Reviews for Countdown
fiesa chapter 1 . 11/24/2011

Oh. My. God.

Had I known the only thing it would take for you to post a story would be a light prodding from my side I surely would have done so more persistently - and more frequently!

Because - Snowlia - the result is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Incredibly brilliant. Beautiful. It's midnight here and I'm screaming/laughing/almost crying/skipping maniacally on my bed. The instant I saw you had posted a story I opened it and saved it for this moment.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this! It's brilliant, did I already mention it?

I love the way you introduce Cass's parents. Especially his mother. Okay, it was heartbreakingly tragic, getting to know her the exact moment she died, but I could see Daemon and O'Rourke on the beach, her dead body in the sand... I love what you made her. A seer, or all! And a seer who became a hunter - or warrior - later. I guess that explains why Daemon is so protective about Mar, doesn't it? I love how they met first on the Scoring! I love the way you describe O'Rourke (did you mention his first name? Either I momentarily forgot it or I overread it...) as a really bad guy, arrogant, selfish, the perfect antagonist to Daemon (Roi is sulking in a corner, we'll have to develop something to cheer him up!). But I also love how you show his weak sides, too, how much he loved his wife (her name, I'm pretty sure, you really never mentioned), the way he cares for his second son. Ah, his greeting when Daemon entered was so like him! *laugh* Stubborn till the end. Since you described Cassidy in the story, and said he was becoming just like his father was, I get a picture of how O'Rourke was. And I feel ambivalent: is it a crime to see the faults, the evil, in a society? Is it a crime to fight it? Is it a crime to break the law for the people's sake if the law is for the people? I can see why Cassidy begins to question certain things, it is in his character. But, I'm pretty sure, he has a lof from his mother, as well, and I know it's there. Maybe Daemon isn't seeing it at that time because he's too terrified of what might become of him. I love the clock's ticking. Tick. Tock. I love the title. I'd love to know what happens when the time runs out, from the perspectives of his Clave siblings, as well. I love the way the Clave - Rese especially, of course! - makes an appearance. I love the way you build up the story to the brilliant sentence: "And Daemon would lose her all over again." While, to be honest, I love this one even more: "And Deamon would face him in battle just as he had his father before him." Because... Wow! It's tragic and pretty and meaningful and so damn fate-loaded. Does this word exist in English, by the way? *laugh* I sense a war coming up and right now am intrigued by which sides Ten, Teresa, Terrance and Co. would find themselves on. Of course Daemon would be Cassidy's antagonist, as Cass's father was Daemon's antagonist, but alone thinking of it makes my imagination go overboard with hyper-activity. I love the way it gets silent when Cass's last name is called out on Scorings and there is an eerie silence only Daemon seems to notice. I love the way his growth and change is described. I love the way Cass's eyes (Greetings to Harry Potter, by the way) remind Daemon too much of his mother's (the only woman he ever loved?) to let him go. I love the way Daemon still argues she would have been safe with him even though he was the one who gave the hunters the tip-off, or, at least, seems to be. And I love the idea that she was a seer, too! (No, I'm not repeating myself, I'm emphasizing a fact.)

All in all, I love this story. You should really do write more often - but, as always, please don't feel pressure! I love talking to you, in form of reviews or messages, whatever!

Huh. So, so beautiful. Now that I've been ranting over this story for twenty minutes, I'll take my leave and go to bed. Tomorrow's Friday and I need to get my compound ready. Wish me luck I manage to finish the first step tomorrow!

Noverael Parabatai chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
HOW I HAVE MISSED YOUR BEAUTIFUL WRITING. I just want to hold this fic close and hug it to death. It is just beautiful okay. And Deamon keeping and raising Cassidy is so adorable and perfect and somehow bittersweet. All of this is very bittersweet, really, which makes it even more perfect.

Also, I really need to read Nightschool already. As it is I have a semi-strong background knowledge thanks to Google and your other fics. But still. Anywho, this is just perfect and I love it and that is all there really is to say on the subject.