Reviews for New Twilight
MIRKY chapter 49 . 10/9
Uhhh... nah. To the mpreg. It would just complicate stuff.
Other than that i love this... cant wait to red what else you coming up with!
babesbraves chapter 49 . 9/26
Please finish this fantastic book it would be a crying shame to waste it.
blackflamesredblood chapter 49 . 9/2
Please update soon
LiveFreeDieWell chapter 49 . 8/27
update? :)
Evesgreenleaf chapter 49 . 8/14
Love it; are they going to meet James Potter soon
SinoPrisca chapter 49 . 8/8
I would like to see Harry gaining access to his magical core
... say the vampire vemon burn away the blocks.
But as you have mention being a squib Harry will not be a powerful wizarding vampire.
So I imagine Harry getting extra abilities ... e.g.
Apparenting and cutting curse (for his need to run or slash back) .. disillusionment and blasting (same reason)
atlantis51 chapter 48 . 7/31
I am kind of sad, really sad that the beautiful tale is almost at an end. *cries*...
atlantis51 chapter 38 . 7/31
They should get bonded and THAT night Harry should get turned, you know, as a wedding gift from Edward! Then, he should go FLAUNT it to his idiot parents! Yeah! More beautiful, faster then a speeding bullet, plus immortal! And, I still think that Harry, because we ARE talking about Harry Potter here, he ought to get his Magic yet! Please?!
atlantis51 chapter 32 . 7/31
Who is Teddy?
atlantis51 chapter 25 . 7/30
This story is so good, so different from anything other Authors have done! In your A/N you wanted to delete this chapter, but I'm seeing that you kept it. Good, because I happen to really like it. Harry and Edward really got to talking andI I believe that maybe Harry will come around and get better! I'm wondering though, will Harry become a Potions Master? THAT would be just a real kick in his parents Arse! Or, even better, get his Magic with a vengeance? You know, as good or mightier then Merlin himself?

And as this story is not complete yet, you can play with it to your heart's content. And knowing your penchant for REAL and heart stopping action and drama, I just KNOW I won't be disappointed!
atlantis51 chapter 6 . 7/30
I think you have improved 1000% since your early stories, so if you still have a few mistakes I just ignore them! After all, it is your fabulous ideas that matter, AND you have an endless supply it seems! Carry on!
Lunaluvr95 chapter 49 . 7/24
I love this fic and always love a good mpreg. Although Harry prolly has to be mortal to get pregnant right? I wish you would let it strecth out more I can see all sorts of mischief in the future for this family even if I'm not Alice (though I really wish I was Alice). I also wish we cou,d add to this and show Troy and Vi and Harry's relationship grow and more about the snape family too. I can almost see Troy with Tabby. I also want to see what happens with Troy and Vi after hogwarts. Sorry but plot bunnies are running wild and multiplying like bunnies tend to do. I have about a billion more because I love this AU including more on Remus's kids and sirius' new baby. Ok plot bunnies are taking over my brain now because this au just sparks my imagination. Would love to work with you on this or just feed you endless ideas!
TheDarkLordsHeiress chapter 49 . 7/22
I really love your story and I hope you continue it soon, I have never read a crossover like this it is really eye opening and might look for more twilight, harry potter crossovers.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/21
stop righting a/n s (dont really, I just get in weird moods were the sight of an a/n gets me so agitated that I wont to through my lap top across the room) I dont care for them and they annoy me so bad. Its un-needed and ruins any suprises, like those annoying preivews at the end of an episode that I refuse to watch cause it ruins the show!( I swear I'm bipolar when it comes to these things. One min I hate it the next I love it. Not right now though, they gonna have to stop.) I still like this story so far though and wish you luck in your writtings (...I'm horrible at righting as you can see)
choxpastry chapter 22 . 7/17
Am I the only non-native here? That scottish accent is fucking hard to read. I have to stop and liked : what the hell does that mean. T_T
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