Reviews for Counting Down to Midnight
MayFairy chapter 1 . 11/25/2011
Oh my gosh!

So, I was casually eating my dinner while looking through my new emails, when this pops up! Naturally, my reaction when it came up at the bottom of my screen was, 'OMG BROWNBUG HAS A NEW STORY OMIGOD MUST READ NOW!', but then I clicked on the actual email, and it said that it was a kiriban for me...well, let's just say that my brother gave me a really weird look for squealing in excitement and practically jumping up and down.

And you did a River one...guessing part of it was because you know that I love her? I seriously appreciate it, don't worry that it's late, I wasn't exactly expecting to get one at all, I'd practically forgotten about it, and I didn't mind as long as you kept churning out updates of TMR.

I loved it! Seeing this episode from her point of view is going to be really interesting, because I know without a doubt that it is going to be amazing...and you already have proved that to be true. Just so well written, capturing the thoughts that she definitely would have been having...all I have to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I hope you update this or anything else as soon as you are able. You are, without exaggeration, the best fanfiction author I know.

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