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ceadeus- slayer chapter 18 . 6/4/2013
when will Ragna show up? Also, you need to update, otherwise people will think the story is dead
MaxHD2490 chapter 18 . 5/14/2013
I hope Sakura motou has that outfit from heavens feel for the big fight at least.

other then that kinda sad about archer not staying with main characters but his body is kept by Caren which I rather find out by next chapter or so. Nice to include Ciel in this chapter on a minor role.

chapter is pretty good with focusing on characters even with some on minor plot
Chaosblazer chapter 18 . 5/13/2013
lol i wonder who Yuko and Yen Sid were talking about lol.

Good update man, lots of build up to a big fight coming, i like it keep it up_
Chaosblazer chapter 17 . 3/25/2013
very intresting update, Mars gets her upgraded form, tons of fighting everywhere, references and characters about like before, but on alot higher scale and this time we got to see Rei's "helper" battle, her fighting style and behavior as well as attire remind of Zakuro from another anime, but i don't remember the details off hand;

Either way it looks like this arc's getting to be just as tense as the ffvii one which means the good guys better get thier butts in gear; but with Shiro now having only one arm and Archer on the verge of death things could be bad.

Keep up the awsome work dude
Chaosblazer chapter 16 . 3/10/2013
Shirou has no luck with women it seems, poor guy.

Having "Lancer" hit on Rei was a nice twist, didn't see that one coming, of course having Sakura get him back to his senses and what she did, I didn't seem coming either, why do I get the feeling though that by attempting to kill her he might have just given her a power boost;

Shirou vs Archer coming possibly as well how cool.

The part with Terumi at the end was funny, leave it to him to do random stuff like that, great job dude, keep it up
Chaosblazer chapter 15 . 2/9/2013
Did Gilgamesh actually stand there and not go all out? Geez. Other than that this chapter definitely had some funny dialogue and great action sequences_

Terumi outspeaking Gilgamesh, wow...I wonder if he could do that to Sephiroth and live lol;

Thanks for the shout out, it was no problem, awsome stuff dude, keep this story going_
Chaosblazer chapter 14 . 1/20/2013
Intresting stuff once again, Rei meets Rin which leads to backstory, Rider's got Uranus down, Archer's about to take her out but in comes Gil...and he just had to break out that attack didn't he? While holding Saber at the same time, lol if Shiro saw that he'd be mad.

Keep up the awsome work dude_ The humor and action is all awsome.
Aloubell chapter 9 . 1/12/2013
Alright! See, I told you I’d be back :)

I figure I’ll reply to ur message here
I’m very honored that you respect me enough to take my suggestions to heart—it really does mean a lot to me! But please keep in mind that im not a professional, and sometimes, as a writer, you have to go by ur own instincts on some things. So if you ever feel as if I get out of line with any of my suggestions, feel free to ignore what I say XD After all, we are all learners here, right? And we all have our own methods of storytelling. I just don’t wanna end up like my old Creative Writing professor who, while being a very nice woman, had an annoying tendency to get the whole class to write stories like her—or write the way that SHE thought was correct. There are many different styles. It would be like Stephen King trying to tell J.K Rowling how to plan a plot line or use dialogue. They are both awesome writers and both have their own styles.

So ya, thank you for respecting me and heeding my advice. Just be sure to use some of ur judgment in there was well kk? ;)

"The ; is somthing I got into for whatever reason and thought it was in the right context. I don't know why I did that so much since I figured using so many comma's would drag it on and on. But now reading through stuff I see I was wrong on that front." [While it is true that sometimes commas tempt us to make a sentence go on and on, they still aren’t substitutes for semi-colons. I guess, all in all, it’s a matter of practice to be able to distinguish the two. Don’t worry, we’ll both be pros at it soon X3]

Okay, now onto the review!

…I just thought about something…My memory on how the story went before is a bit fuzzy, but, just from Mina’s perspective, she was/is Cloud’s sister, but then she was taken out of that world, time restarted itself and then she was born in another universe, correct? Well, if that’s the case, then doesn’t that technically mean that she isn’t really Cloud’s sister? I mean…if she was born to the parents of her present self and not born to Cloud’s parents, then technically they aren’t related anymore O.O…and yet technically they are…? Idk…I might be over thinking this lol…just ignore me…haha

Again, be careful of the there/their issue.

