Reviews for The Cullen Companion
jk chapter 52 . 6/13
seriously? she thinks hes at home with Tanya cuddling their child...and yet she pines for that asshole? blows her date for that asshole?
that doesn't make sense!
if Edward can fuck Tanya for days while he loves bella...surely bella can fuck someone else too! Fair is fair
jk chapter 51 . 6/13
he said..he would have made it work?
wht the fuck do you "make it work" the woman you love has to endure you fucking some bitch every month then have her live there while shes pregnant with your baby...and you would have made it work?
fuck you and fuck that
bella never should have endured thatshit...the first night you fucked Tanya bella should have left and never looked betrayed her and it should never be forgiven! I dotn care that the marriage was already in the works...if you love someone you don't marry someone else, fuck someone else, try to impregnate someone else...
Edward is a monster plain and simple
jk chapter 49 . 6/13
Edward hasn't stated the can bella be happy when the man she loves has a pregnant wife? He fuckinggot another woman pregnant !
I don't see how she CANT be resentful of the baby...seriously I think I would be
Edward can go fuck himself
Robward17 chapter 66 . 1/31
I stumbled across a rec in one of my groups. Very glad I did. Great story!
JustARead chapter 66 . 1/27
Great fic
JustARead chapter 65 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 62 . 1/27
I'm confused by the hostility a bit...I know E was forced into the marriage with Tanya but he never did anything when it actually mattered, now he's just gonna not have the Cullens at all?
JustARead chapter 61 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 60 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 59 . 1/27
Alice us a B
JustARead chapter 56 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 54 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 53 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 51 . 1/27
JustARead chapter 50 . 1/27
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