Reviews for New Twilight
Beth9891 chapter 47 . 9/25
Great chapter! Can't wait to see what you have in store next B-)
Gracealma chapter 47 . 9/23
Love the fic. That would be awesome to see Harry in a kilt. Makes me wish I could draw.
I think everyone should go to Alaska to the Denali clan. Scotland would be too close to the Potters.
Kurai's Calisto chapter 47 . 9/21
A great story! I hope to read the new chapter soon.
kittyranma chapter 47 . 9/19
Can't wait for the next part of this story.
kittyranma chapter 37 . 9/19
Oh well a little anticlimactic on the Bella front.
kittyranma chapter 36 . 9/19
I think a little humor goes a long way. It would be great if Charlie were to find Harry's record under Bella's bed along with some stalker like photos. Then he should spank her and send her back to her mom.
kittyranma chapter 14 . 9/18
Lilly does seem cold.
runningbacktomyyesterdays chapter 32 . 9/14
Still an amazing story. Just wanting to let you know that banks only keep up to roughly like 20,000.00 on hand. The rest of the money from all the accounts is used in investing and loans etc. So if he had more thank twenty thousand in his account it would take longer for him to get all of his money. Granted I know this is fiction but I like spouting out random info.
runningbacktomyyesterdays chapter 23 . 9/14
Love the story! Side note in America you have to be at least 21 to get a hotel and/or motel room. If you aren't then someone that is has to use their name for it. Of course it is possible to sweet talk them into ignoring your age. Difficult but possible. Just and FYI. Lol
Melly2014 chapter 47 . 9/14
love it cant wait to read some more!
Guest chapter 47 . 9/12
Nice story. Please update soon
Merlenyn chapter 47 . 9/10
Hmm... I think it might be nice for the Potter kids to show up, I think Harry might be a bit annoyed at first but ultimately happy since he is starting to make up with them a bit. Also I think so long as they find a place that's secluded enough for the group of them to stay for the few days or so of Harry's change, then they'll be fine. But what about getting him accustomed to the blood lust and whatnot? Don't they usually go somewhere pretty far away from civilization like Alaska and the like in order to have more room to adjust to their new senses and abilities and control and all that jazz? I think his meeting the Denali clan depends on if they decide to stay in Scotland for the change or not... Also, if they stay there for the change but then decide to move on, how the heck will they handle having a newborn vampire on the plane?! Even if it's their private jet, do any of them have a pilots license in order to make sure no humans are on the plane at all? Hmm...
pvamangafan100 chapter 47 . 9/10
love it! great story
sjrodgers23 chapter 47 . 9/9
hope Harry will be ok with it thank you
MissiYoung chapter 47 . 9/9
I'm an introvert, which includes discomfort reviewing a lot of times and just hoping my follow/favorite-ing of a story counts as encouragement (I am a huge fan of the Facebook "Like" button because then I don't have to actually say anything). However I wanted to thank you for keeping the Scottish dialect in Harry's speech in your writing; I always read dialogue in the character's voice with appropriate accents (or the voice I imagine them having, anyway) and having it written out properly helps me maintain that when I don't know a particular accent as well. I appreciate the level of detail you've put into this fic, as well as the fact that I can get the full story from the fic itself instead of having to read tons of random A.N.'s to understand it all. So, in conclusion, thank you for the skill and care you put into your writing, as well as for sharing it with us because I love this fic and look forward to more!
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