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Samman chapter 10 . 6/6/2002
1)I don't know how to thank you for sending me the email notifying that the chapter was up. I really appreciated it. Okay, I think IF is causing problems uploading your fic because it's R-rated, I guess you should make it PG-13, I understand that there are adult themes throughout the story but there is no mild cursing or sexual situations that would need an R-rating (i don't know about the future chapters though.:) Besides for how long are you going to email people and let them know that the chapter is up since the chapters AND the story itself is long.

This chapter was very good, Your work is complicated and detailed so I take time reading it and it's actually fun, it shows that you have put a lot of effort in this fic. You're definetly a brilliant writer. What else...oh yes... -ugh-he's involved in all this too. In the end I'd ask you to make this a Gambit/Rogue. I guess majority wants them. :)
Guest chapter 10 . 6/5/2002
ooooooh! beautiful! magnificant! n well n truly wicked! hehe, i was actually wonderin bout eleven actually, i couldnt understand how a younger rogue could be that malicious n mean... i handnt suspected that there was a link between that n the collars sinister gave tho! (pure genius on your part!) n i think i said i was confused bout how if she lost her virginity with the guards how that fit with her father raping her but now it makes perfect sense! this was brilliant in tying up those loose ends n great 4 adding more! i LOVED the "codys ghost" idea n the thought of them using emma's ghost 2 help... pretty damn cool _ this was as always wonderfully written and i cannot wait 4 the next chap! i should be the one saying thanks to you! im still touched n honoured that u took the time 2 review my stories, u seriously didnt have too ! _ thanx again! cyz! luv linkin~
Jean1 chapter 10 . 6/5/2002
This is definitely my favorite chapter so far. The feeling that I'de been having that everything is not making sense and should be as it seems appears to be exactly as you intended. Rogue can't even trust her own "selves" anymore and what they show her. It will be interesting to see what really are Rogue's memories and past and what isn't. I'm actually impressed it's not the obvious. I like you picture of the real 11. Tomboy Rogue is exactly as I see her too, and I love Emma in this story. She's a hard character to write. I also liked very much you point about why Mystique would take in Rogue. I too always felt that Destiny had to have at least something to do with it if it was only to predict Rogue would be a mutant that Raven could use. Again your descriptions were very interesting. I especially like the "dead" catches and how they looked. Just one note: Though the LS you speak of about Bobby and the others did show that Bobby had great potential and that he *could* reach near complete control of his powers and do much of what you said, nothing in the regular titles inplies he has done so. Marvel doesn't want to up him to that powerful and considering Bobby's never shown the interest, I can see why. That LS (and the name slips me) was to show where those characters could go (including Mystique) but none of it has been used by the regular writers to make them go there (save maybe upcoming Jean issues). Sometimes just the opposite ala Mystique who's worse off. Interesting to see where you plan to take this. Please continue.
Lucky439 chapter 10 . 6/4/2002
that was abosolutly awsome i cant wait for more love the story lots
Lucky439 chapter 9 . 6/4/2002
T chapter 10 . 6/4/2002
Love'in it!
Damosel chapter 10 . 6/4/2002
This story is soooooooooooooooo good keep up the good work. I mean do you have a plan on what you are going to write in the story or do you just write it on a rim. This is deffinatly my favourite fanfiction i have ever read. Cheacking everyday for updates.
Disturbed Courtney chapter 9 . 6/1/2002
i finally made it through! :o) i now remember in the email you sent me saying how my stuff was simple in its description, and then you going on to say how much description you use and such, but if i tried to write something like this in my style of writing, i think i would be leaving the readers in the dark for so many things. the metaphors you've used just make things so much more tangible in my head. so now i get to say, can't wait for more *grins*
linkin-spike chapter 9 . 5/30/2002
*growls* sorry about the last review, me mouse buggered up so first chap 8 review:-

vargas is back! vool, he was kinda missin 4 a while, but i guess as there was a lot of stuff goin on he had 2 wait his turn in the spotlight _. eek.. sinister.. he has cameras? how? why? where? what? chicken wings? (oops dunno where that came from) n remembering sinisters n magnus' convo... y if they were able 2 offer her control didnt they *fumes at the thought* (stupid xavier...asshole.. grr) n wat was that bout gambit working 4 sinister? is he still working 4 him? actually hey, is that how the cameras gpt there? oi the wings bit.. owww.. vry powerful vry well-written vry cool _ that was a really freaky chap tho, i mean how did she absorb emma? eek n xavier! not only did he not offer rogue control ova her powers.. but to not release the core to suppress rogues powers... bastard.. grr moe remy/rogue ! hhehehe the ending rocked ! theyre just 2 sweet 2gether... but i gotta admit i dont really get it.. if she lost her virginity wen the guards raped her... wat about the "daddy abuse" theory? oi.. gotta admit im totally n utterly stumped n confused O.O hmm guess ill have 2 check chap 9 then...

