Reviews for Energon Is Thicker Than Blood
Grungy chapter 6 . 11/23
So I'm assuming that this story and all of your other stories are dead then?
A huge shame, I really enjoyed your stories, this and your young justice story were my 1st introductions to your work (And unsurprisingly my top 2 favourite). I'm really sorry to see you go, but given how long it's been since you updated anything, stories or profile, and even though I Would love to see this story, or any other story of yours updated, I guess this is good bye.
Take care and good luck in what ever you do next.
MidnightStar64 chapter 6 . 11/5
Yes, and Ratchet.
Guest chapter 6 . 10/31
please update!
This fanfiction is so cool and i really like TC :)
DragonReaperKing chapter 6 . 9/19
please update this
LunarStar98 chapter 6 . 5/11
Expand on the vision and pretty please continue, this story is so cool, can't wait for next chapter! Love it! \w/
chris kidder chapter 6 . 3/20
keep on writing
TC Fan chapter 6 . 3/7
Hi :)
I'm a big Fan of your story!
Are you going to finish it?
That would be awesome!
TRI.advent chapter 6 . 1/18
Really like this story, everything just lines up nicely. I just have one question though; in the 2nd chapter you gave us a look at what kind of reputation TC had amongst the cons, but how did the autobots view him? (was he like a boogie man that they were afraid to run into or was he seen as a respectable enemy?).
any way great story hope you update soon!
Also I vote no to gears, and tell OP and Ratchet, though I wonder if this chapter fulfilled the later half of that last one.
BuckRockgut chapter 6 . 12/28/2014
Gear: yes

OP & Ratchet
Guest chapter 6 . 11/19/2014
I really hope you update this story soon, it was the 1st story I ever read that was posted by you. And even though all of your stories are good this one is still my fav. I'd really hate to see this story fall through the cracks.
Moonsaber chapter 1 . 11/19/2014
OH MY BLOB! UPDATE UPDATE! This is such a cool story! I can't wait to see how the Autobots react to Jacks secret!
backkick chapter 6 . 10/24/2014
Hey, been a while, and still no update, even though I love that story. So, when will you pick it up again?
Red Sova chapter 6 . 10/18/2014
Open and Ratchet

Will he meet Gears again?
guest chapter 6 . 9/21/2014
Optimus & Ratchet
David-El chapter 6 . 8/30/2014
This seems like an interesting story, and surprisingly similar to my own Prime story, though my Jack was a COMPLETELY different character before his first death. When do you think you'll come back to it? Oh, and as for your poll, I vote No on Gears coming to Earth, and Optimus and Ratchet being told the truth first.
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