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Chaosblazer chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Past connections established, good. Figuring out where to go, nice. Yuko down right scares me, but what can you expect from one who follows the fullmetal alchemist law.

Only time i've heard Memento mori mentioned, it was a giant space station lazer gun.
Chaosblazer chapter 2 . 6/7/2012
That dude fighting the senshi was so funny, especially when he mentioned Tea from yugioh, nice to see them kick beryl's butt, yet they lost one of thier own...who ends up with Inuyasha's brother, this should be good, keep it up
Chaosblazer chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
A good opening to this story, loving the chaos everywhere

Cloud fighting Venus was definitely the best part though, keep it up
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 7 . 5/29/2012
Heyo, Jeffrey! Have no fear! I've been keeping up with this story. Finals and job searching have been keeping me kinda busy lately.

These chapters have been freaking epic. K is right. The battles are great, especially Jupiter, Tifa, and Venus taking on Berserker. Bummer about Michiru losing her powers because of Caster (interesting backstory between those two!).

It wouldn't be FFVII without the ol' silver-haired bishie himself. Seems he wants Minako involved with his impending duel with Cloud. Drama!

The Tifa and Minako catfight was a riot. XD

Though I'm a girl, I'd love to see those two brawl in a mud wrestling match to fight over Cloud's affection. I like Minako, but Tifa wins thanks to her freakish strength and her 'assets'. :3

Speakin' of Cloud, he shows up with the Turks. Damn it all, it had to end on a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see how Minako reaches out to her brother. Great work, Jeff! I'll be keeping up with this in the meantime. _ b
Kanius chapter 7 . 5/28/2012
Hey, this was a thrilling and action packed chapter! I like how the progression of the events are shaping up.

Tifa and Alter Form Jupiter really kicked into high gear. That witch, Caster, really took a brutal beating from Tifa. But, just when Cloud is mentioned, Tifa freezes at her tracks. The battle with Jupiter and Berserker was intense. Venus and Tifa getting involved added to the intensity of the fight. Jupiter defeating Hercules shows how far she's come as a Senshi, but it did take team effort like she said. Very nice touch those two calling each other 'brother, sister'.

I see Makoto and Zeo's bond is strengthening, that's good to know. Tifa was sure shocked to see Minako again. That was quite a riot when Minako and Tifa argued to reignite their rivalry. Could've erupted into a catfight. Haha.

Not surprised to see Sephiroth intervene. But, surprised to see the Turks. Now, Cloud has captured Michiru. Things are going to get emotional from here on when brother and sister meet. This arc looks to be reaching near a climax, or there might be a few more chapters left?

I do like how you've started incorporating music cues into the story. I know you referred to me. ;)

I must say the omake was funny and weird. I do remember Lamb Chops and the play along.

The story is getting really good. Makoto, Minako, Tifa, Vincent, and co. have a tough battle ahead for them. I hope Minako and Michiru can gain their Alter Senshi forms soon. Take care, man!
Kanius chapter 6 . 4/23/2012
Sorry, that 'anon' was me. You can delete that if you want. Stupid signed me off.

Here's my signed review:

Since you reviewed my chapter, I'll return the favor.

What can I say? There were some neat and cool developments. I liked the backstory you made for Neptune and Caster/Lausanne's past. You had me interested with it all.

Ah, so that's the Alter Mode. It was neat seeing Jupiter gain her and utilize her new powers. Zeo is an interesting character and a sound choice for Jupiter's spirit. I think that's how Vincent's Chaos form looks like. It was cool seeing Chaos form in action. I'm not surprised Vincent shrugged off Neptune giving him the glare.

I love Venus' "I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT!" line. That had me laughing. You bring out the best out of Minako and her comical moments.

Ouch, poor Michiru. Caster just took her Neptune powers away. How is Michiru going to rebound from this dilemma?

Nice timing and save by Tifa - much to Venus' relief and chagrin; Minako has every right to be baffled by Tifa's enormous bust. I look forward to see how Tifa fares with Caster and if Jupiter ever wakes up.

Yeah, you really like Minako so much by putting her in those situations. Haha.

Update again, my friend!
Kanius chapter 5 . 3/25/2012
Nice chapter and like how things are going with the story.

