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Bianca Uzumaki chapter 7 . 3/7
I have to say that this is the best fanfic i've read ! Its so hot and thrilling and ugh it's just awesome !
I loved Sasuke's POV , he was lusting after Naruto so bad and you could see that only the thought of Naruto drived him crazy v
Another thing I loved in your fanfic is that Sasuke and Sakura are best friends , and the way you portrayed her was really special !
I really hope to read more of your works soon , this one was really great ! 3
skylark.all27 chapter 7 . 2/25
This was amazingly done. Not too much focus on detailing the smut, but has an actual comeback. It's pure and cute. Personally, I'm more of a SasuNaru fan (because hell would freeze before I even thought of Sasuke blushing like a fangirl in a hot pan) but you carried it out well. I was expecting more though, like Itachi and Sakura (not a fan, just curious) and Hyuuga actually getting burned together with Deidara. But oh well, cute story. Good job, author-san. (:
Guest chapter 6 . 2/10
Guest chapter 6 . 1/15
a little disappointed that it was narusasu rather than sasunaru since i thought sasunaru won according to the votes you posted in a previous chapter, but other than that the story was still pretty good. (:
darkangel-x-23 chapter 7 . 10/21/2013
This story was absolutely amazing :) thanks
katBelle chapter 7 . 10/19/2013
Waaaaah! i've had this story favorited so i could reread it cuz it's so hot /hot as fuck :) so one day (today) i come back to it and AH! you edited, as in deleted, a major part of it. i suppose i can understand why, (maybe. not really. in words but not my heart, because why, why, why?) but i would like you to know that i am saddened that that part was removed because your writing is so amazing i hate to see even the smallest bit lost.
im not really complaining though because this story is still fantastic and thank you so much for writing it and sharing it. it really is wonderful.
I'm kinda ashamed now that the only thing that prompted me to review was that removal. you should know that i appreciate good writing, which is so hard to find, and this is so good i've already reread it more than once. it's clever and funny and of course sexy, so like our beloved Sasuke and Naruto.
The Gidget's Goober chapter 1 . 9/23/2013
I don't have the attention span to read this right now but I'm adding it to favorites for later,..
kimmynosubaku chapter 7 . 8/30/2013
omg...THAT was HOOOOTTTTTT! Plz holla at me with your next story...oh and i LOVE sasuke's pov because he is super pervy...#fangirl nose bleed#
AmbiguousBastard94 chapter 7 . 7/22/2013
Oh and I forgot to mention this earlier, which saddens me, it is very important! Lol.

I loved how they wanted to top each other, in the earlier chapter, haha it was genius! I really like Sasuke ended up bottoming, since he seemed more submissive in comparison to Naruto. But only slightly ;)

It was super hot you clashed together two tops and made them battle. It only heightened the quality of the story since neither of "your" characters are the submissive kind.

Now onwards to the actual review for this chapter:

So you chose to make it in Naruto's pov! Interesting, I really liked that. And a lot of explanation was made, phew, I was slightly concerned you might leave me with lots of lots of wonders! *grins*

You made some imaginative descriptions in this final chapter/prologue. I must say I was very impressed.
One that got to me in particular was:

"The image was as clear as a diamond in his head.

And felt just as sharp." This has a poetic feel to it, I admire it. I'd wish I though of such a beautiful yet tragic metaphor... I'm a sucker for metaphors really. Bravo. Like really.

"Naruto stiffened. Sasuke paused, focusing on his eyes once more. He kept the finger on his face though. No words were spoken. After a few tense seconds, Naruto made an effort to relax visibly, and Sasuke continued his stroking." This somehow broke my heart ): It's "funny" you made it like some of the other boys carved those scars into Naruto, because honestly, I would've come up with exactly the same thing. This is something I've contemplated before. Ugh.

"Itachi glanced at him. It was out of the corner of his eye, but it was enough to have Naruto wondering at his own IQ level" I like how you used IQ in this peculiar sentence, it makes the statement all the more powerful! You can almost feel the extremes of that glance.
The fact that Itachi didn't bother to tell Naruto that Sasuke weren't gay was hilarious. I can totally imagine Itachi wouldn't do that, concerning his strict and sadistic personality *snort* haha.

