Reviews for SYOC: In the Wake of a Hero
TankTheAuthor chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
I'm an idiot. I forgot to add a few things:

Personality- respectful of others, especially girls

History-stays at CHB year round

Dislikes- girls that wear makeup because it doesn't show who they truly are.
TankTheAuthor chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
When I wrote the weapon for my character I wrote "Pulling on a cod on the right shoulder strap turns it into the flamethrower." "cod" is supposed to be "cord"
TankTheAuthor chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Name- Frank Allen Sanderson

Age- 18

Nickname- Frank The Tank or just "Tank"

Weapon- A flamethrower with a pack that fuels it and a chainsaw that is attached underneath the actual flamethrower part. When he attaches the flamethrower to the pack, it turns into a black Nike 6.0 backpack. Pulling on a cod on the right shoulder strap turns it into the flamethrower.

and if you can't work with that: 4ft sword that changes into a flash drive (follows same rules as Percy's sword-pen)

Birthday- October 10, 1993

Personality- Normally calm and shy and protective. Isn't open to people (right now). Doesn't care about people's families, only who they are as a person. If someone he cares about is in any type of trouble, he will get angry to a degree that is appropriate for the situation. (i.e. Bullyingsmall amount; life threateningmajor anger)

History- Mom was single before he was born and married James two months before birth. James is abusive, a drunk, and can't hold a job. Family moved around until Frank was 10. By then Frank had secluded from everyone and unwilling to open to anyone. When Frank turned 15, his mom gave him instructions to get to CHB and ran away from James and took George with her. A day later, Frank found CHB.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Ares

Mortal parent/family- Renee Carol Sanderson (Mom 45) James Anthony Sanderson (stepdad 50) George Albert Sanderson (half-brother 15)

Hair color/style- Brown somewhat long, bangs come down to his eyes, covers his ears (tendency to push hair behind ears), covers the back if his neck.

Eye color- Brown

Height/weight- 6'0" 200 lbs

fatal flaw- Anger and loyalty

Talents- Good at hand to hand combat and sword fighting, lacrosse, football

Likes- video games (shooting games), swimming, working out, relaxing, football, lacrosse, watching tv, reading

Dislike- heights, jerks, self absorbent people

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Put him with any girl (Not any of the original characters or an Aphrodite girl)

Anything else- He is well-built and athletic. I want him to lose his shyness when he finds someone who will stay by him no matter what.
Mrs.NicoDiAngelo42 chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name- Halley Falls



Weapon- 4ft sword that turns into a bracelet

Birthday-July 18, 1996

Personality-Sweet, Caring, Bitchy (at times not all the time), smart, and bossy (around Hermes cabin)

History- Haley is adopted. She was adopted at age three. Jenna Mozart is the sweetest woman ever (sorta like Percy mom. But it all goes to hades when a hellhound (courtesy of the lord of the dead) attacks and kills Jenna and her unborn Child, she was only five when this happened. Mark, Jenna's husband kicked out Halley, Konnor and Jackie They were found by a satyr and Halley was sent to Camp Half Blood. Stays year round

Godly parent (If they have one) -Poseidon if not allowed then Athena

Mortal parent/family- Jenna Mozart, adoptive mother, Mark, adoptive father, Jackie, older adopted sister, Konner, adopted brother, Jasmine, deceased unborn child

Hair color/style-Blonde, with neon green highlights. always down

Eye color-Green

Height/weight-5.7, 110 pounds

fatal flaw-loyalty to friends and family

Talents-Singing, swimming, and basketball

Likes-sports, guys, singing, choir, dancing, horror films, books, ocean, and CHB

Dislike- bullies, stalker, and most of all Romans

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)-pair me up with any guy, he has to be good though no crappy abusive evil guys

Anything else-has ADHD, basically raised herself. She is very very pretty, not those slut ho pretty but naturally pretty, wears little to none make up, Girly outfits, She doesn't necessarily hate the hunters but they retreated her then older sister. Haley can be very territorial about her friends, mostly her guy friends.


