Reviews for Following the Footsteps
Arddun chapter 8 . 12/19/2015
So, I'm not done with the chapter yet, but I just wanted to stop and say that this chapter, the drunk scene in the car between Lion-O and Tygra, was beautiful. My eyes are actually wet right now. More than falling for Cheeterah (Cheetarah?) this was the scene I've been waiting for. Where he just spills it all out, his grievances, his woes, the family issues, all of it. He's just so tired, and it's just so perfect. So much emotion packed in one little scene. This chapter is great.

This story is great. It's beautiful. Thank you for writing it.
Nairobi chapter 11 . 3/24/2014
Oh gosh this was the most beautiful thing I've ever read from this fandom, ever. You're clearly a very talented and wonderful author - or you were a year ago, and how much more fabulous are you now? - and I'm just really impressed. I genuinely felt for all of the characters, and the plot and premise are truly genius, I can't help but fangirl a bit. I do worry somewhat about Mumm-Ra and his thrundrillium-powered weapons of mass destruction. Ending the story with the Thundercats logo was a wonderful idea, too; I kind of hoped Lion-O would change the company name to 'thundercats' actually, haha.

Anyway I'm blathering. Great story you have here, I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!
RogueFanKC chapter 11 . 12/29/2013
And finally the conclusion! I'm sorry it took so long to review all of these chapters!

Regardless of the series being canceled, I think you need to hold your head up high and be proud at this universe. You give every character depth, loads of layers where we can see both their good and bad sides, and yet completely keep it loyal to the Thundercats canon so that it's not only in character but completely realistic. This literally is one of the best 2011 Thundercats AU fanfictions on this site IMO, and I think you deserve each and every praise that comes from such a high quality fic that no doubt took much time, planning, and heart (which shows how much you care). Well done.

I was actually surprised that Grune was so furious at Kaynar attempting to kill Tygra, although in retrospect, I think it does fit. Grune, in a *very* twisted way does care about Tygra and wants him to succeed (over Lion-O's failures), so I shouldn't be surprised that he'd willing come after Mumm-Ra for doing that. However, his conversation with Mumm-Ra doesn't bode well and reminds me that this isn't over. Black market deals and being intrigued because the Thundercats are truly giving him a challenge? This isn't going to get any easier for the cats, and I shudder to think of how much heartache they're going to get.

I laughed at Jaguara scolding Lion-O and calling him "bullheaded" and "boyish"; my, my, my, Lion-O knows how to get under people's skins. ) And I smiled when Lion-O is forced to take a two-week recovery; I think the time he spends with Cheetara is going to make up for the months apart. And I laughed when Bengali smuggled in Snarf into the hospital; that was just adorable.

Wilykit (sighs): He's so dreamy.
Wilykat: And to think that someday, he'll be brain-damaged enough to like you back.
Wilykit: Shut it!

The breakfast scene with Lion-O saying "I love you" to Cheetara was so sweet. I liked how it wasn't mushy or overly dramatic. It just felt...right, like a couple really act in real life. And Lion-O, a real nerd wears Transformers boxer shorts and is proud of them. And I liked how they settled the couch argument, but why do I have the feeling that Jaga purposefully told Kit and Kat to do that intervention? (side-eyes Jaga).

I liked the scene with Tygra and Pumyra, especially how Tygra realizes that he doesn't like being in charge. It was a good moment for him to realize how difficult this whole thing was for Lion-O and how he wasn't helping. And of course, you really showed how Pumyra and Tygra do get each other in a sense and how they do fit in many ways.

And Cheetara brought back Doofle! )

Nice to hear how Thundrillium is gaining so much interest now and it's going to mean a lot of buisiness for Thunder Enterprises. I too was shocked at Cheetara's "that's a lot of zeroes" remark, and of course, Jaga's talk with Cheetara about her moving to Pantherle was very heartwarming. Jaga truly knows this is the best thing and option, and he's wanting his daughter to take wing and fly to where she'd be happier. That says love right there, when you're willing to say goodbye to your life so that someone else can have a better one.

I loved how Lynxanna apologized to Lion-O for her earlier behavior; it shows how much she's grown to be humble like this.

And the bit where Cheetara and Lion-O were discussing their future plans was quite sweet, especially since it means the world to Lion-O to have Cheetara close to him (and for the record, if I see a building infested with Spideras, I'm running out as fast as I can, screaming). And of course, it was nice that Lion-O bought an entire building for Cheetara and that Tygra got a social worker to help with Cheetara officially adopting the kittens.

All in all, this was a brilliant end to a wonderful story. I know you have the sequel posted already, and I'll get started on that one soon! But be proud of this and never hesitate to show your love and dedication to the 2011 series. )
RogueFanKC chapter 10 . 12/29/2013
This chapter had me breathless.