chapter 9 review:-

ok first off, that "giggle" n "fetch" thing was an excellent touch. very effective. n as for jeans thoughts, well woah.. rogue realy is confusing isnt she? or mebbe wen she suddenly shows those little bursts of power its like a flash from the "core" inside her, i mean xavier, hank n sages convo expressed it 2 hold extreme power... hmmm ... i dunno im only 14! way 2 young 2 understand the complexities of this... unless ur gonna explain it ofcoarse _

damn... the memory of the magistrates was just bloody fantastic. i mean WOW (yeah im stuck 2 bein wordless again) n remy going along the catch... that was sooo sweet! just perfect *sighs* they belong together... even the ghosts in rogues mind cant change tht.

the ending confused me tho (i cant help it! *bawls* damn... im 2 stupid..) LOVE emmas ghost tho, the "queen my ass" bit was brill _ well im hopin u get the next bit up soon! again your fic is AMAZING. nah scratch that, its much much more. i mean your plot, your description, your characterisation... just fucking amazing. well 4 now, cyz! luv linkin~
linkin-spike chapter 8 . 5/30/2002
linkin-spike chapter 7 . 5/30/2002
YEAH! rogue n remy! wahey! *grins like a loonie* soz, i mean first remy was knocked out, then there was the bobby/rogue bondin then ofcoarse the logan/rogue thing (eck, still not a fan of them but if it brings rogue closer 2 being with remy.. *sighs*) aww.. it was short but still very very sweet _ i felt sorry 4 remy at the beginning (hehe i was right! _) but i dunno he did sleep with a woman 2... oh well, theyre even now! which means they'll get a li'l lovin 2? *crosses fingers*
linkin-spike chapter 6 . 5/30/2002
O.O jesus. wow. that was.. eh im wordless yet again. first off i LOVED that description of rogue ! hehe _ the robbery bit was a work of art. so rogue WAS abused by her father... im guessin it was a foster father? cuz her father thought she was dead... didnt he? poor bobby! i mean she kinda ussed him n all.. damn.. remys still bein a bit of a bastard but i cant help still hopin it works out between them, after all im still first n foremost a rogue/remy shipper. that ending was a twist tho. i mean rogue n WOLVIE? i gotta admit ive never bn a fan of the couple (again like rogue n magnus.. eck *.*) but the catch thing... does tht mean them memory voice has control ova ppl? im guessin that "third catch" is remy, due to the last line. i mean i dunno u mightve made it bobby, but the "nice little test" thing makes me think remy... i dunno, gues ill find out in the next chap _
linkin-spike chapter 5 . 5/30/2002
woah... freaky, espec with the mind-web things n rogues "memory" (the little voice) heh, the stpeford sister are cool _ its amazing how condescending they sound *cough*mini-emma*cough* hehehhe _ actually i dunno much bout them cuz i gotta admit im not followin new xmen, just xtreme n meridian (a cross-gen comic) this is wicked tho. do i sense a li'l anti-xavier? just wonderin cuz he was expelled n all... i dunno.. well off 2 next chap!
linkin-spike chapter 4 . 5/30/2002
remy is such a... #.# grr... bastaaaaard.. he "bettered" a girl? when he has rogue? oi.. n he has the nerve 2 feel jealous? im startin 2 turn straight 2 a rogue/bobby fan here! nah there has 2 b an explanation tho right? there MUST be.. remy cant be that... ok ill shuddup now. nice introduction of shadow king. n its cool u included the stepford sisters, never read much fics bout em. the voice in rogues head is intriguing tho.. her memories right? woah... deep.
linkin-spike chapter 3 . 5/30/2002
cool. i just realised, cuz i scanned through ur previous chaps, the web thingy in her mind, n the "itsy bitsy spider" lullaby in the first chap with the web... little linkage? heh, mebbe its just the silly mind of a kid :p luvd this as always (damn i seriously have no idea how i couldve missed your stories) intersting story that nightcrawler had, sweet 2 c mags still havin a soft spot 4 rogue, i mean im no mags/rogue fan (eck x.x) but affection is sweet. i feel 4 gambit, i mean ive always bn a rogue/remy fangirlie n in the first part of this chap wen he alks bout his frustrations, my heart just went out (poor guy) but the ending.. damn i feel 4 bobby 2 (that doesnt necessarily mean i want bobby with rogue, just that hes sweet) still lovin ur fic here ~_ off 2 next chap!
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