Reviews for New Twilight
gabrielatsuki chapter 45 . 5/27
I really wanted to see them reel off James !It would be so fun ! marriage ! joy !
Lisette Snow chapter 45 . 5/24
pls make sure james don't crash the wedding pls
Ciel.Michealis chapter 14 . 5/13
Swinging like Tarzan into his and Alice's room. Perfect. Does that mean Edward is brooding like the beast from Beauty and the Beast?
Ciel.Michealis chapter 11 . 5/13
I love how Edward is just horny all the time when he's around Harry. It's amusing and adorable at the same time.
LikaNues chapter 45 . 5/12
Hello I'm glad to see that updated this story. I love it. Actually quite like the majority of your stories but mostly Crepusco and Harry Potter together.
The idea of the brothers have credit ... I would like to see a confrontation between Severus and James, who knows after all "lesson learned" Severus can help James as a way to show a better man. (Although I think it will not be possible)
I would like to actualize these stories more frequêcia ...
Maybe you do not have an inspiration for a new story ...
kisses Lika
Poet Wroet chapter 45 . 5/4
I'm eagerly anticipating the next chapter.
Poet Wroet chapter 27 . 5/4
I hope the Potters don't get redemption/redeemed/whatever (English isn't my native language).
Poet Wroet chapter 26 . 5/4
Bella is more delusional than I am. And I'm on antipsychotics.
Poet Wroet chapter 9 . 5/4
Interesting to make Jessica the nice girl and Bella the bitch.
Poet Wroet chapter 2 . 5/4
I know it has no use saying this given you're already 45 chapters in.. but how about Esme going over to welcome him to the neighborhood?

I like the story so far.
Elfin69 chapter 45 . 5/3
I cannot wait to see Harry and Edward's reactions when his family arrives in Rio to be in the wedding. It would be great to see Harry's brother and sister show up in Forks to bust their father and to make him go home. maybe they can convince him that Harry would not be coming back to Forks since they saw him in Scotland or something.
adenoide chapter 45 . 4/29
When Harry will be married and he will become a vampire, Harry will safe from his family.
Rain-dew chapter 45 . 4/20
Ugh the B $t d Potter, can't believe him! Idiot is 16 years to late. I hope Harry and Edward have a beautiful wedding with the all the Cullens there, hopefully Harry will have a totally kickass power (maybe like the one you mentioned where he gains others powers and uses them or maybe have powers equivalent to having magic; so if a wizard/witch loses their magic when turned then maybe a squib's could be unlocked when the venom is injected into them. I also think that when Harry does get involved with Petunia and his cousins they should welcome him with open arms and that Harry's 'auntie' has mellowed with age and of having a family of her own. That will really burn the stupid Potters and friends. Let Harry show how awesome he has become without any of their influence in his life and how he thrives with his chosen family. Can't wait for more updates!
delatrix chapter 42 . 4/19
I love this story and I'm always anxious when she aktualizuješ, find out what's new. It would be interesting and fun especially if Harry could use magic by transforming rather than lost it. It might find that magic was not to her but simply because of some block access.
Or instead, it would be interesting if it was revealed that Harry's name on everything changed and even on the tombstone and other documents to the would began to investigate and discovered that Harry is in fact alive.
YamiDuo chapter 45 . 4/17
I enjoy this. more please
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