Reviews for Merry Christmas, Rydia
Kattily chapter 1 . 12/21/2011
Just finally got around to reaing this, been gone for a while, and #QIB SO SWEET.

That is all.
Sugarbubblegum333 chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
-Blushes- Ah, I'm not amazing :) Thank you, I'm not looking forward to my birthday really XD But this just made up for it :D No, no, I love it. This is more than you could've ever done for me. It's so amazing and so thoughtful of you to do this for me :3

Aw, poor Rydia, all alone. You've actually made me feel sorry for my own character for a minute. What have you done? XD I kid~! :P

It's so adorable that she doesn't know who Santa Claus is in this. That's going to be canon now in my head. You know, Rydia's not going to know who Santa Claus is until some teacher tells her. It got ruined to me that Santa Claus wasn't real when my sister decided to tell me he wasn't and she proved it to me by showing where our presents were hidden. That's why Maddy still believed Santa Claus was real until she was the age of 17. I guess it was me just making up for childhood memories.

Haha, Mrs Boulware and her gap teeth. She sounds so nice though, especially considering she's actually answering Rydia's question. Not normally would that happen when she has Mr Garrison :D

Rocco, ever the curious older brother, trying to nose in on his little sister's life like he's actually allowed to XD And oh my God, I can't believe he was about to tell his little sister that Santa isn't real. That's so horrible D: Yes, Adam does still believe in Santa Claus which Jen finds unbelievably adorable XD

Haha, chicken scratch. I've always wanted to use that in a sentence or paragraph when speaking to someone XD I don't know why. Ah, why does Rydia's wishes for Christmas seem familiar? I don't know, they just do :P

Ah, the Hail family make such a big deal out of Christmas, don't they? Trust me when I say, Adam would be getting jiggy with it around this season and Jen would be joining him XD You've portrayed them very well :D And Rocco being in bed at seven is so typical. You could never get him up early where as with Rydia, she loves mornings~! :B

Aw, Rydia trusting Rocco with her envelope is so cute. It's just so like her to trust him out of everyone with her envelope.

Rydia's letter is so heartwarming. Seriously, it's so sad and cute at the same time. I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or pinch her on the cheeks for being cute.

Rydia's rubbish drawing XD She can't draw to save her life, can she? I love that part. Mind you, I'm loving all of this. It's so good.

PIP~! Yay~! That little adorable British person~! I love him so, so, so much~! And I'm so glad Rocco went to him first. How did he know where he lived? Ooh, looks like someone's been stalking little Pip. It wouldn't surprise me though since Rocco did have a crush on Pip around this age...

Jen's greeting is so much like something she would say. It's so amazing how you can get their personalities down so well~! :D

Oh my God, the little notes attached to all the little people were so adorable~! They were all so nice and friendly and gah, everything was just sooooo nice. So much so that's it such a nice scene. Why did Rydia blush when she got to Kenny? Oh God, don't tell me the note was indicating something...My mind is blown XD

Haha, Jen knows Rocco. There's no denying it now~! :3

AW MAH GOSH~! Dude, this was the best birthday present anyone could have given me. There are no words to describe how happy I am right now. I never thought I would love anything about my birthday but this has just made me so happy~! I LOVE everything about this. The writing, the friends Rydia gained, the descriptions, the whole theme~! You've just totally made me squeal and now my birthday present to you is just never going to look anything as great as this. If I could hug you, I would~! :3