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chanur chapter 15 . 5/2/2015
Excellent chapter. The end was beautiful.
MiccaF chapter 26 . 3/26/2015
Great story! Very well written, and an original plot :-) Good luck with everything you are going through. Hopefully things start to go smoothly for you. Hope to hear from you soon :-)
I love twilight bella Whitlock chapter 26 . 10/10/2014
i like it keep me updated
viola1701e chapter 26 . 8/15/2013
I hope all works out well for you and i am sure we (your Readers) will be waiting patiently for you to pick up writing again.
Nevermore16Raven chapter 25 . 12/5/2012
please continue writing
jeangary28 chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
awesome start
Fleur24 chapter 24 . 10/22/2012
""He wanted to learn to love her properly and he wanted her to know the real Jasper. It felt like he had been gone for a very long time. Rosalie's way of unleashing Jasper's true nature had been cowardly yes but that's the way Rosalie worked. She wasn't like Edward who played the innocent brother. No. Rosalie knew she was a bitch. She didn't try to convince anyone otherwise."" I LOVE THIS ABOUT Rose.

I also LOVE how He read BElla's journal entry about him, and read about how his statement of her being worth it has meant so much to her.
Fleur24 chapter 23 . 10/22/2012
I LOVE how Rosalie was trying to be a sister near the end, and then how Jasper finally called upon Peter and Charlotte.
Fleur24 chapter 22 . 10/22/2012
""No Emmet, I think I'll just finish reading." He saw Emmet's face crumble a bit and it made him sigh. Emmet and Rosalie had warmed up to Jasper and after some persuading he had gotten Bella to talk to Emmet. It wasn't all dandelions and fucking clouds or anything but it was something. He felt tired. Tired of hating them, of constantly trying to find a remark to make Edward hurt or something to throw in Esme's face."" I really like how he got Bella to talk to Emmett and how he warmed up to Rosalie and Emmett again.

"I'm sorry Emmet," Jasper set the book he was reading on a table next to him and played with his hands on his lap, "I just don't think that hunting will help."

"But reading will?" Emmet asked crossing his arms across his chest, "it'll be like old times."

Jasper grinned as he considered Emmet's proposal. Lately it had been like old times with Emmet. It had taken them a while though."" I like that Jasper and Emmett are good again.

""That was all it had taken, Jasper agreed and he had done pretty good so far. It meant interacting with the Cullen's and vampires he didn't know on a daily basis but he liked this. Being in charge and not having the guilt of the human blood to carry on his shoulders. His eyes were nearly gold again and he couldn't wait for Bella to see them."" Yep Jasper was meant to be in charge of an army and the training of said army.

""What do you think the brother's will ask of Carlisle?" Emmet said randomly. He was nervous, he respected Carlisle and looked up to him. But they all knew the family or him had not been punished for revealing their secret to a human. Aro had that over him.

"Bella thinks Aro will ask him to become the third brother," Jasper said. He didn't really care. He didn't plan to obey Carlisle anymore than he obeyed a shoe lace."" Interesting ideA, having Carisle take Caius's place.

Interesting, Carlisle accepted.
Fleur24 chapter 21 . 10/22/2012
I LOVE the part with the two of them in the dried moss. Its was very sweet at times.

""Someone made there presence known from behind them making Bella and Jasper separate. It was Rosalie, they had made a bet wondering who they would send. It was either her or Emmet and Bella won the bet. She had told Jasper that out of all of them, she could see herself forgiving Emmet first. She said she recognized the look on his face, it was a look that she knew all too well."" Rosalie and Emmett are the best canidates, as Bella never blamed or hated Rose for leaving and she would easily forgive Emmett.

""Oh god," Chelsea exclaimed, "you're mated!" she pointed accusingly at Bella and Jasper, "you went off and got mated!" Bella's happiness was replaced with understanding and annoyance."" This is just rather funny.

Don't worry Jasper, Demetri will keep Bella safe, and make sure she returns to Volterra.
Fleur24 chapter 20 . 10/22/2012
Well isn't this fun! Carlisle and his family are coming to Volterra. I'm glad that by coming Emmett, Rosalie and Esme won't be punished for not coming to the Volturi's aid.

I wonder what Aro wants to talk to Jasper about? I hope they don't kill him!

