Reviews for Smoke Signals
beaniejeanie chapter 1 . 12/17/2011
First off, Worth randomly saying "vagina" to Conrad's face is the funniest thing ever! Second, that is a hell of a way to get someone to admit they're gay! Brilliant I tell you! And I really can't believe Worth was surprised to find Hanna knows. Everyone knows! Even strangers passing by and watching the two fight and exchange insults know! Well except Connie that is. Seems to be oblivious. We'll have to fix that. ;)

Kohl chapter 1 . 11/24/2011
I'm always excited to see a new fic for this 'verse. Makes me want to drop everything and read (and reread. Aaand maybe reread some more just in case I missed anything).

There's a lot of things I enjoyed in this, but I know I'm going to have a hard enough time keeping this review coherent without listing every. little. thing. I'll just keep things limited to what stood out the most.

I adored the succubus and her oh-so-telling shapeshifting. Pretty much every time she was mentioned I was going, "Yeah. She's cool."

Drunk Hanna! His poem, and Worth's response had me in stitches. As did Hanna's little, "I mean, dude, were you actually trying to hide it?"

(And from that same scene, I can't help but wonder what Conrad was doing. Silently fuming while Zombie kept a careful eye on him? Or ranting while Zombie has no choice but to remain quite? Actually, I suppose I can see it being a mix of the two. Seems to me like Conrad would silently rage and glare at every dust mote that dared to float too close before he gave up and let out all those veryvery angry words that were just dying to be set free. Hm.)

Love how all those stories and such get told about Hanna and his three.

Awkward!Worth trying to be nice was oddly endearing. It couldn't last, of course, because it was already a little suspicious. But it was cute while it lasted. Which of course leads us into the end. Everything about Worth's rant and the ending was gold.
FattySkeleton chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
. . . . . . . i can see it happening like that. just. like. that.

oh my god. but really i can't wait till Conrad finds out that Worth's Bi. It's gonna mess with EVERYTHING. And Hanna's totally bi too, and i just think that . . . does's really care what he would fuck anymore as long as he just liked them.

oh, and i love the myth-thingy you did.

I suggest you go read, "I'll Walk You Home." It's an avatar the last air-bender ff but it's really really good. but the main couple is Sokka and Toph though.