"No I don't but you guys are nothing but a rip-off of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers." Denzel told them, comparing them to the good show of the 90's.” [While I do find all of these real world references rather entertaining, you have to be careful. How likely is it that the world of Final Fantasy VII is similar to our world today? If it were a civilization similar to ours, then making references like that could slide…but I’m not completely sure that it is…I’m also not completely sure about what point in history its in…like…is it in the past or the distant future? These also are things to think about… And on a similar note, I am fairly certain that, with all the different universes, they wouldn’t all be able to recognize references from different worlds. Like…the Sailor Scouts’ world and the world of FFVII…how likely is it that they both happen to know what Power Rangers are? What are the chances that they exist in both universes (its okay for it to exist in one of them—THAT makes sense! And then the people of the new universe would be like… “what are you talking about? Who are the Power Rangers?”)? Im not saying its impossible…cuz if it were a parallel universe type of thing, then it could slide…but…eh…idk…I’m honestly not sure how to go about this…I really am enjoying seeing the pop culture references…just try to think something like, as the most extreme example, imagine if Kagome says something like… “Oh Koga, you’re just like Jacob from Twilight!” you wouldn’t expect Koga to say “Oh hell no! Don’t compare me to anyone in that awful series!” no…he’d be more like “…who?”
So ya…keep the pop culture reference…just make sure its used correctly…
I really hope this makes any kind of sense…]

"Ok dude number one: Unlike the Power Rangers, we do our own stunts and don't wear colors to tell people our identities.” [LOL technically venus…you do X3 I mean, you are the orange and yellow sailor, mercury is the blue sailor, mars is the red sailor…you have to admit, you guys to have ur respective color schemes X3333]

"Enough with those absurd references to that horrendous book." Vincent said.” [ROFL YES! Finally he said it! I would have already punched the guy by then lol]

Sailor Venus and the kids had a look on their faces that could be read as 'Oh no she didn't!" [that’s EXACTLY the face I saw them having in my head XDD]

Okay, I’ve been noticing this for a while…Make SURE you pay attention to punctuation. I’ve noticed quite a few times already when you mixed an exclamation point with a question mark and vice versa. That is something you need to be aware of.

Hey, I just thought of an effective way to beat Reno and Rude X3 They always stop when something perverted or the like happens. I say that Tifa and Venus outta use their femininity to distract and beat them X3 I SO think that would totally work haha…

Let me just say that I am SO loving the interactions between Venus and Reno X3 I am so starting to ship them now LOL

Idk…it just seems sort of weird to me how Lita (Makoto…again I’m using the English dub name) and friends are all in the kitchen playing house and making a happy dinner while their friends are off risking their lives all while knowing that Michelle was kidnapped…it just seems a bit off to me…I mean, it doesn’t even seem like that kind of tragedy is on their minds. I understand them taking the “glass is half-full” route…but…eh…I just don’t believe it…

When it touched his taste buds, it exploded in a wave of delight.

My god, where have you been all my life! He thought with delight but he didn't show it on his face. [Pffftttttt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Just hearing him think that is hilarious LOL]

Alter Jupiter and Vincent went down one way, Rude, and Tifa went in another and Sailor Venus and Reno were pulled into the last one. [well…aren’t these pairings a bit coincidental? Just see how that JUST HAPPENED to work out X3 ;)]

“I wanted to help you but you needed to take the first step. You had to grow as a person before I could make myself known to you. But since you grew despondent, and a bitch, your progress stopped. I am a power outside your normal Senshi abilities so it had no effect on me.” [Since Nimue was just introduced, I don’t kno her personality well enough yet…but for some reason, I feel as if that “and a bitch” part seemed a bit out of character…or idk yet…its too early to tell…]

Woot! Alter Sailor Neptune! Caster is in for it now! :DDD

Yay! I managed to read the chappie! I’m really enjoying the opportunity to read this story for it is really getting good! I cant wait to see how this all plays out and how they will save Cloud!

I look forward to reading more!

