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Aloubell chapter 7 . 6/19/2012
Alright! I've made it to the last of ur updates!

It's review time!

(Final Fantasy VII Battle theme starts)


Duuuuude. Caster is getting OWNED! I just wish i was there off on the sidelines eating popcorn and watching this intense beating happening! Doesnt Catster kno the basic rule? if ur mainly a magic-user, then its a HUUUUGE mistake to have someone get that close to u! Duh!

Well, some people gotta learn that the hard way X3

"I hope Tifa can keep up the momentum though. She is fighting on pure adrenaline alone and that won't last if she lets her emotions cloud her judgment." Vincent theorized.

[Way to set a jinx Vincent]

I think you mean Shuriken...not "Shurikan"

Gotta say, that was a PRETTY SWEET battke between Berserker and the Scouts. Awesome job on that! And I was incredibly amused by the argument between mina and tifa X33

Really great chapter here. Cant wait to see what happens next! Until your next upload, c ya!

Aloubell chapter 6 . 6/19/2012
Review time!

Haha Team MMM-better than Team Edward or Team Jacob could ever hope to be XDDDDD

Srry, I couldnt resist X3

"Vincent's eyes winded a little because he never thought a woman would be very blunt and willful. Along with the fact that she called him dude, which slightly bothered him." I couldnt help but chuckle when i read this XD

Ooo Lita (ima call her Lita cuz i'm more used to this name due to the english dub) has a crush on Vincent! That's awesome. Seems like the type of badass guy she'd fall for X3

When you mentioned figures in dark cloaks, I first though of Dementors from Harry Potter. But once you mentioned how they were doing spells, I thought that they were more like Death Eaters. Makes perfect sense X3

"I am thinking we are in some kind of labyrinth?" Neptune suggested.

"Wait a real labyrinth, just like that old eighties movie?" Sailor Venus asked perplexed.

"Yes just like that." Neptune said while dropping her head.

XDD I like how you added that reference in there lol

Daaaaamn. That little girl murdered her mother so brutally! I knew Nixie was a bitch and all, but still O_O

"Before she could move he stopped her with a stern look. "It won't be all fun and games you know," He told her. "This is going to improve your powers and endurance but you must be prepared to bond with me. With this power you are accepting me as a part of you and vice versa. It is more important that you have a strong heart and an unbreakable will." He warned.

Makoto looked into his eyes with determination. "Zeo I am willing to accept you as a part of me. I am willfully giving myself to you to fight for what I believe in and protect the one's I care about!" she said thinking of her friends and the man she was falling for."

[This seems so Miaka and Suzaku to me for some reason lol]

"Her boobs are bigger than mine, that can't happen!" Seriously? -.-' Come on Mina, that is SO not the right time to be thinking that lol

Great chappie once again!

Onto the next!


P.S Abridged anime ARE soooo funny! The way TFS did DBZ...that's like the funniest thing EVER! Those guys are such geniuses. XD
Aloubell chapter 5 . 6/19/2012

I havent reviewed this story in the loongest time and you've been so patient with me and continuing to support me on my story...Q_Q ur so kind and I'm so...not...I'M SORRY!

I will review this story now to redeem myself. Oh, and here's a cyber cookie...and some cake...and some nachos...and a churro...and...and a gift card so that you could buy whatever the heck you want "


Cloud Arc, huh? Mmm that boy is sooooo fine!


Umm...scratch that last comment. I apologize for the fan-girl moment "

Great improvement on the descriptions *claps* Things flow more eloquently now D I appreciate your details and background infor for those who are a tad confused X3

You jerks made young Cloud cry? HOW DARE YOU! ur lucky i cant jack you up right here! lol

It's incredibly sweet what Mina says to Cloud-unlikely for a 5 year old to say most of those things, ya, but still sweet.

But really, if she's supposed to be around 5, her vocabulary and grammer is pretty advanced...

