's reaction to vaughn and them.
Kiteria Faye chapter 6 . 9/16/2012
haha, nice. Did Finn ever wake Wisp up? I get wisp and wolfy confused sometimes, so if i got that wrong please excuse me and don't send floopy after me with rope and a roll of duct tape.
Kiteria Faye chapter 5 . 9/16/2012
aww, her time with wizard was cute. the pillow fight was funny, her getting attacked at random then retaliating was hilarious.
Kiteria Faye chapter 4 . 9/16/2012
interesting indeed. i was gonna ask how they got the key, then you explained so its fine. I like this, a little random and kinda short with the chapters and skim of the details in some places but still good.
Kiteria Faye chapter 2 . 9/16/2012
nice. I hope Floopy's okay. And that is a really weird name, but its okay. if wisp's real name is melissa what's wolfy's real name?
Kiteria Faye chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
well, that was certainly interesting.
CluelessWithTheClovers chapter 8 . 7/27/2012
Wolfy! I had no idea you had updated this! I love the new chapter!
*thumbs up*
Cheetay chapter 8 . 6/28/2012
Bahahahahaha this is so awesome XDD I love the high energy and the relationship between Wolfy and Wizard (coz he's the beeeest)
Can't wait to see what happens next X3
usuihentai727 chapter 8 . 6/26/2012
AMAZING! And... what happens when Wisp doesn't take her meds... in a LONG time? Anyway... UPDATE SOON! :D
walomadolo chapter 7 . 5/15/2012
I really love the story, and the OC's are really interesting! I have to say, my favorite part in the disclamers and anything in should give luke and Wolfy more cookies! ;)

Keep on writing chapters!

walomadolo :D
AngelWings chapter 6 . 2/9/2012
These chapters make me laugh so hard at times, the squeal with excitement when you capture my two favorite bachelors' personalities perfectly! Thank you!
Graysin chapter 6 . 1/21/2012
Oh my gosh this story is soooo cute ;)

Wizard and Luke are my favorites!

And I love Wolfy and Wisp. They are some pretty funny charictors ;D

Please continue!
ConcordBroken chapter 2 . 1/10/2012
last time I forgot to mention it was by two people...even though it clearly said that. my apologies! I loved the floor thing though...that was funny...
ConcordBroken chapter 1 . 1/10/2012
Yay! a story by you! I like how you use oc's...
floopyrocks chapter 6 . 1/10/2012
Did you se that floridapanther reviewed?

Anyways... Yeeeaaah i know i shoulsnt be reviewing but im likr sooooooo tempted to. So when will Wolfy ahd Wiz be getting together? Like soon or like... Later?
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