Reviews for Slide Effects
GMZombie chapter 1 . 1/27/2016
Wow! What a start to a next season. I mean although I hate the kromaggs, the idea that they would just not be around is a little weird. I would just hope that they are not a prominent portion of the series. Maybe even a kill off somehow. Actually if Quinn knows now of a virus to kill of the maggs they could make it into an anti virus that they always have in them that comes out when they exhale and it releases into a world that they visit. What I would do is bring back Tracy torme as exec producer and also if Jerry wants to be an exec producer have him do bit too. Have John give creative insight when it comes to how the story could work while keeping the science aspect to it. I wish Netflix would pick this up and drop some cash on it. It could be huge again! I personally keep sliders on my fav listing on Netflix along with supernatural and X-Files. With x files coming back even for a six episode event I think sliders could do exactly that if needed.
Laeona chapter 1 . 10/16/2015
I hope any Sliders fan out there gets to read this story.

I was delighted with this "script". Some part of me always wanted to see a resolution to all the unanswered paths that Sliders took along the way. The author here managed to make sense out of all that mess, found a cause for the unplausible. Created a beautiful bridge from the chaos to a new, fresh clean slate.

I read the notes after the story, and it drove home what the author accomplished even more. I think all of us who liked Sliders as a concept really didn't know if there was any way to move forward with the premise with all it's baggage still in tow. It just felt so heavy, and we longed to cut it off and let it sink. And yet, we couldn't bring ourselves to give up entirely. Not only did you, the author, allow for all of that baggage, but you managed to pull all of the characters out of it, stronger than they were before. Especially Quinn. And that's phenomenal. Amazing job. Kudos to the author. This was a skillful piece you devised. Thank you for fulfilling our "what if".
Majestic-MSFC chapter 1 . 3/28/2015
I liked it, I loved the original 4, Quinn and Wade for the win and who doesn't love the relationship Arturo and Remmy have.

Great story. Also enjoyed reading your after thoughts although I might not agree with it all. Loved your idea about a group of doubles 15 years older with Quinn and Wade married etc with the same actors. That would be golden and I'd play big bucks to watch it if Tracey Torme had full control over it.

Hope to see some more Sliders work from you in the future. :D
IceMetalPunk chapter 1 . 9/28/2014
Holy crap! This was so delightfully good! You managed to correct the flaws of the last couple of seasons of Sliders in a universe-appropriate way while still being intriguing to read! I only wish this were played out on the screen, canon or not. I do hope you're encouraged to continue with a new "episode" soon, starting from this point-I would love to read it! Well done!
realisticFantasy chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
Wow...stirred up's so hard to string together a full coherent thought. I'm not sure if i should feel sad, nostalgic, happy, or just say that this is just what i needed! The format was perfect, too. It took a little bit of getting used to, but by the end of it i didn't even notice. I have to agree with you on so many account in the note at the end. I watched Sliders with my dad a few years ago, and when my dad told me they never got home (i just had to ask) i said that they should come out with one last episode, where it's been many years (present day, or they could all be old) and they finally, FINALLY made it home. That way there could be one last adventure, complete with a happy ending. But then Arturo died, and characters came and went, and then 'the Seer' came and there went that idea. My mom and step-dad watched it recently, and though i didn't see any of it, by just hearing a sentence or two of dialog i instantly knew what episode they were on until they reached the end. Anyway, obviously my idea wouldn't work, so i really wish one of yours was possible! I'm just afraid that Sliders has been forgotten by media today...
Nightgazer333 chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
This is how the series should have ended then.

Just one thing...

Why would the Kromags want Quinn's world's sliding technology? Theirs is better. Way more advanced.
ireactions chapter 1 . 2/7/2012
Thanks for the words. This story probably wouldn't work in prose: script allows for a more visual approach and also skips through tiresome exposition by selective scene-cuts.

A properly script-formatted version of this story can be found at doc/73421449/

The lack of response is likely because only a small number of people watched Seasons 3 - 5 or remember them. This script is incomprehensible to most. But it's meant for that select few, designed to redeem their memories and free the characters from the last three seasons.

I appreciate the wish that the story continue past the ending - but that was the point. "Slide Effects" ends with everyone alive and leaping into the vortex. The next slide takes them anywhere you want them to go. Personally, I think the next slide takes them here: s/5171896/1/All_For_One

The ending was my way of giving the characters back. They were taken away from you in the worst way, but now they're yours again. :-)

Anyway. It'd be cool to chat with more SLIDERS fans, and anyone who reads this script and understands it should E-mail me at ireactions
addicted2text chapter 1 . 2/3/2012
How can there not be any reviews? This story nicely fixes most of the horror the Sliding team has been through with the exception of the Professor...and I imagine it couldn't be too difficult to fix that too if you were to work at it.

I guess the reason you don't have that much response is because the scripted format? What'd be really nice is if you were to go ahead and rework this as prose and then continue it from there, but as it is it works as a balm to the nightmare the series became.