Try to avoid saying an items name too many times in the same avoid form that being confusing, I'll give you a simple example: "When Cloud got close he opened the side of his bike and took out his fusion sword aka his new Buster sword." Instead of saying sword twice, maybe you can say "his fusion blade" or "his fusion weapon", or something like that...if you see what i mean

"I am going to need some help with this if I want the populace to come and worship me. I will become the foundation of this world. Once I learn to control the power of this world I will use it to my advantage and drive Beryl away. I will be the one with all the power!" Uh...huh...I'm sure Beryl is not going to like that! lol

Must be awkwars standing near a villan and just watching them laugh like that haha

Oooo you should totally have Tifa walk in on Cloud and Caster one day while she's brainwashing him X3 add extra drama to the mix

Alright! We finally get the sailor scouts in there! D

You know, the scene where they're in the wasteland and the three are looking around, thinking of how Mina was home and someone making that sarcastic comment about how it looked "homey" REALLY reminded me of the Lion King when Simba went back to pride rock and it was all grey, depressing, and had gone through a drought. Someone must have looked at simba and said, "nice place ya got here" idk lol. Anyway, enough with the tangent

THANX SO MUCH FOR THIS CHAPTER! It was a fun read. Ima go onto the next chappie now

Chaosblazer chapter 7 . 6/7/2012
and people wonder why i condone the two of them so much, Neptune is way too untrusting of demons, Venus and Tifa's little rivalry was funny, all the more reason to get cloud back.

I've been reading this story for sometime now, just decided to review since i forgot too (except chapter 4 since i don't know most of the people there sorry bout that.) looking forward to what comes next
Chaosblazer chapter 6 . 6/7/2012
Jupiter no don't go there Vincient's not your type, more fighting everywhere and now Tifa's going up against Caster, awsome stuff
Chaosblazer chapter 5 . 6/7/2012
Caster...don't tamper with forces you can't control, especially one who can blow up the solar system, you've unleashed it now.

Great chapter to lead off this arc dude.
Chaosblazer chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Past connections established, good. Figuring out where to go, nice. Yuko down right scares me, but what can you expect from one who follows the fullmetal alchemist law.

Only time i've heard Memento mori mentioned, it was a giant space station lazer gun.
Chaosblazer chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
That dude fighting the senshi was so funny, especially when he mentioned Tea from yugioh, nice to see them kick beryl's butt, yet they lost one of thier own...who ends up with Inuyasha's brother, this should be good, keep it up
Chaosblazer chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
A good opening to this story, loving the chaos everywhere

Cloud fighting Venus was definitely the best part though, keep it up
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 7 . 5/29/2012
Heyo, Jeffrey! Have no fear! I've been keeping up with this story. Finals and job searching have been keeping me kinda busy lately.

These chapters have been freaking epic. K is right. The battles are great, especially Jupiter, Tifa, and Venus taking on Berserker. Bummer about Michiru losing her powers because of Caster (interesting backstory between those two!).

It wouldn't be FFVII without the ol' silver-haired bishie himself. Seems he wants Minako involved with his impending duel with Cloud. Drama!

The Tifa and Minako catfight was a riot. XD

Though I'm a girl, I'd love to see those two brawl in a mud wrestling match to fight over Cloud's affection. I like Minako, but Tifa wins thanks to her freakish strength and her 'assets'. :3

Speakin' of Cloud, he shows up with the Turks. Damn it all, it had to end on a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see how Minako reaches out to her brother. Great work, Jeff! I'll be keeping up with this in the meantime. _ b
Kanius chapter 7 . 5/28/2012
Hey, this was a thrilling and action packed chapter! I like how the progression of the events are shaping up.

Tifa and Alter Form Jupiter really kicked into high gear. That witch, Caster, really took a brutal beating from Tifa. But, just when Cloud is mentioned, Tifa freezes at her tracks. The battle with Jupiter and Berserker was intense. Venus and Tifa getting involved added to the intensity of the fight. Jupiter defeating Hercules shows how far she's come as a Senshi, but it did take team effort like she said. Very nice touch those two calling each other 'brother, sister'.

I see Makoto and Zeo's bond is strengthening, that's good to know. Tifa was sure shocked to see Minako again. That was quite a riot when Minako and Tifa argued to reignite their rivalry. Could've erupted into a catfight. Haha.

Not surprised to see Sephiroth intervene. But, surprised to see the Turks. Now, Cloud has captured Michiru. Things are going to get emotional from here on when brother and sister meet. This arc looks to be reaching near a climax, or there might be a few more chapters left?

I do like how you've started incorporating music cues into the story. I know you referred to me. ;)

I must say the omake was funny and weird. I do remember Lamb Chops and the play along.

