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beanarie chapter 17 . 4/12/2004
Oh. My. God. I'm just stunned and shocked and amazed by this story. All the layers, and the characters, and the histories...just, wow. I don't know what else to say-except why does Rogue have the skunk stripe in the flashbask to the fire when I could swear you describe her getting it when she absorbed Carol?
jack chapter 17 . 4/10/2004
Ride enjoyed, yo.
Keep up the very cool work.
Mag Carter chapter 17 . 4/8/2004
Holy crap, Lily's an evil bitch. She must die. I understand she had some nasty crap happen to her, but damn. There comes a time when everyone has to let go...I think she really needs to let go, big time.
Mag Carter chapter 16 . 4/8/2004
I like this chapter, very discriptive. It certainly fills in a lot of things and it's a good refresher for those of us who haven't read the story in a while. *looks embarassed* I'll try and keep up from now on. )
RogueBHS chapter 17 . 4/7/2004
WOW...Randi, you just keep getting better and better! DANG YOU. LOL. I love the two newest chapters...I really do. Now...I guess its my turn for an update wouldn't you? ::sets to work on that...:: Have fun Randi, and I can't wait for more of your stuff!
Faith chapter 17 . 4/6/2004
Whoo-hoo! Finally, I thought you dropped off the face of the Earth! Great story, you really take your time with your thoughts and it shows. Keep it up, can't wait for the next chapter.
Jean1 chapter 17 . 4/4/2004
Yes! Mostly I just have to echo Ludi's comments but this is better than I hoped. Imprinting her mutant mother at birth and what her mother then did to her/through her is the essence of a compex epic this has become. Now to see how Rogue herself deals with revelation will be interesting indeed.
Star-of-Chaos chapter 17 . 4/3/2004
Holy shit.
Ludi chapter 17 . 4/3/2004
Ohmigod! *.*
You know, to go off on a side note before I start anything here, Claremont has often been super-dodgy about people suggesting that Rogue could have been abused when she was younger, and I always kind of agreed with that, I guess, considering Rogue's personality...And more than that, it's just a feeling ... Anyhow, I'm not sure why some people were so preoccupied with that, probably because Rogue needed a reason to run away from home when she was so young, and what could be worse than child abuse? But this all works so much better. It slots in perfectly, and gives it more of that sense of 'epic-ness', I suppose... Because so much of Rogue's psyche is melded into her mother's, and this gives a greater sense of history to Rogue as a character. That her aversion to touch was ingrained in her, not through personal experience but from outside suggestion. That her overpowering wish to be 'normal' stems from far further into her childhood than we'd ever imagined. It all makes so much more sense. Hah! I'd like to have seen Claremont come up with this one *sniggers* (oh, I'm being so overly cruel to the poor guy, but I can't help it P.)
This is also an important chapter, I feel, because apart from unlocking more secrets integral to the Core (that is, this whole amazingly complicated story as a whole), it also *undoes* a lot of the supposition that came before it... Most of the story so far, although we know the Imposter Eleven is responsible for a lot of Rogue's 'behaviour', and that she isn't even 'Rogue' at all, in this chapter we get a sense that Rogue is actually far stronger than Imposter Eleven, and that if only she'd remember she'd be able to transcend her... This is displayed beautifully in thing about the eyes... That Mama has something missing in her eyes that Caitlyn possesses, something more, something extra...
But the thing that struck a chord most was the idea of a parent using a child to exorcise their own demons and to unburden their own lives, whether of guilt or failure. And they mean to do so with the most genuine of intentions in their hearts, but it only ends up hurting the child... Things are never the same again, the child can't see the world in the same way again. You've portrayed this so well. ... I'm still impressed and touched at the way you manage to tease out human emotions in mere words; and not just human emotions, but motives, and interactions and reactions, all in such a realistic fashion. Muted, almost un-self-consciously, as if you expect the reader to feel the connections between words and emotions and subsequent action, and, therefore, don't need to overstate the sitatuations, dialogues and settings too much.
Flow of consciousnessclassy. Repetition is well-done, used just enough to hit certain things home. And you know I like free association. :)
Oh, and I forgot to say, ages ago, well done for Gyrich. I actually kinda have some sympathy for the guy now. He isn't *just* mutant-hater. He isn't *just* a bit of a loon. He has a credible, human reason for being the way he is. I'm also happy to know just that little bit more about the Beauregard's too. Now it seems that we're going to be treated to some big fallout! I eagerly await what further treats you have in store for us, whenever they may come! In trepidation and glee!