The background story with Minako and Cloud was insightful. I personally think Minako and Tifa works better as a rivalry. So, we find out how cloud was taken and brainwashed. Terumi is hysterical like he's been since his first in-story appearance.

The three Senshi (Minako, Makoto, and Michiru - Team MMM) arrive in the FFVII world. I liked their interaction with Aerith. Yikes, a monster attacks and they can't somehow transform? Could this lead them to finding new powers to substitute their Senshi powers?

Nice save by Vincent. The Cloud Arc is off to a good start and hope to see Team MMM recover before they find Cloud. Good work, JF!
Lady-Nyxx chapter 4 . 3/9/2012
Alrighty, here for the next review!

YEAHHH! Setsuna and Konoka! I love negima and those two are awesome!

"Konaka, as the head of the Konoe family and a priestess of Mars you have a responsibility not to get completely drunk!"-well DUH! XD

"-and besides If you drink this, it's like indirect kissing with me Set-chan." XDDD I remember that joke from the show! lol

Yay! Asuna! She's so cool (bad time to be sleeping thi haha). And whenever i hear negi talk, i cant help but add in his british accent from the dub X)

Run Negi run!

YEAAAAAH x2 YORUICHI! Awesome that she's in here D (btw you accidentally put that she had yellow eyes twice in her description)

Ha Sora, Sherry, and Brago are in this too? man ur sure bringing out the arsenal of anime/game people, arent you? X3

I thoroghly enjoyed seeing all of the different vassles in the castles (ha...i rhymed). and all of the cameos were integrated smoothly, so great job!

Until next update

Lady-Nyxx chapter 3 . 3/9/2012
SO SRRRRRYYYY for taking so long to read and review this " College hasnt been doing me any favors lately.

Review time!

Ooo it'lle be interesting to see Naraku be thrown in the mix here~

Huh. Beryl loved Darien (srry i have to call him that thanks to the american version conditioning me P)? I either forgot or didnt know that!

Try not to say the word "body" too much during that bit with Beryl. I feel as if you used it too many times consecutively. either go for some synonyms or imply that you mean her body.

"So, in that version, I killed Sailor Moon but due to the interference of Sailor Pluto and the time-space witch Yuko, I was defeated?" She screamed taking her hand of the machine." I feel that, comically, she should have screamed "YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME!" XDD

Some of the sailors werent born in the world they were in, eh? sort of suspected that from last chapter, but its good to have it confirmed. cant wait to see how this all turns out~ two bad guys working together in a supposed alliance. when in any anime, movie, or tv show does this actually work? Someone is gonna get double crossed here, dont kno who. but someone will.

Make sure you establish whetehr or not ur in past or present tense. dont switch up cuz it nmigh confuse ur readers

"It no surprise that she was able to do that, she is the embodiment Venus after all, Love and all that shit." XDDD

I really like how you described that Yuki Terumi guy X3 very informative and amusing at the same time!

Also, "Yes, no matter what she will always be a pain in my fine, well developed ass." super LOL

Try not t mix up "our" with "are"

So much suspense and drama!

Onto the next chappie!

Kanius chapter 4 . 2/21/2012
This was a good chapter. It was neat getting to know all of the Senshi's castle guards. It was surprising to see them all from different anime/manga/video games (Yoruichi from Bleach, Negi and the girls from Negima, Fairy Tail, Sora from Kingdom Hearts,and Zatch Bell). I was surprised to see all these crossover casts involved. You're going all out.

The interactions were funny and brought some much needed light following a disastrous war. Hope we see the characters again after the Senshi's story arcs finish. Keep at it, my friend!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 3 . 2/5/2012
Haruhi-chan here! I just want to say: Awesome crossover!

It's really cool you're attempting your own mega crossover like Kanius-sama has. Even better you're including Fate/Stay Night! Awesome work and the fight scenes are pretty good, but I'm liking the story developments more. So, Beryl is back. Didn't see that one coming.

Yeah, I'm definitely keeping tabs with this one. Sorry if this is brief. I've got school in the mornin'! Keep up the good work, Jeffrey! Can't wait to see the Senshi go to the other dimensions! _ b
Starlight AT chapter 3 . 2/2/2012 THIS IS A GOOD CROSSOVER! Sorry for taking so long to review! College work, and Dissidia 012 have been taking up my time!

