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crazylove1980 chapter 16 . 1/7/2012
Nice update. It was a good chapter!
Canadian-23 chapter 16 . 1/7/2012
Hey amazing! :)

Great chapter! Love their family relationship and they made a beautiful family! Can't wait to see the next chapter and you are amazing! :) :)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 15 . 1/7/2012



That was... *tries to steady the panting!* Oh god *notices that whole body is sweating* Is it just me or is it really really hot in here? 0_0 So so hot... and so so incredibly sexy with a magnificent magnitude of romantic smut... Okay, um, I can't breath at the moment so... um... My mouth has suddenly gone all dry, I need some water... and a fan... and a new heart, this one just exploded and oh my god... 6_9 That was bloody fantastic.

Ermm... where do I begin? I am actually so fluffed up and so honoured that you dedicated this chapter to me, you are truly phenomenal with all your creations and it makes me giggle with smutty happiness that this was in my interest "_" I'm still panting over here!

I'm sorry if this may offend anyone... but I warn you, this review WILL contain VERY GRAPHIC language.

At the first few words my heart started racing, the promise of something truly extraordinary. There was such love, with affection, in the way in which Arthur carefully placed Merlin down, how he helped him sit. But... what made this so romantic, was the way Arthur did promise to spend Merlin into white-hot bliss, but first wanted to do something else for him. The way in which they both had half-lidded eyes, how at Arthur's fingertips, Merlin was feeling his skin tingle in anticipation. Arthur had been truly wounded by the idea of their seperation, so tonight he would make Merlin feel as good as possible. When Arthur placed himself behind Merlin, the position was so heartwarmingly romantic, the way Arthur rested his head between Merlin's neck and his shoulder, ghosting his lips against the surface, pulling Merlin tight against himself. And when Merlin felt Arthur's hot and so incredibly hard cock press flush into his back... I believe that all the blood from that area rushed in pure pleasure - the whole of his body fading into boneless lust. Then as Arthur kissed the beck of Merlin's neck... it was so intimate and tender, the press of lips on skin was Arthur completely worshipping Merlin, a sign of his devotion... and as he started to massage Merlin's shoulders... Merlin's body certainly melted into hot flushes of need, melting into Arthur's body and the sweet relief from ache it brought. Arthur was turning Merlin into a loose limbed moaning pile of hot pleasure at his touch. Merlin totally surrendered to the feeling and the way in which Arthur moved lower and lower, Merlin's nerves on fire... it was so amazing. Then as Arthur pressed his fingertips into Merlin's lower back, just above his bum, the way in which Merlin collasped into oblivion and moaned how he missed Arthur's hands... the way Arthur's cock took interest to that and teased its way higher up Merlin's back, how Arthur was so totally loving Merlin being at his mercy - to make Merlin feel this good. When he teased Merlin, asking if it was just his hands, it was funny how he then asked what his hands did to him... and they certainly were turning Merlin into jelly - Arthur smiling at his work. Then when Arthur squeezed Merlin's arse, Merlin's submitted cry of elation was just so breathtaking, how he couldn't contain himself any longer and brought Arthur into such a heated passionate kiss... it was divine. Then as Arthur moved his hot hands over Merlin's thighs... Merlin was just a fluffy goo of smutty fantasy, the way in which he begged for Arthur to be in him, but Arthur wanting to give Merlin even more. Then we got to the cream and Merlin's shaking from lust and love was brilliant. The way he shivered with submission and pure libido wrecked his body as Arthur said so seductively that he would coat Merlin's cock in it then suck it all off... Merlin realising how good that would feel. It was quite adorable then, how he just wanted Merlin to enjoy it, knowing he would _- Merlin knew this was all Arthur's doing, how he then slipped the cream onto Merlin... and in his lustful haze, he wanted so much to suck the cream off Arthur's fingers, so he did. The daring seduction in their locked eyes... how it was like Merlin sucking Arthur's cum... their sexual desire was off the chart as they wondered how they had survived without doing this, why they had waited so long. Then as Arthur thought of it, he did it... and the way in which Merlin responsed to Arthur nipping and sucking his nipples... lets just say that the whole of Camelot will know by now how much Arthur can pleasure Merlin. When Merlin apologised for nipping Arthur a bit too much... how he was so sorry for getting lost in his lust - Arthur was over the moon that he could reduce Merlin to such animal reactions. The kiss to his stomach WAS so tender... how it was like a symbol of their love, how yet another child would tell the world of their story. Merlin's giggles at Arthur's possessiveness was so cute, but quickly turned so hot as Arthur started to take Merlin in his mouth. Merlin hadn't known anything like this before... the sweet glide of Arthur's fat, moist tongue caressing his cock with such hunger, how the cream was fastly disappearing as Arthur completely ravished Merlin to peaked sensitivity. Merlin was... breathless and speechless to say the least, and as Arthur guided him to the new stage of their love-making... Merlin was so wanton. The slow strech of having Arthur part his cheeks was too much... then as Arthur smiled in his passion, and started to lick Merlin's hole... oh my bloody god! The sweet heated pressure of having Arthur's tongue split him in two was so good for Merlin... the way Arthur was so hungry for more and digging his way into Merlin, Merlin himself clenching and unclenching at the delicious rapture that his sex god was giving him. The way Arthur wanted to get Merlin as slick as possible, loving his taste and losing himself in Merlin, how he licked the rim then went in deeper... Merlin WAS in complete blissful heaven, his body so over worked it was so pleasureable. Merlin was undone... but Arthur wasn't done yet... as he took advantage of Merlin even more and pushed his cock into Merlin... this was certainly the climax... I believe Merlin was so into relishing into the rapture, that he heard the world stop, no silent for a few blissful moments of paradise as Arthur thrusted into him. But he wanted more, and Arthur was willing beyond any comprehendsion. Their moans of raphsody were heavenly... how Merlin was begging for it harder by Arthur, and when he did, the feel of Arthur's thick and god-like length of a cock started hitting him there, the rock hard head leaking within him and landing each glorious hit to that bundle of nerves... Merlin was in complete ecstasy... As was Arthur, feeling Merlin's tight walls consume him with such eager need, pulling him in deeper and clamping him in such a vice-like grip it was all Arthur could do from not cumming too soon. The burn for both of them was overflowing with heat and passion and they yet again exchanged their hearts to the other. The speed, the thrusts, were all too much, just complete blissful euphoria washing over every nerve they possessed as they came into paradise and their release. Arthur's smug smirks made the atmosphere all the hotter as Merlin panted to no end, the heat of Arthur's cum leaking from Merlin leaving them both boneless with pleasure. And as they tenderly settled down together... it was so romantic, how Arthur held Merlin close and they expressed their love with such depth in emotion. And their goodnights, with no breath left... truly reflected just how intensely in lust and love they truly are.