In this case, I heartedly approve of violence and Vultaire deserved that punch to the beak (and to have his arm broken) after it was revealed that he destroyed all the generators and the Thundrillium. But what was heartwarming that when Lion-O was completely at a loss, instead of making it worse, Tygra actually tried to raise Lion-O's hopes up and did his best to try to convince him it wasn't hopeless. Finally! After so many chapters of Tygra demaning him, it's nice for him to actually try to encourage his brother.

And now Kaynar shows up and shoots Tygra. I have to admit that I'm most impressed that Pumyra tackled Kaynar and how Lion-O took the bullet meant for Tygra. You wrote that scene heart-wrenchingly well, because I think you finally managed to have Tygra be knocked out of his arrogant self-righteousness and see how much, despite everything, Lion-O loves him.

Let's face it, Lion-O willing to take a bullet is pretty courageous. Although I loved how Tygra just briefly had thoughts of killing Kaynar for what he did. I don't know why, but to me, it shows how much it really hits Tygra that he nearly lost Lion-O and then he'd have no one left in his life.

You wrote the reactions to the shooting very, *very* well. Kudos to being bale to get into each character's head and have their emotions be in line with their personality while completely surprising me. I blinked when Lynxanna actually left the newsroom once she heard the news (and I chuckled at her snide remark to Tygra about needing "therapy"). She's caustic, but for once, you showed her not giving a care about the story and actually being concerned if Lion-O was all right. Leaving the middle of a televised newsroom is pretty serious, so I thought this was a pleasant surprise. Panthro being shocked was also surprising; I would have never thought that anything could truly bowl over him. But I was saddened by Cheetara's breakdown; even though she found out Lion-O would be all right, that fear and panic staying with her was completely realistic. Her actually losing it was quite profound, especially since she always showed to be collected and professional.

However, it was touching when Cheetara, Wilykit, Wilykat, and Jaga all had that group hug.

And Cheetara, don't be surprised that the Wilykittens know your e-mail password.

BTW, I actually got irritated when in the flashback, it was Tygra Claudus held out for a hug first. Thank you for reminding me why I think he's a horrible father. And then you made me tear up when it was revealed that Doofle was made by Leola before she passed away. Wow, that hit me right in the guts. And the blanket to Tygra was equally touching, although I'm curious as to what exactly was the message she left him.

I smiled at the "Dr. Hipocra" name - short for hippocratic oath. She and Jaga would get along so well.

I thought the phone conversation between Tygra and the group was half hilarious and half dramatic. Face it, with so many people shouting at each other over the phone, it's gonna be hectic. Although I was pleased when Tygra was determined to finish the Thundrillium experiment for Lion-O's sake and to fly his family down to come see him. Pumyra was right: this is the nicest thing he has ever done, and here's hoping he keeps doing more of it.

I liked how Bengali reacted with the twins and Panthro; I get the feeling he's going to adjust very well into the family.

I laughed at the hospital mix-up and how Lion-O went straighht to Thunder Enterprises; you can't say that he isn't dedicated. And it was touching how the experiment worked and how it was practically a success. And yes, I cheered inwardly when Cheetara and Lion-O were reunited. That was absolutely romantic and touching.

Not surprised Kaynar committed suicide (although it is a little ironic that his last meal would be a brownie) although I get the feeling this is not the end.
RogueFanKC chapter 9 . 12/29/2013
Happy Holidays, Anzu-Fan. )

I thought you wrote the interview scene wonderfully between Lynxanna and Lion-O. What struck me the most was how quickly Lion-O was being adept at handling uncomfortable questyions (I winced when Lynxanna asked about Claudus), but what really made me smile was how Lion-O managed to disarm Lynxanna by showing that what he believes isn't an act and that he's sincere in his offers. The fact that Lynxanna is in some turmoil over Lion-O's beliefs and how she and the others are now being wonderfully rewarded by the network due to their interviews with Lion-O makes me think you have plans for her redemption so to speak. And I like that, you showing that she's going to change for the better and have some depth.

I liked how you played with Bengali's struggle with literature with brilliance with math. It's a common things with geniuses; they're extraordinary with one thing but LI in another, but that in no way should disqualify them from being a genius, and frankly, I think that's realistic. Showing how Bengali isn't smart in everything, but he's still a wonderful kid. Plus, I just wanna glomp him and hug him. )

I also loved how you showed Pumyra's concern over Bengali's testing, but one thing that struck me was not only did she adopt him, she adopted him when she herself was struggling ("eight dollars an hour"?! That's not much above minimum wage!). I admire her for doing such a thing and being so strong in helping herself and Bengali survive, but it also saddens me. This is more of a hint to Bengali's past, isn't it?

And poor Bengali being teased by his classmates for being "slow". Seriously, if this keeps up, Bengali is going to get more hugs and glomps than Lion-O by the fans.

