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linkin-spike chapter 2 . 5/30/2002
O.O *linkin is currently frozen in front of the computer screen*

~muse appeares~

muse:~ *flicks linkins forehead* damn, frozen solid. *turns to randi* amazing story btw. Pure genius on your part bout rogues mum (lily was rogues mum right?) linkins right bout u being an amazing writer, gotta admit that. bobbys pretty sweet in this one, hell i gotta admit i gotta soft spot for the guy :) well betta go to next chap, excuse me while i drag this girl away. *muse drags linkin away disappearing in a flash of etheral light*
linkin-spike chapter 1 . 5/29/2002
.god. i have NO idea how i missed ur writing O.O only the first chapter, n ive already decided, you are DEFINITELY up there with all the other fanfic gods. your writing is fucking BRILLIANT. that bit with rogue n wolvie was spooky ... n that vargas bit.. COOL! _ i havent read a lot of fics with him in (actually scratch that, i havent read any!) so im glad 2 find a gem like this!
Disturbed Courtney chapter 7 . 5/29/2002
I just needed to post something even though i was going to wait until i fully caught up. I just LOVE this story. honestly, you're writing her emotions incredibly and the way her mind is working it just amazing. this story is so damn original and ahhh. alright, on to chapter 8 :o)
T chapter 9 . 5/28/2002
Wow, that was fantastic, can't wait for more!
Small Reign chapter 1 . 5/28/2002
Great story! But why is Gambit getting so hurt? Please, please make him and Rogue be happy. Remy/Rogue!
Jean1 chapter 9 . 5/28/2002
Another interesting chapter. I especially liked that finally someone else besides Gambit (even better that it's Jean) is starting to question everyone's actions. *IT'S ABOUT TIME.* No one in this story is acting like an normal person or in character. Jean's points about Scott actions, etc. What's more no one's noted that Logan given that he hates being used should be furious that Rogue (or whoever) has dragged him into her little mental mess. He should be avoiding her like the plague but he's not. Why hasn't Xavier been able to do something? Did he really try? Etc.

I do like the Emma in Rogue's mind just becuase she seemed the most normal and observant. Emma can be the most practical when she's not being a b!tch.

And I'm glad you like my reviews. Some people might not because I'm not just use to taking things for granted or am happy with cliches and abuse for abuse sake. Even now I do have problems with what it seems is a lot of shock value you like to throw in the story as again, it somewhat feels like the kitchen sink. Multi-P, rape, abuse, they can over simplified and I have to admit an general aversion to rape in fan fic because it tends to be somewhat obsessive (multiple attacks and history) to too many writers like there is no other type of abuse out there - especially of children. I think it's because ff writers are mostly women and don't like to admit that statistically more child abuse is performed by mothers than fathers (being that in a lot of cases there are no fathers or men around). Neglect, physical, emotional, etc. Big bad men, sex, and all that tend to get over played. I noted you changed the fact that Rogue was attacked in her cell originally in the comic by a man and a woman not 5 men (of course you changed the whole concept of what happened so it made sense but you see my point)

An issue being Rogue actually does in the comic remember a mother and no father yet everyone wants to give her a father or mother's lover to ignore that it may well have been Rogue's mother that neglected her (not even touched her) so bad that started some of Rogue's problems and not a father or sex at all but actual touch or lack thereof or only beatings and emotional abuse.

I'm sure you have a focus and I can feel it in the story just sometimes I feels it's lost in alot of the confusion of what's actually going on and all the soapish events and abuses coming one after the other especially in Rogue's mind. That said, I like that Gambit's fighting the attachment and trying to get to the source but he too feels that it's getting sidetracked because that's how I feel. I assume that's how I'm suppose to feel. Although like the fact that Rogue never seemed to go anywhere in the comic for years, I get that annoying feeling that it's going to drag on without some discoveries and changes for too long. Hopefully not.

Definitely waiting to see.
SLH NSI chapter 8 . 5/28/2002
Damn, even the description of the diary at the beginning was so good I had to read it twice.

I liked Logan/Remy scrapping it out, though I didn't like that Logan felt no remorse sleeping with Rogue (but then you explained his animalistic nature so perfectly that his guilt-free attitude made complete sense).

