Reviews for SYOC: In the Wake of a Hero
movies798 chapter 3 . 11/25/2011
Sweet! Nice prologue update soon please!
TjWolfGurl chapter 3 . 11/25/2011
Dangit! I always see SYOC's after the submissions close.
RainingStrawberries chapter 3 . 11/25/2011
Woa, nice cliffhanger. :O

Really intriguing to me and I'm excited to read more :D You're such a good writer, especially at dialogue. Keep it up (:
Rosewolf the MothSlayer chapter 2 . 11/25/2011
Wow, thank you! Is it ok if I submit a male character for you?

Name: Darian Skif Williams

Age: just turned 16!

Nickname: Skif

Weapon: twin throwing knives that turn into a couple of keys (skyfire)

Birthday: 6/2

Personality: He is somewhat a pessimist. Not much of one, but he is a little negative sometimes. To balance that out, he does have a funny, sarcastic side that few people see. He doesn't have many friends, but he does get along with anyone. But, like his mother, he believes in the concept of balance, and that even good and evil must balence out.

History: He and his father had huge fights at home until he ran away. He hitchhiked across the country until he came across the borders of camp.

Godly parent: Nemesis

Mortal parent: Eric Williams

Hair color/style: Wavy, chestnut colored, cut short

Eye color: Light brown

Height/ weight: 5'10", 170lb

Fatal flaw: being a pessimist

Talents: dead accurate with the throwing knives, hand to hand combat

Likes: Queen, relaxing, fighting, cookies.

Dislikes: arguing, inaction, bubbly people, Jell-O

Romance: Slight crush on Keshia Evans (might go somewhere, might not)
xXGirl Of The DesertXx chapter 2 . 11/24/2011
Oh yeah I forgot to mention the Jess has a jagged scar that runs diagonally across her face and she calls her dagger Nica.
xXGirl Of The DesertXx chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
Here are 2 OCs.

Name-Jessica Castellan (She is lukes full sister)



Weapon-A dagger the she keeps hidden but she still know how to use a sword.


Personality-she is hard to approach and make friends is extremely loyal to those who manage to make friends with her. She is cold and mean to people who dont know her well and who she isnt friends with. She is tough on people who she thinks are weaklings. She is only kind and nice to her friends and family that she actually is very mysterious.

History- She ran away when she was seven and met looked after each other and they got to camp when she was 10. Then she met her brother Luke and found out he was her full brother and they formed a really close bond. She fought in the war along side Luke and Kronos because she was also angry at gods. She came back on the good side in the end but not many people trust her.

Godly parent (If they have one) -Hermes

Mortal parent/family- She shares the same mortal family as Luke

Hair color/style-Short curly and sandy can't tie it up because its to short.

Eye color-Blue. The same as Lukes.

Height/weight- "5'3, 110lbs

fatal flaw- She has trust issues and she hates addmiting she needs help.

Talents-She is great at using a dagger and a sword because luke taught. She is a great drawer. she is a great theif and pickpocket.

Likes-Drawing, Reading, writing stories, being alone,having walks alone, being places she is not meant to be in

Dislike-Annoying people, Justine Bieber, People who won't leave her alone when she wants to be alone, Mr D,being wrong

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- I want her to with Nico but if you want her to be with an OC you can pick.

Anything else-She is finding hard to get over Lukes who knew Luke keep telling her she looks like Luke.


Name-Marion Wayland



Weapon-a bronze sword she calls Maia.


Personality-Mimi is cheeky and loves to pull to pull pranks. She is really easy to make friends, the exact opposite of her best friend Jess. She is kind and caring and will do anything for friends or looks inocent but she never is.

History-She ran away because her Mum remarried a guy who was horrible to her. She met Jess who she went around with and they looked after each other and they formed a close bond. They got to camp when she was was shocked when she found out Jess was on the evil side but she still trusts her now that she is back on the good started to drift apart when they were put in different cabins but they are close friends again.

