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cag21 chapter 13 . 12/31/2011
Amazing...i love how Merlin is trying to Arthur apologize properly.
Merthur Dreamer chapter 13 . 12/30/2011
What do I think? What do I think?... This is just Merlin's way of getting Arthur to think a bit more _ He still loves him with undying affection. I admit the beginning got me really sad but... after seeing a few smiles in Merlin's eyes... I knew that this was just Merlin teasing Arthur into actually thinking about them.

As soon as I read that Arthur was rushing to their chambers my heart just melted. They were locked?... How far was Merlin hurt... The way Arthur tried so desperately as to open them with the key but then realised that Merlin must have used his magic... I started to really hate that door - it was the only barrier keeping Arthur away from Merlin and proving to him how much he meant to him. It was times like this I thought Merlin was so forgetful... did he not recall that Arthur looked physically beaten when he did not sleep with him? When he called for Merlin to let him in he sounded so scared - thoughts of truly hurting Merlin spinning through his mind. What made my heart ache though was how Arthur was really trying to prove himself to Merlin, how he related that how was he supposed to apologise if he couldn't look at him - highlighting how he was listening to Merlin. It did upset me though how broken Arthur looked and was becoming when Merlin started twisiting his words then, he looked so panicked and it torn deep inside. When Merlin said that Arthur never shows him anymore... that wasn't entirely true... didn't he give him the now and then massage. Every night, didn't Arthur worship his body and pleasure him to no end? It did make me laugh despite the situation when Arthur voiced my thoughts and Merlin told him to wipe that smirk _ Even more so when Arthur tried to lighten the mood and said could he see through the wood. But after that failed... a wave of such intense meaning and love washed over Arthur - how he ran his hand through his hair and asked so tenderly if what Merlin wanted was for him to say and show how sorry he was... Merlin's distant sob 'yes' clicking something inside. The atmosphere got so thick then and I believe that even Merlin felt his heart whimper at the way Arthur's tone protrayed his sorrow. Arthur would do anything and everything for Merlin... and if that is what he must do then he would do it. His final farewell of 'I Love You Merlin' was so full of such emotion that I was left breathless.

The part in which Raven confessed the teasing... I thought she did in fact have a lot of courage but... throughout the whole thing she seemed so scared about it, how she called him 'Papa' also. Arthur was calm and collected, probably talking with the others on ideas to cheer Merlin up... then Raven did seem genuinely remorseful. The way she broke down and started crying, the women as support, but when she got to the way she felt responsible for Merlin and Arthur not talking... how could anyone be angry at her for long? I think Arthur was more hurt than mad to be honest, but he didn't show any signs of it and the way he looked into her eyes to make her realise that it was he that was the cause for everything... the atmosphere just got so caring and loving between them and it was so heartwarming how Arthur's heart swelled as he had to mention he and Merlin not talking. The embrace was so full of comfort and it was just so... heartwarming, yes, to see that support in Arthur for Raven. She was scared and had done wrong... but she was sorry.

It was most intriguing when Gwaine came to Merlin's door and informed him he had to take him to Arthur. But before he did, the way he just said Arthur was not in the castle... although it was like a reassureance for Merlin to come out... the way he then asked where he was - that was intense fear in his eyes, however masked. Then as Gwaine informed him about the situation of Raven's confession - how Arthur had been so calm about it and maybe a bit relieved that he wouldn't lose his daughter to some new Prince... I believe Merlin was on the road to being impressed. Then when they got to the clearing - all of Merlin's wonders were answered as he found Arthur in his favourite clothes for him and his favourite food. The idea of a romantic picnic in the country with only nature as their company did seem to swell around the affection in Arthur's eyes. He was so hopeful, truly thinking that this was showing Merlin his remorse and thoughtfulness - because it certainly stopped my heart the trouble Arthur had gone through. But it seemed as if it wasn't enough and as Merlin rode back... it was like someone had taken a knife to Arthur'd heart... the way he told Gwaine if he could share the horse... his eyes protraying his sorrow. I think not only did Gwaine want to lighten the mood... but understood they needed some alone time. So as he went over and asked Arthur to fetch Percival... I think it was a little relief to Arthur that at least Gwaine sympathised with him.

