Reviews for A Study in Magic
androidrainbow chapter 56 . 8/25
The moment Hermione mentioned how clever it was that a secret agent's name wouldn't change no matter their cover, I instantly think of Bartemius Crouch vs. BC Jr. I've only seen that particular association explored in a couple fanfics, but it's so perfect it feels like you're almost baited into having Jr. polyjuice as himself. This is also something Sherlock at least should have warned about or explained the caveat, since they discussed BC Jr. as a Death Eater. TO BE FAIR, they do think he is dead atm. The readers knowing is a bit unfair.
ramkumarsahu2417 chapter 2 . 8/18
Amazing indeed. Enjoying it very much. Thank you for the story.
janewaydevotee chapter 21 . 8/13
This is one of the best chapters on Investing I have read in a long time. So good in fact, I read it to my son to help him with index funds and dividend reinvesting.

I am throughly enjoying this story and your interpretation of the various characters and their quirks.

Thank you for sharing with all of us who read Harry Potter FanFiction.
Child of Dreams chapter 34 . 7/25
Sixth of November?
What happened to the 16th of October?
Guest chapter 9 . 7/24
"Fetus Boy Watson"?
Shouldn't it be "Baby Boy Watson"?
Maki Ryugazaki chapter 3 . 7/18
What que forma de arruinar la lectura, vengo pensando en Jhon como Jhon y de la nada me sales que es mujer ahora, bien mi mente trabaja rápido para cambiar la apariencia pero es un choque. No me importa su cambio, pero lo das a ver como su personaje original en los primeros capítulos. al menos deberías aclararlo en el resumen.
HauntingTheNet chapter 70 . 5/30
You wrote yourself a plot hole in this chapter I think, unless you handled several scenes different. Such as doing the Lockhart and Ron's wand scene significantly different... I can't remember how you handled him other than it being a faster outing than canonically.
Anyway, the potential plot hole here is that you have repeatedly had Harry, Sherlock, and others consider Lockhart to have been incompetent with minor power yet extremely skilled with a single spell. Yet now you are stating that it's impossible to cast with the wrong wand unless you are extremely powerfuleven to the point of saying that Harry can't do it...
Yet Lockhart potentially could use Ron's? To further point at this hole we have at least three examples of people who have done exactly this thing in your story, and others who did it canonically. Neville with Frank's wand, and Julia with her mother Cecilia's wand, and of course Ollivander with the champion wands. At the Quidditch World Cup Barty Jr using a pickpocketed wand to cast the dark mark. Etc.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 6 . 5/24
Its so nice to read the original book all over again. Who needs AU when you've got canon.

Mild sarcasm aside was there a point to Harry being taken in my Sherlock and Watson? Cause it seems pointless so far.
itioministralis chapter 5 . 4/24
From the start I was expecting Harry to be raised by John and Sherlock. Maybe not the next Sherlock, but at least some influence from him and not reducing Sherlock to some kind of weird pseudo-dad? Unfortunately that didn't happen and what we get is the same Harry but somehow more abused than in the original. The story practically doesn't change at all, except Harry now having a different family. He somehow meets the same people on the train (people that he met there completely randomly!), names his owl the same name, has the same dialogues sometimes word for word. I don't see any point in reading this, to be honest. And that's a shame, because it started perfectly and is genuinely well written. Why did you start by having such an interesting crossover and basically shoved it into this canon box for no reason? And this decision to change John's gender. I don't care about that part, but what sense does it make to keep referring to her as "him" at first and her having a male name? A lot of... interesting decisions and missed opportunity.
envirosue chapter 82 . 4/11
This is what I love most about your crazy story: Harry is never alone. Thank you so much for all of this. It has been a pleasure to read.
yochan123 chapter 1 . 4/11
and you will not leave until you've convinced us to leave Harry's future in your hands.

that's right. I love sherlock, and I really hope he wont let harry be manipulated into a sacrificial pawn by ffing dumbles
envirosue chapter 59 . 4/9
It’s a pleasure to read a story with a good Ron and Ginny. They are complicated but good people. Thank you
envirosue chapter 53 . 4/8
What I love about this story is that there are responsible adults doing responsible adult things and demonstrating mastery of magic and maturity, and yet Harry and crew are still the focus of the story, still showing loyalty and courage, and still managing the danger. It’s truly brilliant.
envirosue chapter 40 . 4/6
I had a moment during the dementor scene. Aslan, just wow.
envirosue chapter 29 . 4/4
I appreciate the length of this story, the development of the characters, and how well you’re evolving everyone.
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