Godly parent (If they have one) -Hephastus

Mortal parent/family-Her mum's name is Suzanne and her step dads name is Anothony.

Hair color/style- Long straight choclate brown hair that goes down to her waist. She always keeps it tied up

Eye color-Hazel

Height/weight- 5'0 and 101lbs

fatal flaw-She will trust every one.

Talents-She is a great blacksmith, She is great at making plans,she is a great swords fighting,

Likes-Being with people (but she knows when Jess wants to be alone, she wants to be alone!),making weapons,Drawing,taking walks along the beach,

Dislike-Being alone, Justine Bieber,Mr D,annoying people

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)-I want her to be with Connor but if you want her to be with an OC you can pick.

Anything else-She has the same fire ablity as Leo but only Jeess knows about it

I Hope you like my characters and consider putting them in your stroy.
InvaderVyn chapter 2 . 11/24/2011
:D no, you just made MY day! Your other story made me cry. I'm serious. Anyway, thank you very much!
TankTheAuthor chapter 2 . 11/24/2011
This is the third time I'm updating my character because I keep forgetting details:

For his weapon: if you are going to go with re flamethrower idea, here is something you should know: it can shoot regular fire and greek fire and by magic has an unlimited supply of each fire.

Sorry for doing this again. This will be the last time! I promise.
RainingStrawberries chapter 2 . 11/23/2011
You said you needed some dudes, so here you go! :D

Name- Ashton Winters

Age- 15

Nickname- None

Weapon- Sword.

Birthday- December 31st.

Personality- He's a quiet and secluded person at first look, but when you get to know him he turns into a sarcastic loudmouth with some pretty funny jokes up his sleeve. He doesn't trust people easily and sometimes has a bad temper when it comes to enemies, but overall he's a laid back kind of guy. He's got that smooth criminal aura, and has a way with words.

History- He spent time traveling with his mother in the Circus before he got attacked by a cyclops, disguised as one of the elephants by the Mist. a few days after he turned thirteen. He was on the run for a while until a satyr found him and led him to Camp.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Hades

Mortal parent/family- His mom, Penelope Winters, was an animal trainer in the circus. She told him to run away because she knew it wasn't safe with her. He hasn't heard from her since.

Hair color/style- His hair is dark brown, appears black, and sweeps across his forehead neatly.

Eye color- His eyes are dark brown as well.

Height/weight- 6'0, 150 pounds.

fatal flaw- He holds grudges, kinda like Nico.

Talents- He's an excellent sword fighter, one of the best at camp. Some of the campers are wary of him. They think he's an enemy spy since he doesn't talk much, but is fluent in swordsmanship even in his first week at camp. (Another reason why he stays away from the other campers).

Likes- He likes the nighttime (he often goes on walks during the night, but is so sneaky the harpies never even detect him). he also enjoys listening to music, and he likes to take naps all the time.

Dislike- He hates the ocean and heights, anything cold and wet like rain.

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Yeah sure. Maybe with Lexi? :D

Anything else- He doesn't dress like the typical Hades kid. He dresses in regular jeans and Camp shirt, sometimes with a sweatshirt, but no cliche leather jackets or skinny jeans or anything. He's not emo xD
RainingStrawberries chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
Name- Alexandra Davenport

Age- 14

Nickname- Everyone calls her Lexi

Weapon- Sword

Birthday- July 26th

Personality- On the outside and back home, Lexi is a quiet and gentle girl who rarely causes trouble. She's friends with most of the people she meets and is happy on a daily basis. She's sarcastic and likes to make jokes. Goes out of her way to make people happy. She's described as pretty darn adorable. But when the time comes and someone ticks her off, she can easily turn into a bloodthirsty war machine.

History- She grew up on the beaches of South Carolina, and lives with her aunt and no one else.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Zeus

Mortal parent/family- Her mother went missing shortly after birth because she was afraid the gods' would punish her for having a child of Zues.

Hair color/style- Her hair is light brown/blond. It's curly and she normally wears it down.

Eye color- Blue-ish green.