It was so solemn... the way Merlin and Arthur's eyes met. Again here, as Percival was told that Gwaine was waiting for him... studing the agony hidden in Arthur's eyes, he put up little protest to go and join his husband, hoping Merlin and Arthur would be alright. It was so SWEET then... how the girls rushed over to Arthur and in those moment he greeted them, I believe Merlin remembered why he fell in love with him, the way he was about to join them but held back - reminding himself that Arthur still needed to prove himself worthy. The girls planning made me laugh and Merlin's denfense did break when he said yes to Raven.

So now in their chambers ready... how far was Merlin going to go - it was one thing to deny him his eye contact but to not even say thank you, not even in their way... that cut deep for Arthur and seemed to fuel his determination to find out what Merlin needed. When Raven and Evie left in the hopes having some alone time with each other they'd be okay... it was so cute how they left. Put on a show?... THAT stung, and it showed on Arthur's distraught face and then as he poured his heart to Merlin. So here, I believe Merlin understood he went a bit far and gave Arthur some clues... with the hidden smile and the way he said it was before Raven... Arthur's perplexed face was already planning.

I got excited then... Merlin was there just to 'put on the show' for his daughters - he was so totally there just in case his stupid husband hurt himself. So, as Merlin was distracted with the knight to be and thought of his and Arthur's time - a glint of love was dancing in his eyes. Arthur got distracted by Merlin's laugh... it was so romantic how the world slowed down for him and all he could do was melt and gaze at Merlin and just relish in his happy laughter - not knowing that he was in his thoughts. But then when the blade came down and struck Arthur - everyone came to their senses and Merlin's eyes seemed to weep instantly. Arthur was gracious and all Arthur about it, being such a man about it and trying not to whice. When Raven and Evie came rushing in and hugged him... it was such a heartwarming moment to see Raven and Evie express their love for their father - it was a rare thing but as of late it seemed their attachement was becoming more public... Then as Merlin rushed in - he didn't deny Arthur helping him... _ Then as he got to work and starting healing him, the panic in his eyes began to fade as he saw it was working - Arthur touched by the fact Merlin would do it. Merlin tried to cover his emotions about it all, not wanting Arthur to see what a wreck his heart had been and how for one moment he thought his heart had burst - Arthur countering with the truth. Then as he indicated to the man with roses and said those were for him... Merlin was a puddle of fluffy melted in love with Arthur goo _

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Forever Cullen chapter 13 . 12/30/2011
loved it.

It seems Arthurs' on the right track with the rose.

can't wait for the next chapter.

happy new year. :)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 12 . 12/30/2011
*shakes head* You'd think grown adults would understand when a 'joke' goes too far... To be honest I blame Morgana _

This started off really heartwarming and sweet so I guess thats what made the ending's contrast all the more sad :( I thought it was nicely opened with how Gwaine was walking along then found Arthur. At his description, the reader was insighted into, again, just how much Merlin and Arthur mean to each other and just how much they are linked. When we were told that he had the same clothes on... had he been so worried about Merlin as to not get a servant to get him new ones? His eyes were bloodshot - and that what made my heart swell the most because it protrayed not only had he been crying but... he had feel so lost and distraught without Merlin that someone as strong as Arthur Pendragon was forced into tears. His heart must have been weeping the entire night, constantly reaching for Merlin, his heartstrings becoming so sore from the yearning pull. Hadn't had much sleep... well, he had been so scared, worried and heartbroken over it all that he hadn't the chance to sleep. Wasn't it stated at an earlier stage that Merlin and Arthur have always slept in the same bed since their marriage?... I remember something similar so... maybe Arthur to a certain extent knew that Merlin was just teasing him and teaching him to not be so hotheaded about the 'Raven and Lucan' situation but... maybe Arthur thought that because of his arrogance his guilt started to eat away at him and make him believe that... Merlin didn't love him anymore. He must have slapped the thought away instantly but the scars were visible in his eyes.

I think Gwaine should have been more sensitive :( Don't kick a broken man when he's down!

