Reviews for Strange Bedfellows
Jenna98 chapter 30 . 10/20
What a fabulous fic! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was frustrating how long it took them to get together and I only wish I could have read more!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Lots of love
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 30 . 8/9
MyPrettyLittleRecklessHeart chapter 18 . 7/28
I usually never review (which makes me horrible, I know) but honestly I loved the ending of this chapter, it was perfect! And thank you for writing this, it truly was amazing!
Guest chapter 30 . 7/11
I did not cry shut up
Sreejita chapter 24 . 7/1
The best fanfiction I ever read
haymitchfrevr chapter 30 . 4/1
this story is absolutely amazing! it has evrything a brilliant story needs. its one of those tales that makes you smile and laugh and hope and wish. nevr evr stop writing!
circumvolation chapter 30 . 4/2
Oliver is the cutest
circumvolation chapter 5 . 3/29
it's light and funny
circumvolation chapter 2 . 3/29
rereading this, or of my favourite stories
asimplemotif chapter 30 . 3/24
very cute!
cemmia chapter 30 . 3/14
Great story!
DragonReader99 chapter 30 . 3/3
BlueFlame27 chapter 11 . 2/26
That bit with the murder mystery was inspired by Sherlock wasn't it haha
mysinger chapter 29 . 2/25
Finally! Now they both know how they feel. I really like your characterization of Oliver. His actions were truly unselfish and true to his character as one of George's best friends. I loved how real that breakup scene was and so well written.
WisePotterhead95 chapter 2 . 2/4
I absolutely LOVE this fanfic! It's so funny and its just so good! This is the best job I've ever seen done on a Harry Potter fanfic! Thank you so much!
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