Height/weight- 5'6, 120 pounds.

Fatal flaw- She's constantly worrying about what people think of her.

Talents- She's a good drawer, and likes drawing out her feelings from time to time instead of just writing.

Likes- She likes the daylight, the rain, any food that contains chocolate, and the only thing she prefers to drink is diet Dr. Pepper.

Dislike- She hates salty foods, meat, hot summertime (getting sweaty), and despises reading.

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- It doesn't matter, but yes.

Anything else: She's a vegetarian.
JadeDragon220 chapter 2 . 11/23/2011
Yay! My character got in! You know what's weird? in almost EVERY OC-submitting story I've seen, the author says he or she doesn't have enough guys...Wonder why that is?
on the backs of angels chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
Name- Samuel Freebird

Age- 14

Nickname- Sam, or 'Little Bird' (But he hates that. Only the Hermes Cabin, and the Apollo cabin can get away with calling him that.)

Weapon- A bow; it's wooden inlaid with gold sun designs. Celestial bronze arrows. Named 'Light', or in Greek, 'Fos'.

Birthday- Dec. 23

Personality- Sam is alive for fun. If he was to have one dislike in the world, that would definitely be rain, because the clouds cover up the sun, and the thump of it when it hits the ground has no rhythm, taking away everything he could possibly love about anything. He tends to be on the happier side of everything (what am I talking about? He's ALWAYS on the happier side of things), and loves anything that happens under the sun. He's quick to forgive and forget, and if he is holding a grudge against you, you probably killed one of his siblings, or the rest of his family. Of course, if you did that, you'd already be dead, so it doesn't matter. . . He's a little picky, and has his preferences towards people and food, but accepts everything the way it is and really, really just wants to have fun. So, naturally, when Percy leaves the camp, he's heartbroken, because no one wants to have fun anymore! Also, when anyone digs into his past, he closes up, but that's the only secret you will ever see him keeping. He is a total open book, and there's no secret he can keep, so watch out if you give him a secret! If anyone asks about it, it's over the whole camp in minutes. Possibly seconds.

History- When Sam was seven, his mother got him an archery set (bow, arrows, target) and taught him how to use it, her having done some archery in the past. Once, his stepfather was watching them, and one of Sam's arrows went astray. It hit his stepfather in the face, and blinded him in one eye. The stepfather brought the case to court, but Sam's mother claimed in front of the judges that it was her, and not Sam that shot the arrow, and so she was sent to jail for attempt of murder, and hasn't gotten out yet. Sam feels horrible about it, and has never told anyone, but he suspects that Rachel's figured it out. After that, his stepfather began to grow cold, and mean, slightly abusive, so he ran away at age eight from his house in New Hampshire and went North, but was found by a satyr after taking out a heavily armed mortal police with nothing more than a bow, and winding up on the news. The satyr recognized him as a child of Apollo, and got him out of trouble and to Camp Half-Blood.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Apollo

Mortal parent/family- His mother, Teressa Freebird, who's in jail, but was an amazingly kind woman. His stepfather, Marcus Freebird, who used to be nice to Sam, until he lost his eye, when he turned mean and abusive.

Hair color/style- Brown with sun-streaks, flops over, but is short enough so that it doesn't develop the inevitable 'Beiber' look.

Eye color- Light, happy brown.

Height/weight- 5' 5"/I dunno

fatal flaw- Can't keep a secret to save his (or anyone else's) life.

Talents- Archery, singing, guitar.

Likes- Sunny days, archery, music, anything except for what's in dislikes.

Dislike- Rainy days. Anytime the sun is not out.

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Um, he considered possibly liking a guy once, but has TOTALLY gotten over that, and is now strait, and would probably be a romance person. Maybe with Silfer, or Jillian?