Aloubell chapter 8 . 1/11/2013
Hi hi! Finally I’m able to get around to reviewing this story! D

Really sorry that I’ve been such a flake…I just realized that I promised too many people things such as drawings and reviews and the like and I hadn’t realized how much of a toll it would take on me…so I’m deciding to take on a few things at a time. Both you and another friend on come first since you two have been waiting so patiently and support me as well X3

Plus, I had to do some pretty annoying reading assignments in my classes last semester…and thanks to them, I kind of lost my tolerance for reading anything…which is mainly why I hadn’t done any recreational reading in a while! But now I have to get back into it…and I love reading and reading helps me to write better, so I REALLY need to up my game and forget the awful and boring stuff I had to read last semester.

I kno I’m just giving excuses, but I’m REALLY sorry for taking so long!
I haven’t actually checked my email since November…and I don’t go onto this site as much as I used to…not since I got addicted to DA lol, so I hadn’t realized how many chapters you’ve uploaded! Wow! I REALLY need to catch up!

Tell you what, I’ll try to read and review about 2 of ur chapters every week until I catch up, ya? I hope you don’t mind that scheduling ” (however, this time around, I’ll have to do one review today and one tomorrow…cuz its really late now and I have to get to bed lol) I look forward to seeing how far this story has progressed! Last I remember reading, things were getting interesting! D

Oh! And I was able to watch the Fate/Stay Night movie, so now I FINALLY know (roughly) who the characters are and what they look like…this was driving me crazy for the longest time since I began reading ur story, so now I can imagine things in my head better! D Now all I need to do is get an understanding of the Blazeblue people and I’m good lol XD

Well anyway! I’ll stop babbling and finally review!

Along with Cloud defeating Sephiroth once again, life should have continued being mundane and people living out there small and significant lives. [There is just something about what Vincent thought here that just didn’t sit right with me…Its not the grammar that I have an issue with (well…there IS the there/their issue again), it’s more of what he said. Like…he said that the people’s lives were “mundane” and “small”…and yet they are “significant”? I’m sorry…I’m not sure if this oxymoron was purposeful or not…if it is, then srry for pointing it out ” I didn’t mean to step on ur toes there…and if it wasn’t on purpose, I hope I was able to help out in any way]

With so many things that have happened it makes me think that this is more than random occurrence and someone caused all of this to happen. […lol if Vincent had said this out loud and I was there to hear it, I could see myself saying, in response to this… “gee, ya think?”]

[Okay, I think you’re using semi-colons to replace commas at times…and this isn’t necessarily correct. Like with here], “Aerith; the last of the Ancient's that could speak to the earth and lead the people of this world to the Promised Land; to think that her young life would be taken by Sephiroth, who was the product of a union between Professor Hojo; the man who made him this way and the first woman he ever loved Lucrecia.” [I personally think that both of those semi-colons weren’t necessary. For that sentence structure specifically, commas would have been more correct. But I can see ur confusion. Instead of semi-colons, I use em-dashes…ya kno, these things “—”, which, from what I learned or gathered, are basically the same thing. But anyway, semi-colons/em-dashes are not the same as commas. I’ll admit that its difficult sometimes to distinguish when to use either of them. Heck, I mix them up sometimes as well—it’s an honest mistake. I guess the simplest way to explain the difference is that commas are used to indicate some kind of pause in the middle of a sentence, like when listing things, while semi-colons/em-dashes are used in a sentence where a separate, yet related, thought is included in the sentence…that’s the best way I can explain it I suppose. Sometimes, if you have spell/grammar check on ur computer, it’ll tell you when it thinks you need a semi-colon…tho sometimes you have to use ur best instincts over that of the computer _ But again, it is hard to distinguish sometimes, so ur okay ) Just keep this in mind! ]

“Granted it was not like Cloud ever admitted anything on that matter given the fact he was quiet and somewhat indifferent to matters of the heart with the love triangle that happened with him, Tifa and Aerith but when the famed swordsman killed the last of the Ancients that affected him more than words could say.” [This felt a bit like a run-on sentence…I think it could have been broken up into something like “Granted, it was not like Cloud ever admitted anything on that matter, given the fact that he was quiet and somewhat indifferent to matters of the heart—given the love triangle that happened with him, Tifa, and Aerith. But when the famed swordsman killed the last of the Ancients, that affected Cloud more than words could say.” Or something like that…]