I think this is the one time that I wanted to punch Gwaine for a bit _ The way his knowing eyes asked Arthur what he was doing when he already knew the answer was so MEAN. Then Arthur's embarrassed lie was so heartbreakingly adorable and for once - Arthur looked so vulnerable. Then when Gwaine started poking pins in Arthur's heart and saying that it was because Merlin didn't let them share their chambers - Arthur's increased innocent look was so heartclenching - Arthur not wanting people to know about it, especially Gwaine who would abuse that knowledge. Then when Gwaine let the tension go and told Arthur that he knew and that Merlin told him - for once he seemed caring. But as Arthur was about to breathe a sigh of relief and told him that it was because he kept looking at Raven because he was worried about her... I thought it very callous of Gwaine as he tried to hold back his laugh. It may not have been much to him but the hurt look on Arthur's face was enough and his snap of anger wasn't only fuelled by his lack of sleep but because this was serious to him and at this moment in time - Arthur felt more lonely than ever - and he was blaming himself for it with his heavy guilt. Gwaine... mildly made the situation better for me when he commented on the connection Merlin and Arthur have and how he can't sleep proper without him.

These next scene I thought held a very thick atmosphere and a tender pace to them. It was heartbreakingly touching how Merlin started to realise just what he had done to Arthur inadvertently. It was so gentle, how Arthur walked in to find Merlin asleep so was as quiet as possible. There was such love and affection in his eyes as he thought Merlin was probably so tired from his pregnancy and went to sleep after Gwaine left. Arthur's consideration to Merlin reflected the tenderness between them and how he got himself ready and got the set of clothes and wash basin... I think Arthur's heart was slight softly weeping at this point. Which made Merlin's realisation all the more moving. Arthur's movements were so lethargic and slow... it gave Merlin time to truly study him and not only relish in his husband's muscular power and how his muscles seemed to ripple with water due to their flexible strength but... it gave Merlin time to truly see the turmoil he had caused Arthur. Guilt and regret seemed to immediately stabbed Merlin's heart open as he knew they never slept well without the other and the way Arthur looked so broken and tired was all because of Merlin and he finally realised also that maybe this joking and teasing with Raven had gone too far... because seeing Arthur so worn and Merlin knowing he was the cause... I believe Merlin's heart split in regret and agony at that moment. As Arthur noticed he slight needed some clean breeches - it did make me smile how casually Arthur took his pants off. This was the last straw for Merlin because I believe he then understand with such guilt that he was the only weakness to Arthur. Arthur Pendragon is a strong and couragous man - everyone knows that - so to see him now so lost and torn, I think Merlin understood just how much he meant to Arthur, making his guilt increase to swelling levels because he had broken something so special and amazing, the man who had just loved him and was simply worried about losing his daughter. The perfectly toned arse I think made him want to get over there before the view was blocked _ But Merlin's heart was rotting itself and the way he got up and addressed Arthur - his voice shaking - his emotion and remorse was so thick. And what made this situation all the more heartbreaking for Merlin was how he had lead Arthur to believe that all this was his fault and seeing Arthur take the blame so selflessly I believe made Merlin not only feel awful for his actions but as if he had manipulated him, the man he loved. Arthur was so concerned and fearful when he saw Merlin upset and the way he was so ignorant made this all the more scarring. Merlin's apology was truly from his heart and now he too was feeling the effecting of being parted for the night. When Merlin voiced his guilt and told Arthur he was so sorry for making Arthur like this, like I said before, the way Arthur was believing it was all his own fault made this 'joke' seem quite horrible. But it was so heartachingly sweet how Arthur admitted he didn't listen to Merlin. It was so tender then, as Merlin commented on the lovely view and then how Arthur kissed Merlin's pouting lips. It was his apology to Merlin and the love between them rose so intensely as Merlin wrapped his arms around him so desperately asking for the kisses he missed. Their desperation for the other's touch, how they both had been starved of the other for the whole night weeped through their emotion as they made love to atone the night and blissful melt in their affections and eternal bond, their fiery passion as bright as sunlight.

I loved how Merlin and Arthur could do EVERY kiss there is. It was funny how Gwaine went to sulk because of Percival's concern but when Evie came rushing in... I did love this bit. It was so sweet and tender. What made it all the sweeter was how they both had completely no problem kissing in public. First was the 'Friend Kiss'. Arthur's smile was so brilliant and when he pecked Merlin on the cheek I couldn't help but noticed how Merlin blushed in the love. Next up... the 'Shy Kiss'... and it was so fluffy how Arthur got lost in his demonstation and actually blushed _ Then... 'The First Time Kiss' and this got so heated. The romantic atmosphere was so lovingly intense and combine with their intimacy this morning - it made the moment all the more breathtaking. The world stopped and stared as Merlin and Arthur forgot everything else. The way they looked into each other's eyes and kissed then, melting in the soft touch of lips... then feeling the romance and love flutter inside them, smiling uncontrolablely, as they kissed again. It was so beautiful, really, truly heartwarmingly touching, a sweet reminder of their romance. But as Evie said that was the kiss she saw Raven and Lucan do... the atmosphere suddenlt turned to one of me going '_' But there was this air of foreboding as everyone laughed.