It is rather cool that Jasper stood behind the chair that Bella sat in.

""Bella," Edward said taking a step back, "I-I'm so sorry." That was the first thing out of his mouth. She maneuvered around Jasper and launched herself at Edward. She made it nearly three feet before having her way blocked.

Bella looked back at Marilyn with a look of pure hatred. She had blocked her advances, her attempt at killing Edward."" Oh poor Marilyn stopped Bella from killing Edward, I wish she didn't.

""Bella," a strangled voice said behind them. It was Emmet. He sounded so hurt, so unlike any of the times she had heard him speak, "You're here."

Bella turned around and saw Emmet, as big as ever standing by the door holding some bags and wearing a look that probably resembled hers. It seemed like he had gone through hell and back."" Awe its Emmett!

"""Who are they?" Jared asked, "are they with the Volturi? Are they why Demetri called me to take you all to Volterra?"

No one answered and neither did Jasper. He nudged Bella to speak, "Yes, I'm with the guard. I have to take your mate in." She didn't even take her eyes off of the window. Slowly though she managed to look back into the room in general. She'd be damned if she made eye contact.

"Why?" Jared asked speaking directly to Bella, "we had a deal. She hasn't caused any trouble." He held on tighter to Marilyn who was finally quiet.

"The brother's need her shield." Bella said simply, "you're in debt to them."" So Jared is part of the guard like Bella, but Marilyn isn't? Interesting.

""How could you?" Bella asked Edward, "Look at me you coward!" she yelled. Jasper's grip against her was loosening. Edward made eye contact and that was it. Jasper didn't bother holding onto her anymore or stopping her when she landed on top of Edward. "You left! You lied to Jasper and me!" she yelled punching him in the chest and making him fall to the ground with her on top, "you took my family away and made me believe I couldn't survive without you!" she kept punching until the whole house was filled with thunder like sounds, "fight back you coward!" Bella was sobbing uncontrollably before she knew it."" Bella's laying it into Edward. I don't blame her at all.

Alice hopefully will get the same. How could they do tha to Bella, jasper and even Charlie!

""When we realized Edward had lied to us we went back for you Bella," Emmet said. She was so happy to hear his voice that she almost jumped up and hugged him, urging him to hug her like he had when she was human."" AWE just go hug him Bella!

""Don't worry about it princess," he said hugging her tighter, "I've got you and they don't. I'm the luckiest vampire in the world."

"You have me?" she asked laughing a little, "how does that work?"

"I get to kiss you," Jasper said kissing her neck playfully, "I get to hold you," he swung her around in his arms a few times as she giggled, not obnoxiously like she had in Italy. "And you have me," he said setting her back on the ground slowly.

"I like the sound of that," she said lifting herself a bit to give him a peck on the lips."" AWE!

""Cowboy?" he asked taking her hand and heading off into the trees at a human pace, "and you just hunted." She liked this. Coming down to hunt with Jasper had been a good idea. 50 yards away was hell and this was heaven.

"I've always wanted my own cowboy," she responded with a laugh, "and I'm thirsty again, sue me."

"I will," he said letting go of her hand. He turned around to face her directly and smirked. He had this look of pure mischievousness, "race me princess."" This is sweet and cute!
Fleur24 chapter 19 . 10/22/2012
""Two," Bella said nodding, "a little girl 2 years after I 'disappeared' and a young boy a year after that." Bella closed her eyes momentarily. To anyone else it might have looked like she was asleep but Jasper knew she was probably trying to hold in sobs. He squeezed her hand tighter and brought her closer to him, to his side. "I didn't ask for names. I don't want to know. I feel like she's not my mom anymore. Don't get me wrong I love Renee but the Renee I knew couldn't imagine taking on another kid, much less two. Not to mention kids she did bear herself. This Renee is grown up, with a family. I'm proud of her."" WOW Renee has grown up. I do feel bad for bella, in how her mother isn't hers any more.

""God Demetri I love you…you big ball of greatness," Bella said."" HAHA this is funny.

""Bella," Jasper said snapping her out of her thoughts, "just do that thing you do and tell me in what direction to go."

"That thing I do?" she sounded offended but he could feel smugness coming though."" HAHA that thing she does!

