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TheBrightestNight chapter 1 . 12/8/2011
O.o OMG... that was amazing! Definitely one of the better fics I've read throughout my time on . I'm like so jealous right now! (Wish I had come up with such an awesome idea!) ;) Your writing pwns some famous authors I read, not even kidding because I'm not the person to kid when it comes to something that I love, which is writing.

And I think that writing in second person was genius! It's not used enough in my opinion. Then again I think there's a certain time that you'd want to write in second person otherwise it won't work... and that time is perfect in your story. It's very, very well written and emotional. It is a bit confusing about the enemy thing, but I think I got what you wrote. I love Sierra 's character and I, honestly, think she's very realistic in the way she acted with having Sam as a boyfriend.

I kind of wish I'd read the original. I would've liked to compare because I'm just a little weird like that.

But I'm sure that it was great because you are a creative, original writer. Never stop writing because then I'll be sad! I can't wait until you update this story! I'm waiting anxiously and promise to be a devoted fan and review all you chapters!

Can't wait for more!

~ TheBrightestNight
glassangelrose chapter 1 . 12/7/2011
WOW! that was SO GOOD!

youre right,normally, pple dont write in second person, just as a general, unspoken rule, and it kinda threw me off at first. But u made it work. It made it more heartfelt.

I feel sorry for Sierra, i mean yes, she was a little annoying, but i wouldnt call her a bitch, she made a mistake and shes obviously sorry...and she obviously loved him. I could tell just by reading this. I loved the way u wrote this, it made me want to cry. U showed her emotions perfectly, without outright saying them, which made this piece so powerful. I felt Sierra's pain, and it hurts. It was really good, i loved how it flowed, and the beggining was killer. Also, it had just the right amount of suspense, espcially her dating his killer! now i really want to know whats going on here!

this was absoluttely amazing, in case u couldnt tell from my big, wordy paragraph above. I cant even tell u how much i enjoyed this. One of the best ff ive read. u obviuosly have some serious talent! :)

i know no one else has reviewed, so ur probs considering abadoning this...BUT DONT! i really would like you to continue, cause im already in love with this story, nad id like to add it to my community..but i cant if uve abadoned it, cause its not fair to readers.

UPDATE! please? for the crazy fan?:P

btw i added u to story alert, hoping that ull take my advice/answer my pleas and update!