Lion-O: Trust me when I say that I am perfectly fine that. Seriously. I'm not joking. Fans like *you* scare me.
Me: Quiet you.

"Then who dared pick on Lion-O since he was your brother?"[/quote]

Thank. You. Pumyra just cut into a very big hole in Tygra's self-righteousness and anger. If she can make tygra feel guilt out of all things, then you seriously have Pumyra down as a wonderful and no-nonsense character who I hope other writers can emulate. And the fact that she can best Tygra in a boxing ring was icing on the cake. I also appreciated how you showed that she is wise and upfront enough to point out that if Tygra continued to run the company as Claudus, it wouldn't survive for long and that change can be a good thing if applied correctly. However, I was sad when in the end, she got angry and hinted she was jealous at how chummy Bengali and Lion-O were being; it's completely realistic, and I think it was a good twist to show how Pumyra hates not being the only one to look after Bengali.

I love having Panthro visit Cheetara and the kids. He really is a softie! *hides from angry Panthro ready to throttle RogueFanKC*

I was saddened to see how exhausting it is for Lion-O to be the CEO of the company. I appreciate that he tries to make time for everyone, especially Cheetara (I was horrified when it was revelaed that Jaga and Cheetara didn't officially adopt the kids yet - I'm hoping that won't raise any issues), but I do agree with the hint that this sort of life can't continue and something has to give. And wow, Vultaire is really doing his best to sabotage everything. I applaud Lion-O for keeping his promnise to Mumm-Ra, but this is really starting to look bad, especially with the permits' validation being cut. And I hate the smugness of Palustri (he makes me want to pay for a ticket for the exact mnoment when someone knocks him down ten or twenty pegs), so I perfectly understand Lion-O screaming in Bengali's backpack.

I smiled at the car ride after the gym between Tygra and Pumyra. When you can argue without turly being offended, it shows how much at ease you are and how much Tygra and Pumyra are becoming friends. Now I *am* worried about Vultaire being caught at Thunder Enterprises, and his conversation made my stomach drop as if someone filled it with lead. Not only does it give us a little hint of what Mumm-Ra wants with the Thundrillium, but wanting to kill Tygra shy when the permits expire in order to send Lion-O to a tailspin of grief is just heart-wrenching despicable.

And Lynxanna rose in my respects a little. I smiled when she dumped the yogurt over Sylvestir's head., way to end this chapter on a cliffhanger. /
frankannestein chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
I am in love with this so far.

Your writing is beautiful. This is an amazingly seamless transition from full fantasy to . . . what, urban fantasy? Something like that, anyway. The descriptions come at good times, ensuring that I stay in the story through all the dialogue and Lion-O's rather romantic perspective (what a cutie!). I adore Snarf's role so far, and I think Cheetara and the ThunderKittens are spot on.

I'm sort of blown away by how good this is. :3

Kisa Darkhorse chapter 11 . 5/18/2013
It seems like forever since I first saw this story and now it has come to an end.

Really great story and bravo on completing such an extensive storyline. You brought the characters to life and made us invest in their stories.

Bravo and I hope you continue to write stories to share with the rest of us.
Legacyending chapter 11 . 5/10/2013
WOW. These last two chapters were amazing.

I really enjoyed your story. I can always reread your stories and find myself not stopping.

Can't wait to see you next installment.

Like you having lion-o taking the bullet.

You can see growth in your characters. You really did a great job.
butterfly17 chapter 11 . 4/26/2013
Amazing chapter, and an amzaing story all together! Great job!
KissofCrimson chapter 10 . 4/27/2013
I love this story. It's been a great read. I really hope that you're planning on finishing it and will update sometime soon. Keep up the good work.
Seeds of Destruction chapter 11 . 4/27/2013
Now thats a story! Like you said in your first chapter no swords no magic, a modernized version that shows promise in the near future.
The Cretin chapter 11 . 4/26/2013
And so ends a wonderful tale. Great job Anzu. You tied things off rather nicely. The legacy continues. Is this really the end? There's not gonna be a sequel is there? In a way, I hope not. This story strikes me as all the more powerful as a stand alone piece. Of course, that's always up to you and you alone. Especially loved the detail and interaction. Hope to see you again soon. Keep rockin
Sword of The Azure Rain chapter 11 . 4/26/2013
I really hope that there is a sequel where they put an end to Black Pyramid enterprises and Mumm-Ra and find a way to connect him to the death of his father and the attempted assassination of Tyrga and Lion-o. Also hope to see Lion-o propose to Cheetara, him offically adopt the kittens as his children and He and Cheetara having a kitten of their very own.
JustLucky05 chapter 11 . 4/26/2013
Fantastic! This was a great ending to a wonderful story! I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait to see what you do next!
Benjyboy chapter 11 . 4/26/2013
Great story, I enjoyed reading this so much that I hoped it would never end. It was brilliant.

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