Thanks For Sharing x

P.S. Please have Merlin limping the next day and Arthur so wonderfully sore... maybe they should just stay in bed _
foxgodess07 chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
finally they made up. update soon.
Canadian-23 chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
Hey amazing! :)

That was so hot and romantic! They are perfect for each other! :) I love this amazing chapter and I can't wait to see the next chapter! You are amazing! Love you! :) xoxo
wolfGirl812 chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
Question. Why is Arthur the only one to do something special for Merlin and not the other way around?

Love this story and five days is not soon enough. cant wait for more chapters.
Grizzo chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
Glad he pulled his head out of his ass, and put in Merlin'
Forever Cullen chapter 15 . 1/4/2012
I have one word to say ... H..O..T :)

and your welcome.
Forever Cullen chapter 14 . 1/2/2012
loved it, Arthur was so sweet. :)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 14 . 1/2/2012
That was so romantic and... practically perfect in every way. There were quite a few nice contrasts in this chapter which I thought were effective and nearing the ending was just so heartwarming - it was unbelieveable.

The bgeinning made me laugh SO much - I think more to do with the imagery of what was to come... _ PUN INTENDED! Arthur, you know, was casually walking down the corridor, yearning his heart out for Merlin again, where he is greeted by these maids _ What gossips they must be. I don't know why... but I pictured Gwen and Morgana look alikes for this bit. Once Arthur heard the words 'romantic' and 'candles' it was so breathtaking how he slowed as to hear them better, his heart racing, looking for prompts to make him remember what he did. There own conversation made me laugh, how the candlelight makes the guy's dick look bigger... but taking this into account... it was as obvious as their love that Arthur was planning something similar for Merlin - so with a whole roomful of candles... Arthur's cock was massive anyway, but with the extra help, wouldn't Merlin be breeched with something that was the length of a thick forearm? _ Me and my dirty mind, trust me to think that up :P

Anyway, back to the review: After the maids giggled and walked off - Arthur's dumbfounded expression was priceless - how he was frozen with thought and began to realise what his heart was trying to tell him, scream at him. As he remembered Merlin saying that at the roses he was getting warmer - the way he suddenly had a mini silent fluff attack in his heart knowing what he had done before and what Merlin was referring to... it was so adorable how he got all excited and thought that - NO - the knights could wait for a drink - he wanted to woo his Merlin! It was quite heartbreaking actually - how Arthur had that hint of doubt about himself and was hoping against hope that this is what Merlin wanted - because if he was honest - he was dying every day waiting for Merlin. And Arthur's body definately reacted with the promise of a heated Merlin beneath him. It was so passionate - how Arthur tried so desperately to will his erection away, knowing that if it was noticed while he was knighting then questions would be asked. But who can blame him? He and Merlin have sex every night... he needs this, and his heart and groin's aching was so uplifting.