Sorry I’m being such a grammar/sentence structure shark today ” I apologize in advance before reading on. I am enjoying everything that’s happening! DD

Lol…Vincent called Michelle (srry I’m more used to the English dub names of Sailor Moon) the “Ice Queen” X3

"You are still a warrior Michiru. Even if you don't have your powers for the time being you are still in this fight. Fighting doesn't necessarily mean fighting with fist; it can also mean fighting mentally and spiritually against what plagues your heart." [I really like this statement :) You wrote that out very nicely and has a nice meaning ))]

“Cloud actually had it along with that boy who lives at this house along with Tifa and Marlene; Denzel." He motioned to the boy in question in the picture. [This was worded kind of awkwardly… Just to make it simpler, I think it would have been okay to make his saying “Denzel” as a separate sentence instead of including it in the last one. And then just adding a “…” after it…hope that makes any sense ”]

"That may be true but I won't allow you to have your way Caster!" Michiru challenged boldly. "Proclaiming yourself as a kind of upper level being; do you really think I will allow you to continue with your ambitions?" She yelled heatedly. "Nor will I allow you to have these children." [Idk…I just find it weird how Michelle automatically assumed that Caster would be after the children…I mean, she never showed any noticeable interest in them before…so…?]

“nice little pimped out coffin of yours…” [LOL I love that….hehe pimped out coffin XDD]

Ha…a Twilight reference…Used with contempt! As it should be X3 Aki approves!

“Where did he go? Quickly looking around until her woman's intuition kicked in. She turned around to see Cloud lifting his sword with two hands and flying towards her at full speed.” [Woman’s intuition, huh? X3 I’m…pretty sure that ur not using that in the right context…but I still find it a bit amusing so I’ll let it slide X333]

Alright! I got through the chapter! (and its 4:30am now…haha…) I gotta say, this story has progressed quite nicely since chapter one and I’m really liking where ur going with this! You’ve integrated all these anime/games together so nicely—I’m impressed! Plus, this story is like a major flashback for me in regards to Sailor Moon. I totally forgot about Emerald and her buddies with the Dark Moon XD It’s just been too long, which makes this a wonderful refresher for me!
I look forward to reading ur next chappie, seeing what happens with Cloud, Michelle, and the others! something I hope to do tomorrow!

Until the next chapter, c ya! *hugs*
Chaosblazer chapter 13 . 12/24/2012
A very nice start of this arc, was thing Rin talking too the object that turns into a magical girl; oh boy wasn't expecting to see that in this story

I look forward to this arc getting deeper, merry christmas as well dude_
Chaosblazer chapter 12 . 11/24/2012
so i'm guessing it's time for the "gaurds" to lay down the law assuming we're going to be seeing that next time;

Otherwise I look forward to seeing what happens in the FSN universe and I liked how Kyo and Zatch appeared too
Chaosblazer chapter 11 . 11/5/2012
Nice work dude, that was a very well done representation of the FFVII universe, all the battles, spells and other effects were awsome

Heh, Yuko knows everyone doesn't she, I dunno why but I kept expecting someone to mention Sora from Kingdom Hearts here, but that's ok

Terumi's line at the end had me laughing so hard

Keep up the awsome work dude.
MaxHD2490 chapter 10 . 9/11/2012
quite action packed in this chapter and a few moments in between but at the end I can't explain in words with Sephiroth after Mina got struck by his sword and left a cliff hanger at the end.
MaxHD2490 chapter 10 . 9/10/2012
big error Jeffrey since its like last chapter, hope you can fix that but keep the title chapter name however on the meaningful side
Chaosblazer chapter 9 . 7/3/2012
Very well done on these two chapters, lots of action and story, Nimue is a name I know..albeit the last time I saw someone with that name she wasn't exactly human, nor grotesque..but that's for another time, nice to see the Turks get pounded and nice to see Minako and Cloud going at it.

But the One Winged Angel is still out there...if the weapon doesn't kill them, he will; lol

good stuff dude, keep it up.
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