I find it interesting that you have Rogue battling with voices in her mind that are her own (I don't think I've seen that before), usually she's battling the voices of people she has absorbed. It is easy to believe, (her many voices at different ages) considering the theory of multiple personalities being used as a way to escape/cope for people who had to deal with traumatizing events as children.

I liked how you showed how hard it would be for Rogue to maintain her own emotions with all the competing voices in her head (like how eleven had the ability to make her snap at Remy)vying for their identity to be known.

I'm glad Remy and Rogue brought the Cave incident out into the open and I'm curious to see what you have planned for Magneto.

And I'm off to the next chapter...
Samman chapter 9 . 5/28/2002
One of the BEST stories on about Rogue's powers (that's my personal opinion.)

I can't believe it that how do you manage to write such a brilliant AND long chapter AND update it so quickly. You definetly ARE an excellent writer. All the parts are written with every single detail and so it's easier to understand what you are trying to tell us. The way you've described Remy's personality is very very similar to Canon's. And the metaphors that you have used comparing Rogue to apple, the forbidden fruit was unbelievable-you probably think a looot. I'm having so much fun reading this, thanks.

wesf chapter 9 . 5/27/2002
i love this story you simply have to do more. The hard work certainly shows. Has to be one of my favourites. Waiting on my seat for the next one. Although question that keeps on popping up in my head is that around the First episode (Rogues) I thought that it was revealed that Rogues father had tacken her vaginity now it seems to be the majistrates?

But i dont care it is still one hell of a story!

Looking forward to thwe next chapter.

Roguechere chapter 9 . 5/26/2002
Sorry I messed up last time! It wouldn't let me review for that chapter again. Both were very well written. You do A very good job of getting the reader wrapped up in the emotions taking place. I find whenever Rogue remembers something bad- like the Genoshans- I cringe. I am however, sorry to say, having a rather large amount of difficulty with Gambit being so bothered by the Rogue/Logan thing. He clearly does that type of thing on a regular basis. And although the *catch* was put on Logan and Rogue by an inner part of Rogue herself- there was absolutely NO other influence in Remy's cases.
missy42 chapter 8 . 5/26/2002
(Okay now that I'm trough) Wow. I - just - wow. You sure do pack a lot in there, don't you? Well, once again, an amazing chapter, I must say! (And yay! You used my lyrics!) Startin' to make a lot more sense now, too. I love how everyone's so supportive of their teammate, and all for various reasons. Very touching. I'm also really likin' all the different aspects of Rogue's personality/core. The way she cut off peices of herself into seprate enitities during taumatic events so she could repress them easier. It's very well-done, and about the way I'd imagine Rogue would cope with such events. Can't wait for more!

Samman chapter 8 . 5/23/2002
Wow, another GREAT chapter. First of all, Thanks a lot for writing that message at the end of the chapter. Second, You know what, I seriously thought that this was your first *story*. But you cleared that this was your first fanfiction. That's why I doubted that how could it be your first STORY because you've done an extremely awesome job.

And yes, I agree with you that how can we possibly have a good story without indulging the characters into conflicts and issues. And I agree with Roguechere too that you did an awesome job by not making the Wolvie/Rogue scene an explicit one. It does help a lot, you know.

Overall, this chapter was...scary...exciting and kept me on the edge when I was reading the part where Rogue is being tested. The part where claws pop out of Rogue's hands...ooh that must have hurt *really* badly. Now the scene where you describe Wings forming out of Rogue's body...owwwwww, you made it such that it seemed very *real* and the part where the wings are going back into Rogue's back... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I could *see* that in my mind. Whoa...keep up the great work.:)
V chapter 8 . 5/23/2002
more. and soon
Dharma's Momma chapter 8 . 5/20/2002
OK, i just sat down and read all 8 chapters straight, i couldn't tear myself away, i didn't even want to answer the phone. I don't read the comics but you make it easy to understand with all the notes you leave at the bottom. i absoutly love long chapters and you are GREAT with that...i just cain't think of enough good things to say...i loved the unripe cherry meaphore, because like them rouge wasn't ready to be plucked...i cain't wait for the next chapters...keep it comin!1
Damosel chapter 8 . 5/20/2002
This is great! I will certainly be checkin for updates! Possibly one of the best fanfic i have read.
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