"He didn't know what aroused him more: that smouldering gaze or that teasing touch." The fact that Naruto is unsure of which turns him on the more is a great way to get a feel of how deeply his affection runs too. He is not only interested in Sasuke's intimate parts, but in his facial features as well. When you wrote:
"God, he loved kissing the man." I was gladly surprised. So the word 'love' came out to play, even if it was in relation to kissing, but still!

"He might actually end up dying from sexual frustration." ROFL, it's all I have to say. Poor suffering Naruto!

The final ending:

"It was hot as fuck." Seemed to fit the story perfectly, considering it had a high amount of focus on the smut part, and concerning the situation they were placed in probably would be just that with the words of Naruto.

It was both very much in character and fit for the story's content. Even though I believe this held more content to it than just smut. I actually really liked this whole plot, Naruto being an ExBoy and all, the whole camo theme he had to him. Yeah, it was intriguing. I'd love if you chosen to make it a story based more on their past and futures ahead than smut as well, but I honestly don't mind you chose to make it smuttier *grins pevertedly*

So over all it was a humorous story, very capable of entertaining me, with some of the best smut I've ever read and an enamoring theme. I must admit I haven't really red any fanfictions involving millitary things either... perhaps I'm just slow to progress or is this a newer theme? *shrugs*

Be proud of your creation, it is very well done!
AmbiguousBastard94 chapter 6 . 7/22/2013
This smut was great! It was very detailed and you could practically feel the desperation radiating of off your computer screen when reading it. I'm very impressed, especially if this is your first.

Not many master writing smut, and it can be a difficult task because describing what often is bliss doesn't come easy. But you did a wonderful job! This was a delightful ending, though I must admit, that if it were to function as a solely ending there's many questions yet left unanswered. I hope the epilogue makes up for that!

*grins* It was a pleasure to read this chapters, just like all of your lasts. You're great entertainer.
AmbiguousBastard94 chapter 5 . 7/22/2013
"It was like touching satin draped over warmed steel. " I really find your descriptions of Naruto's skin being like metal draped over sating very hot! Both hot and creative. I find myself capable of imagining it just perfectly and it makes it all the more believable.

I also absoloutly love how you always describe Naruto's outifts, that's a nice detail.

I'd only wish you'd describe Sasuke's outfits too, just briefly.

The appeal the boys feel for one another is mouthwatering and the navel-scene was almost too much to contain, you really had me thinking Sasuke would actually go on and blow the blonde. And the way Naruto fisted his hair, which was smex, led me to believe he very much wouldn't disapprove.

Such a tease *smirk*

I must say I enjoy your story very much this far and suspect said enjoyment will continue throughout the ending. Your writing skills are very livable and it's a joy to read what you've written 'cause of the natural flow to your words.

Your final A/N was quite funny, lol, just had to comment on it. "What's that cliffie?" ROFL
AmbiguousBastard94 chapter 3 . 7/22/2013
"Yeah, because you'd feel empty without something lodged up your ass."

What a humorous reply, haha! This story is very fun to read and you're good at making sexy scenes as well. This entire thing is pure smex. Damn.
I really love how extremely hot you've made Naruto, like, it doesn't have to be Sasuke who's hot all by himself.

I'm still not quite sure who's the seme, I mean, Sasuke thinks like it's supposed to be him, but I must admit Naruto doesn't appear very submitting. I can't wait 'till I find out ;)

I like the relation you've created between Itachi and Sakura too. So the brother's help each other out concerning love? Isn't that nice, they're equal at something for once.
This whole plot is interesting too, I can really imagine Naruto being an ExBoy and a charming, crowd-capturing emcee as well... I actually giggled at that. I giggled at how charming he was. At how charming he is over all.

I. Never. Giggle.

Sooo, that was interesting.

I must say I like the way you've created Sasuke and Naruto in this AU universe. Naruto is very believable, with his charming and playful traits, and Sasuke is true to his character as well with his silent, genius yet humane character. I'm delightfully joyed that I found this wonderful creation :D
maxridelover chapter 5 . 6/25/2013
i'm loving this!
melrodsand chapter 3 . 5/14/2013
oh my goodness. one of the best fanfics i've read so far. I'm seriously lmao and rolling around fangirling. good job :3
Beauty in decay chapter 1 . 5/1/2013
oooooh, that looks like some epic sexual tension there :D
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