Name- Pauline Falls


Nickname-Pauli, and Paul

Weapon-bow and arrow

Birthday-January 1, 2001

Personality-sweet, and utterly mysterious

History- Halley younger sister, joined the Hunt at age 9. Left the Hunt. Never talked to anyone except Artemis. Is on her way to CHB. Will stay year round

Godly parent (If they have one) -Posiedon, or Athena

Mortal parent/family-Never knew anyone except for Halley

Hair color/style-blonde with neon pink streaks , always down

Eye color-green

Height/weight-5.4, 95 pounds

fatal flaw- loyalty to family, she always believed in getting Halley's trust again

Talents-singing, swimming, dancing, and basketball

Likes-Boys (finally),CHB tales, the Hunt, and Halley

Dislike-bullies, the Hunt (it's like a in between thing), and Boys (same thing like the hunters)

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)-DUDE SHE IS 10 for gods sake

Anything else-she hates herself for leaving. Would be older than if not for the hunt. She is basically a mini-Halley
Hannibalrider chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name-Silfer Mary Talon

Age- 15


Weapon- a sword

Birthday- 9/22

Personality- she a nice a girl to be around, friendly, kind heart. But cross her or hurt her friends or family she becomes dangerous and brutal. She likes to garden a lot on most days but also hangs out with her friends who she is very loyal to. She also not the type to forgiven if you break her trust if be a long while before she trust or even forgiven you. She reads many books on different subject in her spare time, good fighter when she needs to fight, and her fatal flaw is that she too loyal but she learning to deal with it.

History- Silfer was born in New York city, her dad gave her a unusual name to make her stand out. She does good at good, tries to stay out of fight but usually gets in to ones. Thinks almost all her teachers are evil and they like picking on her, her dads owns a flower company so she knows much about plants and stuff. She also plays volleyball and soccer in her free time plus her dads always in his free times spend time with her. She went to camp at 12 when her dad notice some monster following her one day.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Demeter

Mortal parent/family- Dean talon

Hair color/style- black and long

Eye color- green

Height/weight- 5’5/ 130

fatal flaw- loyalty

Talents- can make plants grow faster

Likes- gardening, cute animals, boys, books, shopping and nature

Dislike- bullies, evil teachers, nature haters, monsters, and jerks

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- yes and she straight

Anything else-
Odd One You're Never Alone chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name- Macey Woods

Age- 17

Nickname- May (only her close friends can call her that)

Weapon- A knife with an incantation (spell) carved into the blade

Birthday- September, 13

Personality- Someone you don't want to hate you. She always gets her revenge. She can be nice when you become a good friend of hers. She has a huge sift spot for younger kids. She never gives up.

History- Macey was put up for adoption by her father who was 18. She was always a loner. She was made fun of. Her foster parents died when she was 10. She was moved to New York when Will Solace found her.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Tyche goddess of luck

Mortal parent/family- Mike-father

Hair color/style- straight auburn hair with one purple highlight. Her hair goes to her hair shoulders and she has side bangs.

Eye color- Hazel

Height/weight- 5'8" and is 120 lbs.

fatal flaw- never accepts defeat

Talents- basketball, saxaphone, hand-to-hand combat and short ranged fighting.

Likes- music, basketball, movies, converse, and eyeliner.

Dislike- bow and arrows, being the center of attention, and suprises

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- will solace

Anything else- nope
assbuttwiththeTARDIS chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name- Courtney Foster

Age- 16

Nickname- Cora/Broadway

Weapon- Allegro, her silver ring (with a treble clef and staff lines on it) that turns into a sword

Birthday- June 6

Personality- Smart and witty, biting sarcasm, very opinionated, but almost always smiling. Nice to anyone she likes, but nasty if she's not fond of them. Her ADHD is somewhat obvious...

History- Good friends with the trio and Thalia... and Luke. They were actually very good friends, but she basically covered up all of her feelings after Luke... left behind a smile and swordplay. No one suspected anything until after the battle.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Apollo

Mortal parent/family- Lauran Foster

Hair color/style- Short, golden blonde, curly

Eye color- blueish/green

Height/weight- 5' 5'' around 104 pounds

fatal flaw- pride

Talents- SINGING dancing, archery (duh), soccer, swordfighting

Likes- BROADWAY (that's how she got her nickname), classic Disney (ironically, Hercules), Harry Potter, Darren Criss... the good stuff.

