Reviews for Ten Years Under the Wolf Moon
LA Knight chapter 1 . 12/26/2011
OceanFire, who delves deep into the mythic forests of Red Riding Hood once again,

first I must apologize for taking so long to review this piece. ( I've read it like, 50 times or more, but every time I sat down to review it, I'd just read it a couple times instead. But I am resolved, now. The iron has entered my soul, to quote Anne of Green Gables. I shall review now.


I have to say, out of all the Red Riding Hood stories I've read, only 1 other one deals with what happens several years after the run-in in the woods between Red and the Wolf, and that's the novel Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. Have to say, though, I like this version better. More empowering. More... mythic, in a way, because of the references to the goddess and the different phases of the moon.

It's interesting that the first full moon after the Winter Solstice (so often times the full moon in January) is the Wolf Moon, only because of how it applies to Once Upon a Time and how Dylan was attacked by the human wolves in January. Jeez, you're so smart. If I'd known this stuff before, I think Once would've been so much cooler.

I like "... as has the Frost Moon, bringing no frost with it." Dunno why; just do.

I also like how at first you make it seem as if the Wolf is like... the true love archetype, because of "what you were to me." Then you use the phrase "You stalked up on me..." Stalked. Not a friendly word. Heavy with the danger implications. And then it flickers again to another character-outline and another and another, swift and mercurial and feral and changing, just like a wolf in some ways and very fae and wild. D Me likey. The way he's just like "Meh; your grandmother's probably dead already," so uncaring, is very much as a wild animal as well. And the way he lives in the moment ("You seemed to treat [the beauty off the path] with the importance of life and death as you pointed it out to me.") is also reminiscent of a wolf or other wild animal. Even though it's from Red's POV, I am really liking the portrayal of the wolf here. You know, twice you've done Red's POV. Any chance of getting a Wolf-oriented piece out of you? Just curious.

The mom in this reminds me of Mother Gothel from Tangled because of the song "Mother Knows Best." Specifically the reprise that occurs right before Airplane's "Almost."

I like that there's a growl in his voice. Growly guys are hot (as you of course know, loving the beast and the wolf as you and I both do).

"Into the flowers, the deep twilight of the forest where secret things are, more ancient than anyone will ever remember." Shiver of rapture and delight here. Holy crow. Especially from "where the secret things are" until the end. Wow. O.O

I like (I keep starting sentences with "I like..." Yeesh, I need some new material, blah)... I love that she says "it felt wrong," thinking of her mom's disapproval, but she also thinks about "it felt right." The juxtaposition - I like. You know, this reads like it *could* be sex, but at the same time, it doesn't have to be. It could just be him taking her into the wild (kind of like Beauty does in "Beast" by Francesca Lia Block, where she becomes just as wild as the Beast is). I very much adore that... layering and multi-possibility of it.

His kind? What kind of kind is he? Did that even make sense?

I know what an Animus is! I read about it in Necklace of Kisses! Yay, I actually know what you're talking about. D

"The inferno that I felt in my body and soul for him made whatever flame I had ever carried for you seem as only the shadow of smoke, and you were very precious to me." The best descriptor of love and lust I've read in a LONG time. And all in one line, too. I adore you! *snuggle hug of admiration and love*

"Ten years, and the good girl in the red hood is a she-wolf." OH! LOVE! This actually would have been the perfect end IF you wanted to end on a fierce, feral, challenging note, but the last line softens it enough that it's still fierce and feral, but soft and almost loving at the same time. Yay!

So, um... this is amazing. You wrote this in one night? For real? I've only done that once, I might post it... actually, I think I will. And we'll see how that goes. But yeah. One night? *drops to knees and hugs amazingness around the knees* So good! Eeek!

Snow White soon? I crave faerie tales of your caliber! In fact, I think after maybe 10 years of talking to you online, I might be bold enough to ask for a mailing address for you, and put all your fairy tale greatness in a cool journal as a book and send it to you as a gift. If that's okay.

Until then, I await more fairy tale beauty.

- LA