Amelia: Wow...this is really good...

Marta: And for once we're not making a scene...

Hikari: Behave everyone!

Alice: Let's try to keep this professional.

Amelia: Yeah yeah...

But seriously I was not expecting Yuko, OR BEYRL TO APPEAR! NICE SURPRISE THERE! Either way this is turning out to be a story worth reading! OH yeah and I will be holding a contest soon regarding Hikari.

Hikari: Me?

Yes I will be going back through my previous chapters, fixing typoes and such, and Hikari will be getting a new name.

Hikari: W-what!


NO I'M FIXING TYPOES AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES AND maybe ADDING SOME SCENES! MAYBE! So if you have any ideas go right ahead and shoot! Oh the only requirements i ask is that it has to be sky related, since every FF protagonists has a name associated with the sky. The MAIN Protagonists anyway!
Kanius chapter 3 . 2/1/2012
Sorry for the delay. This was another good and informative chapter. So, we learn more of how Beryl returned and we get the pasts of some of the Sailors. I must be surprising for Rei, Minako, and Ami to learn of their 'other lives'. These connections will make interesting scenarios when the Sailors visit the worlds they once inhabited in their former lives.

I think you're doing well getting the whole dimension/universes deal right. You clarified, at least for me, how they work for this story.

The more I read this, the more I do want to check Fate/Stay Night and research BlazBlue. I'll check them out sometime. This story is going good, my friend. Keep at it and I'd like to see how the Senshi interact with each dimension's characters. Later!
Kanius chapter 2 . 1/9/2012
Nice chapter, JF! I enjoyed the continuing developments that carried forward from the last chapter. I really wasn't counting on Queen Beryl returning for revenge! I see she got a young makeover to make up for her shocking return.

Terumi is a hilarious character and liked the anime cliches he was pointing out. He adds a little humor on the side of evil. Cool to see Sailor Moon turn Eternal mode again.

Poor Pluto. She lost her memories and has arrived in the Inuyasha world. Wonder how Sesshomaru will react to see Setsuna with Rin and Jakken? I wonder just how the Senshi will rescue her.

I can't wait to see how the story goes and how where the Sailors go from here. You hint at Alter Forms for them. I'm curious. Keep up the good work!
Lady-Nyxx chapter 2 . 1/6/2012
Hi HI! Srry it took me a few days to finally get to this. I was working on Chapter 32...finally finished! Updating tomorrow! Yay!


This is supposed to be all about u...srry "

Anyway, its review time! Anything in parenthesis is stuff i added in or am suggesting.

In the sentence: "The battle between the two former servants of the 5th Grail War was heating up. After Archer rescued Sailor Mars and took him to the outskirts to battle, Gilgamesh was able to break free from his grip." Did you mean that "After Archer rescued Sailor Mars and took (her) to the outskirts to battle? Just wondering.

Make sure u watch out when you mix the word "than" with "then" and vice versa.

For the sentences: "Archer glanced upward at Gilgamesh after his proclamation. "What do you mean is she here? (that sounded weird to me, srry)" he said surprised. Gilgamesh had a smirk on his face before answering his inquiry.

"That's what that witch says. If I can take care of Sailor Mars and any opposition to her cause, I get her (that past sentence also sounded off...)." he said

-I felt that these statement/dialogue could be worded a bit better, or at least add in the appropriate punctuation so that it wouldnt It would help to say certain passages out loud or read things a few times if they dont seem to sound right. Even I was forced to either get rid of stuff or read things over and over if they dont sound correct to me. Just consider it, k? ;)

During Archer and Gilgamesh's battle, he summoned his "Gate of Babylon". Many readers might not know what this is, so it would really help to describe more what it is as and what it looks like.

LOL I felt so stupid when i read this. During that fight, i was trying to remember who had what weapon. then i was suddenly like " an of course he would have the bow and arrow..DUH!" lol

Again with any attack or different weapon that's mentioned (if its not a normal weapon or ordinary one such as a simple sword), it'd be nice to describe it more. For example, I have absolutely no idea what an "Ea" is.

Be careful with confusing "there" and "their" like in this sentence: "Archer glared at the two former servants he saw in the 5th Grail War that happened in there (their) dimension."