Anything else- Nope, can't think of anything! Cool idea for a story, though.


sharpiedoodler chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
name: Willow Hamelin

age 12

weapon: simple celestial bronze dagger

birthday: 07, 11, 1999

personality: hyper, impatient, alert, untrusting, mischivious, friendlyish,

history: came to camp cause life was way too boring

godly parent: Hermes

mortal parent: Caroline Hamelin

hair: tangled caramel hair ,goes to her shoulders

eye colour (canadians spell it colour) hazel

height/weight: 5'1 and 83kg

fatal flaw: over confidence, believe every thing will go right

talents: pranking, stealing, daggering, knifeing

likes: cats, heights, pranking, daggering, stealing, messing around, causing general havoc, giving the Athena cabin an unsolvable riddle,

dislikes: cheeses, waiting, twihlight, cabins whitout a sence of humor *cough demeter, ares cough*, getting caught doing a prank, suffering from other cabins wraith, monkeys

romance :no
TCFS chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Name- Jason Smith

Age- 16

Nickname- Spartan

Weapon- Celestial bronze sword and Spartan shield

Birthday- July 9, 1995

Personality- Sarcastic, fun-loving, hides is pain and torrment with humor.

History- Born July 9, 1995, Jason "Spartan" Smith is the son of Micheal Smith and Athena. After 6 happy and joyfull years with his father, his father went bankrupt. Then he abandon Jason to fend for himself. Monster attacked after monster attack made Jason tough as nails. Then Saytr found him and brought him to Camp Half-Blood. Since he was able to get past the force-field, the Saytr knew he was a half-blood. After about 3 weeks there, Athena claimed him. Which leads him to believe that she neglected him.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Athena

Mortal parent/family- Michael Smith

Hair color/style- Long brown hair

Eye color- Brown

Height/weight- 6'1 and 140 pounds

fatal flaw- Unable to keep his emotions in check because his dad abandon him.

Talents- Able to be very stealthy and hot wire a car

Likes- Fighting, winning, history and studying strategies

Dislike- Athena, Olympus, snobby people, monsters, losing, Justin Beiber and posers like Rebecca Black

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Yes, not gay or bi-sexual, straight.

Anything else- Feels like Athena neglected him.
SilverWolf329 chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Name-Hali Marissa Tyler



Weapon-A charm bracelet wit a knife charm, a sword charm, a spear charm, and a sheild charm. Charm turns into weapon when taken off, turns back into a charm when touched to the bracelet. The weapons return as charms if lost, and the charm bracelet always comes back to her wrist.


Personality-Sarcastic, cold to people that she deosn't know. It's hard to get her to trust you, but once you do she's a great friend.

History-Her mom died when her house mysteriously burnt down when she was 9. She found camp-half blood 2 months later, and had her mom's "ceremonial" bronze knife, which she had used to kill monsters on the way to camp. She's a got the charm bracelet a year after she came to camp, as a gift from a Hephaestus camper, who she quickly became friends with. (this can be any Hephaestus kid.)

Godly parent (If they have one)- Poseidon

Mortal parent/family-Mom is dead, no mortal siblings

Hair color/style-Black, shoulder lenth, usually in a loose ponytail.

Eye color-Sea-green, changes color depending on her mood& power level. Gets darker when she's angry or low on power, brighter when she's happy or high on power.

Height/weight-5'6", 106 lbs.

fatal flaw-Paranoia. She always sleeps with a least one weapon in weapon form, and has a hard time trusting people.

Talents-She's a good singer, and is very flexible (physically). She's also a pretty good spear fighter, and is amazing with the sword and knife.

Likes-the water , sparring, and her friends (you can choose any 3 people)

Dislike-fire. She fell off the climbing wall when it started spewing lava and ended up with 12 broken bones, internal bleeding, and a concussion.

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)-none so far, but she is straight.

Anything else-her powers include: standard child of Poseidon powers(controlling water, talking to sea animals/horses, stronger in water,operating boats, and breathing underwater.) she can also make earthquakes and control water temperature. She can't create storms. She always wears black finger less leather gloves that stop at her wrist, which have sharpened, one-inch silver studs on the knuckles, in case werewolves attack or her charm bracelet is taken.
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