SWEET a vampire who looks like Marilyn Monroe!

yay Alice is there. Soon the rest of the Cullens will be there as well.

Oh great Marilyn has fallen in with the Cullens. This is not good!

AWE the part at the end was rather romantic.
Fleur24 chapter 5 . 10/22/2012
""Four days ago," they stopped just outside a wooden door three stories below from where the brother's were currently enjoying their lunch.

"If you need to hunt before you leave," he opened the door and Jasper stuck his head out and saw a vast expanse of land that went on for miles and miles, "you can hunt in Bella's grounds."

"You're fucking kidding me," Jasper said sticking his head back in.

Alec smiled and shook his head, "I wish."" This is just awesome!

""They came to a stop at a beautiful set of double doors. None of the doors they had passed on their way up had had such an attention to detail. They were white with carved images of pines and wet land trees. It took Jasper a moment but when he caught on he gasped in realization. They were trees you could find in Washington."" That is pretty awesome!

""Jasper only felt contentment and excitement coming from Alec, so he had to assume the smile was genuine."" Interesting, it seems that Bella has a fondness for Alec.

""they were probably wondering how much fun it would be to get you and a Cullen in the same room together."

Bella smiled genuinely, "You would think they're all still in High School…"

Jasper smiled"" Yep they're still in high school,in wanting to see how Bella would react to seeing Jasper.

I think there is a small friendship between Alec and Bella.
Fleur24 chapter 3 . 10/22/2012
""Her pull to see if her maker was uninjured was stronger than her urge to know why a Cullen was in the same room as her. Bella ran to her maker and knelt as his feet, "Aro, is there a problem? Do you need my assistance?"" AH how sweet of her.

""Bella dear I believe you've met Jasper?" Bella ignored Jasper for the moment, but she did hear him get up. She could sense Jane and Alec covering the entrance, or what was left of it. She was also aware of the guard moving in. They knew she was not to be messed around with, Aro would not have chosen just anyone to be his shield. And Bella was pissed."" SWEET Bella's freaking awesome!

""Aro being in the same room with Jasper Cullen is the equivalent of suicide. These idiots had willing separated Bella and Aro."" HOW Dare they!

""Bunch of gossip fucks. Did they not have better things to do?"" No Bella, they don't have anything better to do.

Rather harsh, isn't it? She finds the physical shield, for Aro and she'll be welcomed with open arms, but won't be needed. if she doesn't find it, she'll be kicked out of the guard.

""Another part of him had taken notice of how the mood in the room had changed. When Bella burst through the doors every vampire in the room had taken a step closer. Alertness and fear surrounded the chamber in a suffocating cloud. It took Jasper a while to block out most of it.

These vampires actually feared Bella?"" That's so cool!

""He didn't miss the way Aro and Bella spoke to each other. At first when Bella kneeled at his feet, Jasper could almost believe they had brainwashed Bella into submission. To anyone else that's what it may have looked like but Jasper could feel Bella's love and devotion to Aro. He could feel Aro's trust and his own fatherly love towards Bella. Their relationship was purely platonic."" Their relationship is really interesting.
Fleur24 chapter 2 . 10/22/2012
"He was screwed, the Volturi had finally found him." Yep he's screwed.

""Jasper flinched, "No, I am Jasper Whitlock. I have not been a Cullen in 10 years," he made sure to let them hear the venom in his words."" And that means there's a story behind it.

""Demetri did not speak for a while. Jasper could feel his conflict with this suggestion but in the end he felt his resignation.

"Very well. You live one more day, Whitlock."" yay, doesn't that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside? *rolls eyes*

""He trained them to fight and kill humans. There was no point in keeping him alive now. He was strangely alright with that. He had waited too long to die, he wanted it to be over."" I guess that makes sense.

"We like Carlisle very much Jasper, maybe we could call him and he could convince us to spare your life-"

"I'd rather rot in hell," Jasper said sure that he really was projecting now. He could feel Aro's amusement break through his own anger. He wanted this to be over, and soon."" OH yeah there's menace behind it. What did the Cullens to get that response from Jasper?

Yep using his gift against him, is probably the only way to truely hurt Jasper. I can't imagine having to feel all of Marcus's pain and angush.

YAY Bella and Jasper meet up again! This will be fun!
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