Reviews for My Everything
CraftyNotepad chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
All I can say, ProtegoMaximaMyHeart, is that if this is an example of what you have buried in your dresser, KEEP DIGGING! What a wonderful present to find in the PotF group this morning. This is only the second Seth-Tia stories I've read here, at least that left an impression, and considering how many episodes those two were in compared to their second season replacements, there should be a lot more. Now, while the world would like to get even by taking the opportunity to blame it all on algebra, one really just has to do the math to understand why Tia and Seth rate so many fewer romantic FanFics (uh, no, it's not Seth's hair), despite Tia's rhymed replacement only appearing in two episodes. Certainly, all four were supporting characters, yet it was their roles which give weight to their popularity.

Tia and Seth provide assistance to Phil and Keely plans, be it becoming a cheerleader for a day, or taking part in a meteor reenactment; they're helping. Tia provides a link to Keely's past as a pop, while Seth's interest in math and general social ineptness provide a safe harbor and perfect cover for fish-out-of-water Phil. As reward for all their good work, tragically, the original buddies rate many fewer romances than their 2nd season substitutes. But consider that Via acted as part of a triangle, a wedge between Phil and Keely from the get go, and Owen? Owen was making moves on Phil's girl from the moment he introduced himself at the Pickford Museum of Natural History, and displayed only two emotions: gluttony and lust - not Phil-type characteristics. In fact, Owen's character could be described as the anti-Phil. Indeed, antagonists rate more stories most everywhere. Your tale provides evidence that this need not be so.

I enjoyed your take on a softer hearted Tia. You didn't rewrite the character; you embraced her. Let me take a moment to show some appreciation for your explosive lily pads imagery - EFFECTIVE and ORIGINAL. I only hope that now that Seth has laid one on her, she'll transform from frog to princess. Still, if it wasn't for your more sympathetic portrayal of Tia, this story wouldn't have worked. Tia would do anything short of collecting doggy dumpings for her best pal Keely, but Phil or even Seth? No, the Tia we remember wouldn't have loaned them a broken pencil in class. (Maybe ordered her current boyfriend to do it, but never herself.)

The nearly telepathy Keely and Phil demonstrated in this pre-couple story was ignorable because it lent itself so nicely to the story telling. Likewise, who'd really believe that Keely would be satisfied with only one version of Phil's decoration reconfiguration and not change her mind half-a-dozen times afterward? You kept everything in character with each of their "more than friends" private moments. Admittedly, the hardest bone to swallow wasn't that the most popular girl at school was attracted to the geekiest guy (short of Phil) or that a future gadget could make elephants jump out of a birthday cake; it was the way out notion that Tia wouldn't have been the least little bit suspicious hearing for the first time that Keely was hosting a Christmas party the following night and hadn't mentioned it before. C'mon.

Pretty impressive writing for a seventh grader, ProtegoMaximaMyHeart, and much appreciated. Got any more Pickford treasures in the lower recesses of your drawer? Please dig around, or even write a new one. (I won't tell.) In the meanwhile, WELCOME!



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