Merlin's comanding reasoning for Raven was so well done and Arthur's fluttered replys made me giggle. One thing though... isn't Arthur gay? _ Did he notice girls first but quickly decline the offer? _ Merlin was working Arthur into a tight spot though as he pushed Arthur to admit it was him just over-reacting. But when Arthur snapped and said why wasn't Merlin more like him about this... I think both of them were to blame for the heartbreak. Okay, hear me out. Arthur shouldn't have said that - although it was more than likely due to his lack of sleep and a surge of the moment - he still should have thought about his words and their effects. BUT, I think Merlin shouldn't have reacted the way he did. Due to the fact that there were other factors influencing Arthur's reaction - Merlin should have just waited for him to apologise because he was immediately remorseful afterwards, knownig he didn't mean any of that. A slap was a bit much but Merlin's own hotheadedness was probably down to the pregnacy and the hormonal inbalance. There was so need for shouting... But guess what was the cause of ALL this... THE BLOODY JOKE... some things do go too far...

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foxgodess07 chapter 13 . 12/29/2011
good chap update soon.
Canadian-23 chapter 13 . 12/29/2011
Hey amazing!

Aswome chapter! Love the way Merlin and Arthur relationship is soo real! Just amazing work and Happy New Year to you too! Can't wait to see the next chapter and you are sensational! Love you! :)
A.L. Cullen chapter 13 . 12/29/2011
great update :D
Forever Cullen chapter 12 . 12/26/2011
Loved it.

wonder how the guy will take to being messed with.
DiorAddicted chapter 12 . 12/26/2011
Another wonderful chapter! Loved it! Can't wait for the next one!

By the way as I was reading the chapter I thought that you write Gwaine and Percival quite good too! And I really want to see what's going on with them! So I came to think that maybe you could write an oneshot about them only.. How is with their pregnancy, how Percival and Gwaine react to all the changes to it and stuff like that! I would so love you if you did! hhehe..

But anyway, I just thought to give you something to think about! hehehe..

Great work once again! :)

crazylove1980 chapter 12 . 12/26/2011
Fantastic chapter! I just found Merlin today and I love your fics!
Canadian-23 chapter 12 . 12/26/2011
Hey amazing!

Again sensational work! I really love it and I can't wait to see the next one! You are amazing! Love you! :) :)
foxgodess07 chapter 12 . 12/26/2011
wow yea it got a little crazy. update soon.
Merthur Dreamer chapter 11 . 12/24/2011
Threatening with sex Merlin?... _ Always works XD Arthur's face! WHAT! A NIGHT WERE HE CAN'T BE WITH MERLIN! Not only is that threat a possible night without sex which is bad enough but... its a night were they can't be together, a night were Arthur won't be able to hold his Merlin and kiss him senseless, can't hold him until the dawn of the day and lose himself in the ivory skin being wrapped in his warmth... That emotional threat is quite deep for Arthur...

Again, I loved this, seriously, how do you do it? The atmosphere for this fic is just fantastic and I do feel sorry for Arthur in a way, seeing his daughter slip away so fast and so suddenly because... Raven's always been his littel girl and - he's always been protecting her and she is his first daughter, the shock and turmoil of parenting being the hardest there. And now his little girl is all grown up and taking an 'interest' in young boys and... I guess Arthur isn't ready to let her go yet. Thats whats so heartbreakingly sweet, Arthur in the back of his mind always thinking that the family would stay together: just him, Merlin and their children.

