Reviews for The Breton
David Fishwick chapter 20 . 5/12/2008
Cool story so thanks for writing. You are a good author.
Emime chapter 20 . 11/6/2002
wow, greta story
Astrablue chapter 20 . 10/4/2002
Wonderful story...I am going right now to read "Death Awaits." Reading quality writers like yourself makes my day a bit better. Thanks! :)
Imzadi chapter 20 . 9/26/2002
A wonderful end to an amazing story, Eledhwen. I must admit that there's no way in hell that I would choose Angel(us) over Lindsey, but then again I'm not Darla. I'm sorry they killed poor Kate. Thank you for an absolutely glorious saga, my dear!
Lita of Jupiter chapter 19 . 9/20/2002
It's rare to find fanfic

with Angelus and Darla

it's even hrader finding a good one...

but one like this one?

I don't have words to say how good I find it

to be...

and i aslo love yor Throngil.. Aragorn is

the Best - Angelus
Astrablue chapter 19 . 9/8/2002
Oh my God-yet another wonderful chapter in this saga. Every chapter is better and better. I would never have picked Gunn for a vampire, but you made it work. Too bad you killed off Wes, but a girl can't have every wish. :-) Well done.
Imzadi chapter 19 . 9/8/2002
It's just amazing how wholeheartedly Gunn throws himself into vampirism. What a good chapter! But of course all of your chapters are excellent. I heartily recommend you to any and all who are looking for fascinating, well-written historical fiction. Congratulations, my friend. And will we ever see Lindsey again?
Imzadi chapter 18 . 9/2/2002
The excellence I have come to expect in every chapter continues. Applause for you, Eledhwen.
Imzadi chapter 17 . 8/18/2002
Ma chere Eledhwen, vous etes amazing! Bravo! Encore! I hail you. You have made my evening!
anon chapter 14 . 8/7/2002
OK, please understand that Wesley is my favourite character so I was a

*tad* upset at the chapters ending.

Oh well.

This is *really* good, and I can't wait to see how it all ends!

Out of curiosity, when Cordy had a vision just before she died, was it Wesley's

death (among other things) that she saw?

Anyhow. Loving your story and of course Luc, even if he is evil.

Post again soon! :)
Imzadi chapter 16 . 8/6/2002
Poor Wes. This continues to excite and delight. So what happens next? I can't wait for more. Very good, Eledhwen!
MyriadL chapter 15 . 8/1/2002
I love it-i can't wait to see D&Aus back in action!
Imzadi chapter 15 . 8/1/2002
Just got back from a short trip with no computer access, so I was absolutely delighted to see a new chapter. Again, absolutely fantastic. Please, Eledhwen, continue! I love it!
ForeverWes chapter 15 . 8/1/2002
Great story! This is probably too much to ask but don't kill off Wesley he's my favorite character, or at least give him a good death (or afterlife)!
MyriadL chapter 14 . 7/25/2002
I love the fact that u brought back Angelus!he's so evil-it bit about him licking of the blood of of Luc-was apsolutelly perfect-the inuendo makes u wonder just like the kiss Angelus gave Spike in "suprise" made u wonder-thought I like luc more.I have one request PLEASE,MAKE ANGELUS TURN DARLA!I would love that!So the fab 3,mabey along with Dru,can paint L.A. red ,red, -I'm really lovin' this story.
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