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YCullen chapter 2 . 10/20/2014
Peneia Teke chapter 2 . 1/26/2012

This looks to be the start of an interesting story so far XD

Poor Botan seems so depressed, and yet, I feel like you are keeping her very true to form. She's still hopeful even though it's been a year and there's no sign of escape.

I really like that Hiei is still disobedient, even after all that time. He wouldn't let a little thing like slavery get in his way, haha. I wonder what the humanoid beings have planned for him?

I'm glad we got to see some of the other characters too. I hope Kuwabara is doing okay, though his stubbornness is sure to keep him alive (I hope).

Well, good luck with the next chapter. I hope you update soon : )
Sentinel07 chapter 2 . 1/25/2012
This is a very interesting looking story.

The pairings look very good and I'm glad that you seem to be giving characters other than Hiei and Botan some good time.

Looking forward to the next one!
Melky7 chapter 2 . 1/17/2012
Update soon, I can't wait to read more!
Eoeo chapter 2 . 1/13/2012
Ooh! This is already getting intense! I absolutely loved it!
Eoeo chapter 1 . 1/13/2012
I remember that! It was from the movie, right? Awesome start!
enrikiria chapter 2 . 1/7/2012
Hello, it's okay with you?

His story is headed well for a start. Of course there are still many things to be described to have a better picture of where the group really is who the ones are doing all the slaves and yet what is their goal. Also what happened to the three worlds. But I think you have to actually leave the atmosphere of suspense and reveal things to the unfolding of events.

The way you put together through Hiei and Botan from prison and being taken as slaves was really good. Now let's see how they will live there through this intriguing story, at least for me.

It was also good interaction of the other characters. I liked this chapter with the parts of Yusuke, Kurama and Shizuru. Now I hope to continue to be as good as the first, and I know it will be. Indeed the pattern of its history has to be very dark, because here they were forced to live as slaves, being abused in various ways in their work to these strangers, but still know you surprised at the continuation of it. I have great impressions of the story.

If I speak as I think this story can ruin could follow my curiosity, so I look forward to better describe new chapter on developing it.

Until next time!

A big kiss!
PurplePurplePurple chapter 2 . 1/5/2012
Win! holy cow i really look forward to more of this.
apple21 chapter 2 . 1/5/2012
update soon!
AlleluiaElizabeth chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
Your chapter was too short. *waves her pitchfork and torch threateningly*

Seriously, I can't get enough of this plot idea. Its an excellent premise and, so far, you are building it all up brilliantly.

Something specific that struck me: there are apparently no more stars? I mean, it might have just been b/c Shizuru and company are still with Yusuke and in Demon World and the sky is constantly cloud covered there... I dunno. Still, interesting detail if my first reading of it was right.

I am looking forward to getting more details and descriptions on these "humanoids" that are apparently behind this. Or are the front men for it, at the least. Sounds like you might be hinting at some kind of inter-dimensional traveling aliens?

I am glad we already get a bit of Botan/Hiei stuff. It was worked in very smoothly, too. :D I don't think its *just* his honor code that has him protecting you, Botan. lol I mean, I doubt he's in twu luv with her already, but he must at least think of her as the connection to his old life. And he probably cares about protecting her b/c he cares about *her*, but whether he acknowledges that to himself is up in the air. I mean, post-apocalyptic experience or not, this IS Hiei.

I am so looking forward to seeing them interact. I am curious about how they manage it, what the set up of the camp and their daily life is now. We got such nice, interesting details on those things about the other four in this chapter, too.

I loved Yusuke's bit in here. Good to know he's the same old Yusuke. You have his character down perfectly. I am guessing he'll be providing most of the crude language in your story, at least what's coming from the protagonist side. I agree with the general concept of avoiding profanity in your writing, but its totally in character for Yusuke. I think you're doing just fine handling it, if this chapter is any indication.

Final note, if Kuwabara is the head of this rumored resistance, I will both laugh and cheer loudly. :D I love the guy and he'd totally start a resistance movement to get to his beloved Yukina, his sister and best friends, and also take back his planet from a bunch of... er... whatever these guys are. lol

Oh, and about the title, I like it and I say its a good fit. At least, from what I've seen so far. First, it brings to mind explosions (which are cool in and of themselves, of course), which are violent and destructive, which sounds like a pretty good descriptor for the current state of things. "Big Bang" also calls to mind the event that started the known universe, lending a slight scifi feel as well as sending the message the this story is about a momentous event that has irrevocably changed things. But the big bang, while a chaotic and destructive event (or, you know, *would* have been destructive if there had been anything in its path), it was also the beginning of something new and was a creative force, which lends a note of hope if you think about it.

So... yeah, I just think the title is good. lol I mean, only you know where this story is going to go, so only you can decide whether the title works and says what you were going for.

Anywho, good chapter. Even if it left me in withdrawal b/c I want to read even more of this idea. Looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation. :)
MystiKoorime chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
Heyy Heyy,

Yay, for Chapter 2! You weren't kidding when you said it was going to be a darkfic. I love the environment you've thrown the others into - I've never read a story like this before and I can tell its going to be exciting. I find myself worrying about the others and feeling anxious as to what's going to become of them. I always thought of Botan as a survivor, so it's good to see that she learned the ropes [so to speak] and was able to survive so long under such harsh conditions.

The end had me really excited, hopefully it's not just a rumor and people are actually forming a resistance! Kurama needs to do some more foxing around and get to the root of this speculation. Haha, it's what he does best, right?

Also, I love that this will be centered around Hiei/Botan, but the other characters are going to get lots of exposure, too. I can't wait to read about how things are going over on Hiei's and Kuwabara's end. Hiei because he's my favorite and Kuwabara because he's all alone. It must be especially tough for him! :(

Anyway, you did a wonderful job and I'm excited to read the next chapter!

Rogue Darth Skywalker chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
i like how the story is going ( i like reading dark stories sometimes)

truthfully though, the camps sound like Concentration camps from the Holocaust... (just saying anyway...)

either way great addition and hoping for updates soon

littlelil1991 chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
Glad that there is a new chapter up finally. I'm glad that there will be parts from everyones perspective as long as most of it focuses on Hiei and Botan. Anyways I hope that I will see another update soon :)
enrikiria chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
Hello, how are you?

Well, I found your fic through MystiKoorime and I confess that I really enjoyed the plot of his story. About the title, I still do not know if it is appropriate here because it creates a new spiritual world, but there is a twist on human and demon worlds, but either way a new beginning for all the inhabitants of both worlds. I have a suggestion to make, but I believe that if you find relevant to change it, see the main plot of his story, what you really want to deal with, what is the secret behind all this, if there is something symbolic and etc. Hopefully not confusing you with my words.

More like a story with the main couple of my favorite all (Hiei and Botan). Because they are so different and complementary in their lives is that I think are perfect. I hope that your story really treat their personality and our other characters so deep, as are its main features that make them more striking special.

His first chapter was very well written, despite being the first and very short, it deserves consideration, because only needed a scene to depict the beginning of this saga that it will hold many surprises. I have wanted to read your upcoming episodes to see how this will unfold. Surely guide will get well.

Well, I'll stop here waiting for the next chapter out soon so I can begin to better assess its structure.

Until next time!

A big kiss!
Melky7 chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
Love it so far, update soon!
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