Once again, I am humbled, I am emptied, but best of all, I'm inspired...:)
me chapter 16 . 4/2/2004
hey this was really good stuff i just read it all all the way through anmd it was really really really good took u long enough 2 update thjough
Jean1 chapter 16 . 4/2/2004
This story always seems to confuse or annoy me. I love it for it but I'm never sure it's clear enough as to what you see and what the reader can see from the story. I still have serious problems with Rogue distancing herself from her own actions and Sinister is somewhat too involved personally with characters in too many fics, but I have to say I'm very interested in Lily. However still confused. From the story previously, I'd gotten the impression she was Rogue's mother which I hope is correct because to finally see a story where Rogue's mother not her father is the main reason why she has some of the problems she has would be finally something new. Rogue has never spoken of a father in comics but to say he left "before she was born. The fact that so many writers tend to always blame fathers when records show that mothers have an equal chance of being physically abusive to their children (many times as a trickle down concept - husband beats wife and she beats kids or wife usually has to deal with the kids as a whole) sort of bothers me. If Rogue turns out to be Lily, it'll still be interesting but not new. I have to say I've seen way too many sexual abuse themes that it gets simplistic but Lily instilling her dislike or lack of touch and now her indifference on her daughter at a young age is very interesting and certainly believable. There are way more reasons for Rogue to be the way she is including how her power affects her than just the seeming catch all that pops up in fic. I do very much like where you are taking Rogue's power and how it works. Rogue understanding her power has always been a pet peeve of mind. Control comes from understanding how it works and Xavier to me has always seemed to want to keep Rogue in the dark.
Star-of-Chaos chapter 16 . 4/1/2004
*does extremely happy dance* YAY!
Rogue, hound, eh? Could that cloud be our favorite *Shadow-y* friend? Excellent chapter. :-)
Allison chapter 16 . 4/1/2004
I am really glad you decided to continue the story. I have some older questions that I don't remeber if you answered them or not. . .like what Xavier is hiding about Rogue taht Sage figured out? Thus far I understand where you are going (I think) and really enjoy the twists and turns that keep developing. Keep up the good work!
Ludi chapter 1 . 4/1/2004
Oh yeah! Another thing I forgot that I want to see - Gambit's 'true identity'. Or true personality, I suppose. Interesting concept, and a nice new angle. Anyhow, what's this supposition that he may have worked with Mystique? And the subtle little nudges here and there that El Sinistro *may* have orchestrated his falling for Rogue?
And what exactly happened in Italy?
Darn, now all the questions are coming now...:p
Ludi chapter 16 . 4/1/2004
Oh. Randi.
I'm feeling kinda bad because I didn't review this as I went along. To tell the truth, after about chapter 6, I read this all pretty much in one go; for two days I sat there and didn't do anything except eat, live and breathe this fic. Yes, for one whole weekend I sat there like a vegetable, click, scroll, scroll, click. Yep, my poor hand was about the only thing that got a work out those few days. I suppose I don't really have an excuse in not commenting, except that after I had read 10 or so chapters of this straight, I had such a mental, emotional and sensory overload that I didn't even know where to begin. I know this sounds weird, but I was actually a little scared of writing a review for this. It would've been kind of like trying to detail a little, yet momentous, portion of one's life in a ridiculously short space of time. I feel a bit odd that I didn't jump on the bandwagon sooner - on the other hand, I feel glad that I started reading this so late, because reading it all together made it more intense, more coherent, more thought-provoking as a story. So when you updated, I skimmed through it again and found myself still and stunned and petrified (and I use that in the literal sense of the word - I couldn't move an inch, I was so shaken) at what you had written.
Suffice it to say that you have captured something in writing that has affected me in a way that so few stories have ever done so before. That this was a fanfiction made this all the more amazing. Literally, throuhgh reading this fic, there were moments when I was shaking. Shaking with raw emotion, not just trepidation. Your's is the first fanfic that has ever made me cry. Bloody, fukkin' weep like a baby.
The way you have portrayed Rogue in this fic is, to me, absolute magic. It's magic, because as she grows, I grow. I can identify with her so much it's painful. So much while I read this, my heart was just bleeding...The way you describe characters, events and their emotions was so *real*, and it had me crying, because it plucked my own strings, my own cords, my own catches, emotions and events and hurts that you don't quite bury, but that you keep just tucked inside, just so's that you can carry on living through the day. It's strange... In many ways reading this was a catharsis...A look inside my own subconsciousness...A working version of the venting strategies that I can never seem to make work. God, for that alone, I thank God you wrote this. You made me laugh, shout, giggle, cry, want to smash a few things, grit my teeth and shudder. That was the maelstrom. Afterwards, I'd just be *calm*, like I find so hard to be.
Ahem. But enough of that.