You do introductions VERY well and the formal scene of the greeting was perfectly charming. It was really sweet and quite amazing actually, to see all the family there together. *PHOTO MOMENT!* It was funny how Morgana needed to change at the last minute because Raven was wearing her colour _ Girls and their clothes, honestly _ I don't know why but I thought of my childhood and the beginning to 'Sleeping Beauty' and how the servant announced their arrival - very grand, I must say. It was classic, the way Edward and Catherine entered with Lucan and all eyes were focusing on what the fathers reactions would be. Did they really plan all this? It made me giggle, how everyone who was invovled with the set up seemed to have a knowing gleam in their eyes as they watched at what would happen... little did they know that Raven and Lucan would probably get together anyway _ When Uther greeted them all and introduced everyone is was all very splendid - then during the greeting they all seemed to watch what Arthur would do when Lucan kissed Raven's hand... He seemed to do it in feeling, not as though he was meant to... But I still thought Arthur would want to bloody skin him slowly _ Speaking of which... its very hard to blush on purpose - I think Raven was generally taken aback by the touch. It was so sweetly funny then, how Arthur narrowed his eyes slightly and tightened his hold on Raven, taking her back - the gesture symbolising how Arthur wanted to protect her for as long as possible - rather than she just casually go off with some new visiting prince. But then even I was shocked, as Raven said she'd show Lucan where he'd be staying... I know their kids but I had a flash of future actions 0_0 Not pretty :P

Anyway, I loved the ending to this scene! I was literally beaming for ages! The way Arthur was just so gobsmacked that Raven and Lucan had taken such a liking to each other was hilarious. It was very comical how Balinor just kept nodding in agreement, too shocked to keep talking. Arthur's counters were so sweetly fatherly paranoid as he told her that 'friends' do not kiss on the hand like that. Then when he said it was a 'full on' kiss... I was a giggling mess - even more so, when Merlin covered Evie's ears and countered to prove Arthur was exaggerating - saying if THAT was a full on kiss... then what the hell would Arthur call their lovemaking and what they did _ Arthur's then speechless retreat was just so ARTHUR - knowing he had no arguement for that.

A horse ride! YAY! Can I come? When I read that Evie went with Arthur, at first I thought it could have been that she wanted to spend more time with Arthur or to distract him from thinking Raven was being taken from him by the evil and horny *12 year old... Arthur _ Give him some credit* Lucan! But as you showed the reader how Raven and Lucan waited to go out the stables as they came in... the goal to annoy Arthur - I then thought differently as Evie asked if they had been kissing - then remembering she wanted to say that in front of Arthur. The hay in her hair was GENIUS - it certainly made the three men totally fuming as Edward only fuelled the fires, using an innocent tone of how Lucan seemed unusally interested in her. Arthur, Uther and Balinor's thoughts of how they must have been kissing, the scene with too much evidence, I did feel sorry for them in a way when they find out its all a joke to irriate them _

What I loved about this little bit was how Edward referred to it as if they saw their husbands, obviously knowing of Merlin and Arthur's marriage and okay with it _ HE BETTER BE! But I guess a pregnant male was sort of a give away :P The laughing was so wicked. And then Merlin's tossing ideas around for tonight's feast... the eagerness in his eyes was so cute and... I thought for a moment how Merlin was involved just because he liked to see puppy-eyed Arthur with pouty angry lips... Merlin, you kinky pregnant! _

THE FEAST! YUMMY! I thought this bit was actually really sweet. The way Arthur was smug because Lucan wasn't anywhere near Raven was quite chuckle-worthy, how his mind could rest for now. But once the dancing was called for... the way he noticed all the people begin to dance... my heart melted at his adorable in love gaze as he was about to ask Merlin if he wanted to dance... Soon to be ripped away though as Raven ran away with a Lucan... Raven never dances! And Arthur touched on the subject all these events may be just to tease him... So I guess in a way the sex threat was to distract him _ But with Merlin being as horny as he is and as in love with Arthur as he is... it wouldn't last long if it was real. It was then so fluffy, how Arthur helped him up and Merlin kissed him, soft and tenderly on the lips, the lights of the feast not mattering for one moment. _ ITS SO FLUFFY!

Thanks For Sharing x
Grizzo chapter 11 . 12/24/2011
So cute to see Arthur jealous over a
Emerald Harkness chapter 11 . 12/23/2011
lol, oh the guys are soo predictable with their reactions. Love how the ladies are winding them up so much. I think the two kids sound cute together would be interesting if later on they really do get forward to the next chapter. Merry Christmas!
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