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Mercy Of Baal chapter 1 . 9/7
This Fic helped my brother come out of the closet. At that point I was the only one who knew he was gay. He was scared of being judged and being gay. I read this fic, laughed my ass off, cried, and even felt jealous of their relationship. I sent it to my brother to read (a bit weird, but at least it's not the Y version lol). I think that helped him realize that if he wanted to be happy he would have to be as brave as Naruto. :) never told you this but I thought you should know. Your stories not only entertain, they help people. Thanks!
asm613 chapter 9 . 9/5
great chap-
SerpensPrincess chapter 11 . 9/3
Debby Bacellar chapter 11 . 8/9
Isso foi perfeito
Spock'sGirl182 chapter 7 . 8/7
I love this story but it would be really interesting to read it from Sasuke's point of view.
Natsuno Lawliet chapter 11 . 8/4
I love it! Love their interaction and, and wow. I think their character development (Sasuke and Naruto's ones) is really mature, and also enjoy the thing about them not been "girly", neither yaoi-seme-uke-thing (There is a serious issue with that on Naruto fandom, and, well, with most of anime fandom).

Anyway, thank you for this great history! I would write you a longer review, about all my feelings here, but I'm pretty sure my english sucks so... I couldn't explain myself the way I want :(

So I'm gonna go ahead with another of your fanfics :)
SR Miwa chapter 11 . 8/1
OH MY GOD! This fanfiction is admirable and I'm still affected by it. I found this fic translated to portuguese, but not all the chapters yet. So I came to the original, 'cause I'm anxious and liked the story so much.

The firt three chapters are the best for me. The dialogues are so good and really connect with personality of Naruto and Sasuke that I really creat an image of the sittuation in my head. And I laughed a lot, I should say. I always wanted to write things with a little fun, but it seems strange when is wrote. It's easier to me write drama histories. But I like when read something with fun. And your fanfic really got it. And at the same time was so real, so daily life, so natural. The relationship developing in a realistic way.

Well, I should say thanks for giving us this art! I also looked at your profile and saw you had others fanfics with the same structre of this. I will aprecciate to read all of them, I'm sure. I'm from Brazil and don't use english so often. So I'm sorry for my mistakes with grammar and poor vocabullary. Kisses.
papasvke chapter 11 . 7/22
This quickly turned into one of my favorite sns fics ever. I actually started this a week ago and if I chose not to take breaks to savor the beauty of this story, I definitely would have finished it in a day. My personal favorite part of this fic is the way Sasuke was not made out to be this gloomy and straight faced guy but rather someone with a personality that matches or even compliments Naruto's without straying too far from his original character. And this compatibility has led to me not ever wanting their conversations to stop. It seems so effortless for them and I wholeheartedly thank you for portraying these beautiful boys in the way that you did . My only regret is that I didn't find this gem sooner. Really amazing work, honestly.
greywolfak chapter 11 . 7/20
ahh~ such a good fic i think i'll be in a lovey floating mood for ages! you've made their relationship so warm and loving and i'll be damned if i don't re-read this fic monthly! thank you so much for this wonderful work of art!
greywolfak chapter 10 . 7/20
oh boy lotsa feelings! i guess i'm just amazed at how well you express their emotions and responses, you've captured the idea of them so well i can imagine their responses perfectly! i love your expression of loud mouthed but loving naruto its just exactly what i think of him and you've done sucha great job at capturing their characteristics! and then ohhhhh boy steamy time, bravo~!
greywolfak chapter 9 . 7/20
ah kiba what a gift, whata true pal! again love some emotional drunk naruto the poor blabber mouth boy! man you give reassurance scenes so well, that long cozy hug outside the door is just mwua~ just what i needed. t-the spicy bath scene...bless you. what a piece of art.
greywolfak chapter 8 . 7/20
Alright first off never getting over Stanky Breath Uchiha bless you for that, and breakfast time and more loving confirmation? Damn adorable i love it! And as much as i like lil petty drunk tiffs that last portion definitely hurt my heart a bit too much (T_T) , tho rough sasuke was a nice break (for a second aha)
greywolfak chapter 7 . 7/19
ahhh! so sweet! so spicy! the reassurance they both give each other is so heartwarming, you've made them so human and relatable with their worries and vulnerabilities and i'll always love a good ol "i love ya stupid' kinda discussion! I love how comforting their growth is, it's like a warming positive beacon of love and encouragement :3
greywolfak chapter 6 . 7/19
bashful nervous naruto is such darn good stuff and i'll be damned if i don't love me some cocky sasuke! i love the date so much, you gave everything i'd ever dream for; cute loving confirmation, pizza date, late night cold tipsy walks, dang honor defending that hurt my heart and oh my freakin god drunk exhebitionst Sasuke. What a damn gift this chapter is. Blessed.
greywolfak chapter 5 . 7/19
I love how darn cute they are, my hearts never been so warm~ with every new addition it just shines even more, honestly i said i'd pace myself but that's impossible now! I salute you with all ym dang praise and love! pls be well! ()
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