I could go on and say what a wonderful writer you are, all the technical stuff about grammar and metaphor and allusion and syntax and style (all of which are, BTW, wonderful ;), but what struck me more is the depth of human emotion, the imagery, the symbolism, all of which i'm sure I still haven't fully picked out yet. How do you do it? How to you weave together such an intricate plot, of so many different threads, some of them not even yours, all of them nevertheless fitting in so flawlessly (as yet;)? Because this is the real stuff, this is how all writing should be, screw those bloody airport novels and such *has to stop herself from ranting*. What I think I'm trying to say is, this is the stuff of a first-class novel - if it didn't include so much baggage, it'd stand alone as a novel, no problem. You give new meanings to events from the MU, and make them your own. In fact, the MU pales in comparison to what you've written here. And since Claremont seems to have finally fallen out of his tree, maybe you could take over his job, eh? Hint, hint. ;)
Really, this is an epic. No other word to describe it. You include a whole plethora of characters, major, middle and minor canon...Which is easy enough, I suppose, except that you give them convincing personalities. And not only that, you give them credible motives, you give them hearts and souls (or maybe not, in the case of a certain mad scientist), and you give them an amazing sense of double intrigue and interaction. I get the sense that no thread in this plot does not lead to and connect to another. Which is bloody amazing. In fact, in many ways, this story *is* the Core in corporeal form. It's one big web of interplay, lies, hidden truth and hidden agenda. Man, the scope of this... It mindboggles, so I'd probably stop right there before I start gabbing.
Next - love. Okay, I could talk about emotion in general, but the thing about this fic that jumps out to me, personally, is love. Most writing hardly manages to pic out all the subtle shades of love we may or may not feel. This does. Mother-love, sexual-love, platonic-love, twisted-love, hate-love, bitter-love, unrequited-love, unreciprocated-love, love-death...Jesus, I could go on, but I won't waste space. Except I will just say that your rendition of Gambit and Rogue's love is the truest, most tenderest love I've ever read, and you've come closest in all the fanfics (or even many orig fics, for that matter) I've ever read to portraying what it's like to love someone so badly and so truly that you would abstain from them. I can't even begin to explain what that makes me feel inside. It's damn amazing.
The themes of rape, incest and molestation were handled with extreme maturity. You managed to draw out the horror, cruelty, isolation, brutality, sadness and loneliness of such a thing amazingly well, but never in a way that's too tawdry or salacious. Personal, but not too personal. Speaking of which, you also sprinkle in the song lyrics purposefully and effectively... I've always had an aversion to songfics, because the meaning extrapolated from songfics always seems so *personal* to the author him/herself... As a reader, I never really feel that I can connect to that, because the lyrics don't mean so much to me. I've listened to Tori Amos, though not religiously and therefore I never really analysed her lyrics too much. I probably would have expected that, since so many of her lyrics are abstract and personal, I would have felt alienated reading her lyrics in a fic. I still don't know how you managed to do it, but you've made it work in this fic, on so many levels. Weirdly enough, the lyrics unfold as the story does... Reading the lyrics is like reading a story on its own. They're not just a bolster to the main plot, or an intensifier to the events. They're just little plots in their own right. Or that's how it makes me feel anyway. :)
Gosh. Is there anything I've left out? This is why I feel bad about not having commented as I went along. I feel I've missed something. Oh yeah! Just to say that, one scene that really got me in this chapter. The incest scene. It was so dreadfully tastefully (if that can be imagined) and emotively done. Free association with the train wheels. Classy stuff. Train wheels fascinate me too, but that's probably because I'm a commuter and oftentimes have nothing better to do than stare at them... It also breaks up yet links the obviously horrendous action going on with a mundane and harmless image. *That* made me both shudder in aversion and admiration. And the 'herself removed'... I love this image...Reminds me of this brilliant song, although a song about love, it has that same intrinsic pull on people...'I'm watching you watch over me...'
Okay, I think that's about it. Except that I love the mother being called Lily, and the Classical references. To me this has personal connotations...
So, to sum up, thanks for this. So much. It's personal, so personal, so personal to *you*, yet it feels so personal to *me* and, I suspect, to many other readers out there... That's an amazing accomplisment. You're an inspiration, certainly to me.
Sorry for gushing so much and for taking up so much of your space...Just wanted you to know how appreciative and admiring I am of your writing.
Keep up the wonderful work,
PS - I guess I'd like to learn more about the Marshall, Byron and Dominic. Everything *seems* to be coming into itself in this chapter, but those three still seem a bit ...strange, to me. And more about Lily, but I s'ppose that goes unsaid Lookin' forward to your next update *hug*
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