Dislike- Justin(a) Beaver, disney channel... crappy pop music, Ares kids, Aphrodite brats

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- If they don't like anything she does they won't be able to stand her anyway. But if you feel like pairing her up, knock yourself out.

Anything else- hopefully nothing. if i missed anything feel free to make it up.
InvaderVyn chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Here ya go!

Name- Vyn Domer

Age- 12

Nickname- uh, none?

Weapon- a necklace that transforms into a spear

Birthday- 7/8 (do the math for the year)

Personality- Vyn's really sarcastic and dry. She's stubborn and fiesty, and finds herself in trouble because of said mouth. Under that spitfire facade, she's a romantic dreamer, but doesn't like to show that.

History- a normal kid, until she was 11, when her school field trip went horribly wrong. Their class was visiting the aquarium, and a sea monster swam up and attacked Vyn. She was quickly taken to CHB.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Athena, baby!

Mortal parent/family- father: John Domer, 47. Buzzed silvery black hair and blue eyes. "mother": Renee Domer, 48. Swishy light brown hair with graying hair. Brother: Jack Domer, 12, her twin. Curly blond hair and freckles.

Hair color/style- dirty blonde to her chin with bangs

Eye color- blue-gray

Height/weight- 5'6" 135 lbs

fatal flaw- hates seeing other people hurting.

Talents- accuracy, writing, drawing, singing

Likes- reading, writing, drawing, singing, Doctor Who, softball, swimming, fashion

Dislike- Aphrodite girls, jocks, running, Twilight

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- well, she's straight. So, with whoever you want.

Anything else- nope, just hope ya like her! XD

Oh, and her brother should be a minor character.
movies798 chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name- Vanessa Xiu

Age- 16

Nickname- Nessa

Weapon- A silver sword

Birthday- July 7.

Personality- Vanessa is extremely intelligent, she knows everything about history, and batlle strategy. She's very bold, she never thinks before she acts because she'll risk everything including her life. She's very short temper, she especially gets mad if someone annoys her, if someone is getting bully, and if someone is being mean to her friends and campers. And she's very caring, she has a soft spot for the younger kids at camp because she acts like a big sister to her half-siblings and to the younger kids at camp.

History- Four years ago it was just a normal day with her father and her little twin sister Elizabeth. They went to the park for a normal family afternoon until a big storm came and they went to the car so they can drive home. While their were driving a minotaur came out nowhere and attack them and her father try his very best to escape from the beast but the storm was so strong he couldn't drive straight and the road was flooded. He drove all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge and the car flip over and the car landed upside down. Vanessa and her family survive the flip but her fathers' legs was badly injure and Elizabeth was unconscious. The minotaur was charging at them and Vanessa's father knew they weren't going to escape if they left the car so the only thing he did do is he got his gun from the glove department and shoot the windows and the last words he told Vanessa is to save Elizabeth and never let her go because he knew he was going to die. The minotaur hit the car and they flip over to the water. When the car hit the water Vanessa did what her father said and pull her sister out of the car and swim to the surface while her dad drown to death. Vanessa manage to reach the surface and she try her best to swim to shore but the waves was too strong and Vanessa accidently let go of Elizabeth and the waves separate them.

Godly parent (If they have one) - Athena

Mortal parent/family- Shang Xiu(dead) and Her younger twin sister Elizabeth.

Hair color/style- Black messy hairstyle and she has long hair.

Eye color- Gray

Height/weight- Height: 5'8 and weight: 135

fatal flaw- Loyalty

Talents- Her intelligents, hand to hand combat, and knowledge about battle skills.

Likes- Reading alot of books, come up with good plans, writing, and she loves to dance.

Dislike- Losing, heights, storms, bullies, and deaths.