The story is getting really good. Makoto, Minako, Tifa, Vincent, and co. have a tough battle ahead for them. I hope Minako and Michiru can gain their Alter Senshi forms soon. Take care, man!
Kanius chapter 6 . 4/23/2012
Sorry, that 'anon' was me. You can delete that if you want. Stupid signed me off.

Here's my signed review:

Since you reviewed my chapter, I'll return the favor.

What can I say? There were some neat and cool developments. I liked the backstory you made for Neptune and Caster/Lausanne's past. You had me interested with it all.

Ah, so that's the Alter Mode. It was neat seeing Jupiter gain her and utilize her new powers. Zeo is an interesting character and a sound choice for Jupiter's spirit. I think that's how Vincent's Chaos form looks like. It was cool seeing Chaos form in action. I'm not surprised Vincent shrugged off Neptune giving him the glare.

I love Venus' "I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT!" line. That had me laughing. You bring out the best out of Minako and her comical moments.

Ouch, poor Michiru. Caster just took her Neptune powers away. How is Michiru going to rebound from this dilemma?

Nice timing and save by Tifa - much to Venus' relief and chagrin; Minako has every right to be baffled by Tifa's enormous bust. I look forward to see how Tifa fares with Caster and if Jupiter ever wakes up.

Yeah, you really like Minako so much by putting her in those situations. Haha.

Update again, my friend!
Kanius chapter 5 . 3/25/2012
Nice chapter and like how things are going with the story.

The background story with Minako and Cloud was insightful. I personally think Minako and Tifa works better as a rivalry. So, we find out how cloud was taken and brainwashed. Terumi is hysterical like he's been since his first in-story appearance.

The three Senshi (Minako, Makoto, and Michiru - Team MMM) arrive in the FFVII world. I liked their interaction with Aerith. Yikes, a monster attacks and they can't somehow transform? Could this lead them to finding new powers to substitute their Senshi powers?

Nice save by Vincent. The Cloud Arc is off to a good start and hope to see Team MMM recover before they find Cloud. Good work, JF!
Aloubell chapter 4 . 3/9/2012
Alrighty, here for the next review!

YEAHHH! Setsuna and Konoka! I love negima and those two are awesome!

"Konaka, as the head of the Konoe family and a priestess of Mars you have a responsibility not to get completely drunk!"-well DUH! XD

"-and besides If you drink this, it's like indirect kissing with me Set-chan." XDDD I remember that joke from the show! lol

Yay! Asuna! She's so cool (bad time to be sleeping thi haha). And whenever i hear negi talk, i cant help but add in his british accent from the dub X)

Run Negi run!

YEAAAAAH x2 YORUICHI! Awesome that she's in here D (btw you accidentally put that she had yellow eyes twice in her description)

Ha Sora, Sherry, and Brago are in this too? man ur sure bringing out the arsenal of anime/game people, arent you? X3

I thoroghly enjoyed seeing all of the different vassles in the castles (ha...i rhymed). and all of the cameos were integrated smoothly, so great job!

Until next update

Aloubell chapter 3 . 3/9/2012
SO SRRRRRYYYY for taking so long to read and review this " College hasnt been doing me any favors lately.

Review time!

Ooo it'lle be interesting to see Naraku be thrown in the mix here~

Huh. Beryl loved Darien (srry i have to call him that thanks to the american version conditioning me P)? I either forgot or didnt know that!

Try not to say the word "body" too much during that bit with Beryl. I feel as if you used it too many times consecutively. either go for some synonyms or imply that you mean her body.

"So, in that version, I killed Sailor Moon but due to the interference of Sailor Pluto and the time-space witch Yuko, I was defeated?" She screamed taking her hand of the machine." I feel that, comically, she should have screamed "YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME!" XDD

Some of the sailors werent born in the world they were in, eh? sort of suspected that from last chapter, but its good to have it confirmed. cant wait to see how this all turns out~ two bad guys working together in a supposed alliance. when in any anime, movie, or tv show does this actually work? Someone is gonna get double crossed here, dont kno who. but someone will.

Make sure you establish whetehr or not ur in past or present tense. dont switch up cuz it nmigh confuse ur readers

"It no surprise that she was able to do that, she is the embodiment Venus after all, Love and all that shit." XDDD

I really like how you described that Yuki Terumi guy X3 very informative and amusing at the same time!

Also, "Yes, no matter what she will always be a pain in my fine, well developed ass." super LOL

Try not t mix up "our" with "are"

So much suspense and drama!

Onto the next chappie!

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