Merlin knew something was up instantly... PUN NOT INTENTED! The way he thought it was odd how Arthur didn't give the knights a drink and just went off to somewhere... Merlin's curious sorrow was heartbreaking. But then again, for the reader it was so romantic because we know what Arthur is doing whereas Merlin is just suffering in silence, wanting to AT LEAST SEE! his husband during the day. The way Percival commented on his distant sadness made it also aware to the reader that Merlin's sorrow was leaking through. At first, Merlin brushed off these feelings, just saying that he'd find out soon enough and treated the knights to a drink *Quick Thing: I thought this bit showed how Merlin and Arthur work so well together, how if one is unavaliable, the other will step in - Destiny Anyone?* But at the end of the day, the time alone gave Merlin's mind enough space for disgusting thoughts to come to live. What if he was seeing an evil sorcerer, threating to kill Merlin so they couldn't face it alone? What if Arthur had a curse and needed to travel somewhere? What if Arthur was so heartbroken over the single nights of neglect he was shattering in heart and duties? All these things seemed to swirl in Merlin's head and the way he kissed his daughters goodnight - he seemed only thinking of Arthur... and how cold he was without his touch. When he asked Raven had she seen Arthur, the hope in that he wasn't missing was so delightful in Merlin, but as Raven said only tihs morning - the despair started to eat at his heart again. Then when he went to Marie-Eve's room, I thought it was such a sweet bonding moment - how Merlin had seen Evie staring into the fire and therefore created an ember picture of light for her. But it was no ordinary ember creation - this one was of the Pendragon Symbol - I could tell... and I thought, combined with the sadness in Merlin's eyes, that it reflected his heart's panic and worry.

Then what did make me 'aww' was how Merlin had gone the long way to see if Arthur was in the room. _ It was so heartclenchingly adorable to see Merlin so worried. But all his fears melted to startled love as soon as he heard Arthur's voice behind him. When he then turned to see Arthur, I believe his heart started racing, not in panic, but in sheer relief. Arthur was so calm and collected and it was such a sweet contrast to see the roles reversed. Usually its Arthur unravelling about Merlin's safety, now it was Merlin pouring his heart out about not seeing Arthur all day, how of course he was worried you prat! Arthur wanted this to be as romantic and tender as possible, and it really was. The way he so sweetl seducted his words in saying that Merlin hadn't left his sight... it was so heartfelt, even more so when Merlin ached out where had he been. But Arthur would not tell him, except asking if he trusted him. And to actually hear Merlin saying with his life - to have that much trust and love in one person was so heartwrenching to see. Arthur obviously melting in the wave of affection, for his smile was so content. When he then tied the cloth around Merlin's eyes and so lustful told him he show where he'd been all day - Merlin's shivers protrayed his own loving excitement. I thought it was so sweet, how Arthur was guiding Merlin through the castle and when they got to the steps - the way Arthur carried Merlin was so romantic and the exhileration and fluffy giggles from Merlin were so... just... amazing. Their happiness was so positively glowing! Then as they approached the door and Arthur got Merlin inside... the unknowing in Merlin was so cute, even the reader didn't know exactly what Arthur had done but... to see Merlin's heart pound in anticipation was... the atmosphere was just so perfectly gentle. And as Arthur held Merlin's hands and told him ever so softly to open his eyes... the moment he did... it was breathtakingly magical. I believe that Merlin's heart stopped, stopped in pure love, overwhelming emotions swelling his eyes as he realised just how much he meant to Arthur, just how determinded and romantic Arthur really was. The candles... the rose petals... all of it was just so mesmerisingly touching and I think for a moment Merlin forgot how to breathe. And yet, Arthur still had that nervous doubt in his voice, asking Merlin if this is what he wanted, if he forgave him... because he was so desperate and one more night alone would rip his heart. Merlin's sweet laughter at Arthur's fluffy nervers was adorable, even more so as his emotions just became too much, Merlin truly melting and realising in just how much this man loved him, how he looked so tenderly into Arthur's eyes... and wanted to give him everything - this is where he belongs...

Thanks For Sharing x
Canadian-23 chapter 14 . 1/1/2012
Hey amazing!

Yeah they are happy again and I can't wait to see the make up sex scene ;)! Sensational work and I can't wait for the next chapter! You are amazing! Love you! :) :)
Grizzo chapter 14 . 1/1/2012
Sometimes you don't have to hit them accross the head with a baseball bat, for them to actually get their common sense
foxgodess07 chapter 14 . 1/1/2012
that was pretty good update soon.
crazylove1980 chapter 14 . 1/1/2012
Great chapter! Thanks for the update on the holiday!
A.L. Cullen chapter 14 . 1/1/2012
:D Great update!
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