Reviews for Hellfire and Moonlight
UnicornxNinja chapter 2 . 11/28/2011
So far so good. I like it. Your writing style has really, really improved dramatically. Very well done.

Please update soon, kay? ;)

Guest chapter 2 . 11/28/2011
please please PLEASE let Misora go on a date with Reinhart at some point at one of the chapters. Sister Shakti can be mad all she wants, but Misora's going to Reinhart...even if Cocone and and Sister Shakti has to watch them. then Richter can go on a date with any of the girls that was after him.

a date with Zazie can be the most shocking thing for the class, and the one dating her is Richter. Zazie is one of the girls i would date next after i date Satsuki.

I love all the girls in the class. but i would really love to date my Favorite girls if i was in the Negima! world. Sayo, Kazumi, Yue, Akira, Kakizaki, Misora, Chachamaru, Madoka, Makie, Sakurako, Mana, Lingshen, Kaede, Chizuru, Fuka and Fumika, Satomi, Chisame, Natsumi, Ayaka, Satsuki, Zazie, Shizuna, Theodora, Collet, Chachazero(in humen form), Sister Shakti, Anya, Nekane, Cocone(she is so cute and she almost looks like Mana when she was litte), Takane, Mei, Nutmeg, Chigusa, Tsukuyomi, and some of Fate's girls but im not going to say it yet. XD