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Yes please. She has a relationship with a girl at first but in the end she falls in love with a guy.

Anything else- Yes can she find a girlfriend in the beginning of your story and then she falls in love with a guy at the end of your story.
Rosewolf the MothSlayer chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name: Keshia Selenay Evens

Age- 15 1/2

Weapon- Longsword that turns into an amulet (nightwind)

Birthday- 2/28

Personality- She is a loner, really shy, but willing to help anyone in need. She does have a funny side, and makes magical items for the Hermes cabin's pranks. She tends to close people out

History- After her dad died of cancer, she was taken to camp by one of the older demigods that went to her school (Conner Stoll of you want to be specific)

Godly parent (If they have one) - Hecate

Mortal parent/family- Samuel Evens

Hair color/style- Dark brown hair, goes 3/4 down her back, worn loose

Eye color- Dark blue

Height/weight- 5'7", 126lb

fatal flaw- closing people out

Talents- Uses magic, sings, swims

Likes- Reading, music, Adele, QUEEN, Demi Lavato, watching the world go by

Dislike- Crowds, being underground, Justin Bieber

Romance (Bi sexual and gay are also options here)- Dirk Allen, mortal that can see through the mist (rocky relationship, may not last long, because he is bi)

Anything else- I do not mind if you have her break up with her boyfriend at any time. I would like it if she ended up with someone overtime.
JadeDragon220 chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
Name: Jillian Bailey

Age: 13

Nickname: Jill. She hates the name Jillian. Do not call her that or you'll wake up the next moring covered in maple syrup and a colony of very hungry ants.

Weapon: Celestial bronze sword named 'Redbird'

Birthday: October 13th. (Her birth was on a Friday. Friday the thirteenth:D)

Personality: Laid back and highly immature, things tend not to bother her. Oh, Mr D caught her stealing from the Camp Store and wants to turn her into a shrub? No big, being a shrub might be cool. She constantly cracks really bad jokes and enjoys pranking the heck out of everybody. Even the kids in the Ares cabin, which gets her into a ton of trouble.

History: Jill's mortal parent is a business woman who travels a lot, so she hardly ever sees her when she was at home. Her oldest brother, 18-year-old Sam, was the one to take care of her and her other mortal siblings. All together there are five kids: Sam (18) Oliver and Oscar (15, twins) Tyler (14) and Jill, who again is 13. Yeah, she's the youngest kid and the only girl. Her mom wants her boys to become famous one day, so she forces them into art and music classes which they hate, but Jill's mom doesn't care. She is so wrapped up in her boys that she hardly pays attention to her daughter. In fact, she sees the child as a inconvenience at times because of the monster attacks (she can see through the mist, to some extent) and by the fact that her husband (James Bailey) left because it was painfully obvious that Jill wasn't his. He and all the boys have red hair and brown eyes, and so does Jill's mother, there was no way HE could be the father. Jill decided to become a year-round camper shortly after she first arrived at Camp Half-Blood, because right before her school's Satre came and found her a Hydra had attacked her school, during Oliver and Oscar's clarinet recidal. Jill had barely survived, but her mom yelled at her for ruining the recidal. Hurt, Jill left with the Satre and never looked back. She loves her brothers, even though they picked on her a lot, but if her mom decided that she didn't care about her, well then, that's just fine with her. But she's not about to stick around where she's not wanted.

Godly Parent: Hermes, he says he's a sucker for redheads.

Mortal Parent/Family: Brothers: Sam, Oliver, Oscar, and Tyler. Mother: Savannah Bailey. Stepfather, left shortly before Jill was claimed: James Bailey.

Hair color/Style: Dirty blonde hair, comes down just below her jawline in no particular style.

Eye color: Blue

Height/weight: 5'3, 110 pounds.

Talents: Stealing, picking pockets, hotwiring cars, lying, pranking, and annoying people.

Likes: Shiny things, her siblings (both mortal and demigod) skeleton keys, easily robbably places, and new kids to prank.

Dislike: Ares's cabin, cops, Mr D, and Hydras.

Romance: Um...she's 13, so straight.
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