Reviews for Reading the Mother Daughter Book Club
Guest chapter 3 . 8/29
Ogre in the tower.
Guest chapter 2 . 8/29
Ok this chapter was terrific and I just want 2 say I am up 2 b any1's beta now! I'm lollipopgirl100 if u want me 2 b ur beta.
Locococo chapter 9 . 8/12
Congrats on graduating high school! That's prob a belated congrats b/c I just came across this site and now I'm addicted
Nerd girl 2.0 chapter 7 . 8/12
U rock gf!
SummersEve3317 chapter 11 . 4/2
This is amazing! Please update!
Just A Girl chapter 11 . 3/13
pfft. So much for until nearly the end - its almost been a full year! Other than that, I must say it's a wonderful story and I truly hope you finish it cuz me and a few friends read this together and I had to review cuz the may not have been exactly what I call KIND with ther reviews. Anyways, please review, and I hope to hear from y'all soon
Live Literary chapter 11 . 3/8
Love chapter and the book, please please please keep writing I know you haven't in a long time but please do
LiveLiteray chapter 3 . 2/20
My this is the most equisite and delightful reading. I am enjoying it ever so much. I'm glad to know that another Literary Lover is as obsessed with these books as I am.
Emily chapter 11 . 2/4
I love this book sooooo much! Please update soon!
letmetakeyourpicturebaby chapter 11 . 1/14
can you pleaaase update

in honor of the new book? this is so amazing i love reading all the dess/jarcy moments especially lol
Fangirl chapter 11 . 11/30/2015
I love this fanfiction so much and love how you stayed true to the characters personalities. Darcy and Stewart are hilarious in this XD. Can you please update and possibly add some TristanCassidy into the fanfiction?
Fangirl chapter 11 . 11/30/2015
This was one of the best MDBC fanfictions I have read so far. You did an amazing job and I love you stayed true to the characters personalities. I love Stewart and Darcy in this, they're hilarious XD. Can you please update and write more about TristanCassidy? THANK YOU SO MUCH :)))))
AnnabethAmanda chapter 11 . 11/23/2015
I love your take on the story! The bromance between Darcy and Stewart is probably my favorite, but I really love everyone else's thoughts too. Please keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/14/2015
R u gonna finish it
Shades chapter 11 . 8/8/2015
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