Reviews for Athlon, Chaos' Commander of the Universe
PercyJacksonFan2549 chapter 1 . 4/11
OMG! This is sooo good and I'm only on chapter one! You are grwat at writing!
ash chapter 30 . 4/9
oh my gods...I was literally in love with this :-)
I just read all of it in a night and I just got back and I was reading it and it was amazing and I am going to go look at the sequel now and I live it :-)
this is definitely the best chaos story I've read and I thin the first I've actually read all the way through, the plot was good and wasn't lost, also in some there are just weird twists and yours was just amazing and yeah-it was amazing and now I'm sad because its over
sorry this is long but:
-I also thought all of the characters you created were so cool and I really liked them all and they were really good and there pasts and storylines were (guess) amazing
-the characters reactions were good and I thought they all behaved and reacted how I think they would and they weren't ooc
-all the ideas you had like the thrones and the different like sections and all that was also ( 3 no...amazing?-ding ding ding :-)) amazing (you on a blue chocolate cookie for guessing x)
-also your writing is amazing aswell
so yh :-) hope you actually read this and it makes you happy even though it is 3 years late
p.s. this is also no on my faveourites bar on my computer :-)
Kittycat3000 chapter 13 . 4/5
All your characters are magnificently unique and I wouldn't change them
Guest chapter 12 . 4/4
Guess who was right about son of A...MEEEEE
Guest chapter 11 . 4/4
A? Idk...Annabeth? Makes sense but half of the Gods start with A!
Awesomeness chapter 1 . 4/4
Do uou have a wattpad account? I swear I read the exact same story on wattpad
woah woah woah chapter 9 . 4/3
Is it POthena?
heyiamacreepyfan chapter 2 . 4/1
OHMYGAWD(s)! I'm reading this for the millionth time and it's just as good as ever. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fic!
The fleeting wanderer chapter 1 . 3/25
Group: were here for you Lissa
airaha chapter 30 . 3/21
Wow great story! I loved how you gave Percy a son and the wedding at the end was so sweet!
The fat guy chapter 19 . 3/15
What the ever ones name is Carter, like me
Lalalandioa chapter 15 . 3/15
WHO ARE YOU MAKING PERCY A KELP HEAD?(I made a story pls read it it is called aftermath and it is PJ AND HP crossover
Lalalandioa chapter 11 . 3/13
HESTIA OR ARTEMIS!(Lol I know right ARTEMIS?not likely)
Lalalandioa chapter 4 . 3/13
If you are a girl you are smart compassionate honest and beautiful and modest:) If you are a boy you are kind strong brave and TOTALY AWESOME!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/7
you do know that by your description the ship is moving at 6 times the speed of light
totally destroying all of einstien's work and the theory of general relativity?:)
also chronos is the primordial god of time and him fighting with gaea will DESTROY the olympians!?
anyways really cool story.
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