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finite7incantatum chapter 6 . 9/17
Hi Morning Lilies! I've been reading your stories for years and years now, and I've finally decided to get a fanfiction account to tell you how much they mean to me. Your writing transports me. Always. I always feel like I'm in the room (or sometimes, in the MIND) of the character that I'm reading about, in your stories. This story is my favorite story of yours. Each and every single letter was perfect, and I could hear and feel Harry in every single one of them. This is officially canon in my head now. I'm so glad Teddy unearthed a bit of magical history, and I'm even more glad that Harry was there for him afterwards. Thank you for your beautiful writing! :)
Anna chapter 6 . 9/17
Really fantastic :)!
hdres chapter 6 . 9/15
What a fab story. Thank you for sharing it.
MarauderMist chapter 6 . 9/14
It's the best short story I've read. I'll be expecting more such stories from you.
Briardust chapter 1 . 9/10
D': Blubber blubber blubber

dancingonstars chapter 6 . 8/21
I only just found this and it was amazing. I usually don't review on old stories but this one was too perfect for me to not. I think everyone's personalities, responses and actions were perfect. Right from the first letter you had me crying and it almost never stopped. The love, angst and uncertainty of that time read through wholeheartedly through each and every letter. Words really can't describe how amazing and perfect this was. I only wish for some more Teddy and Victoire.
starlightandseaglass chapter 6 . 8/15
This is perfect. You have totally captured 17-year-old Harry's voice and the letters in this story are so heartbreaking because I can totally picture Harry writing them during DH. Fred and George's especially broke my heart, though it wasn't so much the letter as the part where Teddy realized Harry only wrote them one letter because he couldn't even imagine one of them living but not the other, they were that inseparable. That's honestly how I feel every time I'm reminded of Fred's death.
And as sad as this story is, ending it with Teddy's letter was a brilliant idea that gave the end of this piece an almost hopeful tone. Harry's obvious adoration for him and the idea that he was going to make the sacrifice he was going to so that Teddy could live in a world where his biggest worries are what house he'll be in and not getting in trouble at home for causing mischief really puts the rest of this story into perspective, and the whole thing is made so much sweeter by the fact that Harry was able to see Teddy grow up and teach him all these things in favorite.
I'm favoriting this story, and I'm definitely going to look and see what else you've written. Please keep writing. You have a great grasp on the characters, especially Harry.
nonymous chapter 6 . 8/11
this is one of the best fics i have ever read. it was touching and funny and wonderful in equal amounts. kudos, writer
13yearsagediff chapter 2 . 7/18
god I love this fic so much. this is my third time through yet it still gets me everytime!
SapphiRubyCrys chapter 6 . 7/15
This is so amazing... so touching... wow...
LittleAngel01385 chapter 3 . 7/10
My first thought was... "Uh oh."
Fangalitious chapter 6 . 7/2
I absolutely adored this story. You did a wonderful job channeling Harry's 17-year-old mind and writing style, and I appreciated that you didn't try to turn it into some inspirational thing for Teddy to then go seek out Victoire. Not all important relationships are romantic, and I love reading stories such as this one that show a more accurate depiction of a person's connections with other people. I can't wait to go and read more of your writing!
fanfics4fun chapter 6 . 6/25
This fic was brilliant. Maybe a tad ooc in some places, and it could use a bit of Britpicking, but overall I love it!

Definately incorporating some of it into my headcanon.
Atomicity chapter 1 . 6/20
Wow what powerful writing. This is a fantastic premise and your characterization and portrayal of the relationships is spot on.
IfIOnlyWereAWeasley chapter 1 . 6/18
Okay, like you said this is almost two different stories, so I'm going to review as such.

First, Teddy: This is so good, I love how you describe his feelings towards the little ones and towards his godfather. It's so realistic and believable. And I love how he tripped and wound up finding the letters. He's definitely Tonks's son!

Now, the letters: I don't know what else to say, other than that these letters are cannon. You're J.K., and these letters are definitely, 100% cannon. I refuse to accept anything else. These happened and that's all. (Seriously though, they're so freaking amazing)
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