Every now and then, its good to remind the audience of small parts of the physical appearance of ur characters. What I mean by that is, mention eye color or even hair color, something to help you not have to redundantly say someone's name over and over whenever they complete and action or say something. For example something like "the one with the flowing raven hair announced" or something like that.

Yes! I applause you for your description of the different classes. I learned something today! great job with that, really! _

Make sure you watch your tenses. Establish whether or not this is in past tense or present. you kno, just to keep things consistent.

Try not to repeatedly start sentences with "He"/"She", mix it up a bit sometimes, k?

Watch out for run-on sentences such as "But she did make an exception for her younger sisters and was ballistic when she found out what he did to Sakura by giving her to the Matou family all because he wanted only one successor to the family and didn't want competition between his daughters and the Matou line didn't produce no strong magi except for Shinji but he was a hack." You can tell that it seems to last a while. if you say it out loud, you'd notice how a break needed to be added to separate this sentence.

Nice explanation of how the sailor scouts lost their memory to their past life )

During the section that focused on madame rachel and her crew, they noticed Archer fighting of demons, the problem with this would be that they dont know his name, so you shouldnt have referred to him as Archer (only since technically this section is in a form of rachels pov and she doesnt know him).

lol I smiled when darien came in with his rose. I was like "classic tuxedo mask"

In the sentences: "He then crashed into a barrier created by her and entrapped him in it. Than using the crystal she tossed the barrier around the room, trying to break his equilibrium. She than released him and he collapsed into a heap on the floor. She then ran to get to Endymion to heal his wounds." I noticed how you used a lot of "he then"/"then/than"/"she then". try to make the beginning of sentences sound different only to make it sound repetitious.

Okay, I'm curious about something. Darien called the queen "Usako". In the original japanese version, wasnt sailor moon's real name "Usagi"? Personally, I'm more used to calling her "Serena", but i knew that "Usagi" was her name. so...why does he call her "Usako"?

"Usako, you know longer have to transform into Sailor Moon anymore." I think you meant "no" instead of "know"

Enter Eternal Sailor moon! Yay! D

In the sentence, "Do as you will." She said and stared at Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon stared write back at Beryl who was supposed to be for all intense and purpose dead." You need to replace "write" with "right".

Make sure you dont mix up "Are" with "our". easy fix :)

Okay, this sentence was waaaaay too repetitive: "Pluto grabbed Venus, who grabbed Neptune, than she grabbed Mercury, who grasped Uranus hand, who grabbed Jupiter, which she held Saturn and she grabbed Mars and she grabbed Pluto." To cut it down, you could have just simply said "The senshi's formed a circle, each one of them holding the hand of another to close the shape completely" or something like that.

"Honestly, what is with these last minute saves? It's getting pretty annoying." I think that is my favorite quote in this whole chapter XD. Its so funny cuz its true! Last minute saves is like the anime rule lol

Okay, so far Terumi is funny with all of the true anime references. he's showing his inner otaku XD

In the sentence: "Yeah, thanks Mercury!" he said relived as he let her heal her.-I think you meant "he said relieved as he let her heal (him)"

I noticed how two sentences contradicted each other: "The two women didn't falter with their attacks. "What's the matter moon brat, you seem to be faltering?"" At first you said that they didnt falter and then went on to say that one did falter...just sounds confusing to me...

Wow, the ending to the battle between the scouts and beryl was really anti-climatic (by that i mean waaaaay too easy). luckily this wasnt the true final battle. how will our heros react when they find that the evil witch is still alive?

In the dialogue sentences: ""You can't believe in miracles Maria?" he asked the serious girl. She shook her head. "It's not that I don't believe in them Artemis, it just seems like we are celebrating too soon." She said. He nodded his head in respect to her. "How are the safe havens?" he asked."- There are two people talking so make sure you separate their paragraphs whenever a new person speaks.

Ah! So when you mentioned Rin before, I didnt kno u meant the one from Inuyasha! Okay. haha. And omg Jaken, you live in a world filled with demons, is it really that hard to believe that someone came from the sky? uptight all the time!

Haha cant wait to see how sesshomaru will take in the news of a new member ;)

ur using asuna in this? awesome! cant wait to see if anything is used with her

Cant wait to see what else will unfold.

Until next chapter _

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