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ChibiAyane chapter 7 . 1/12/2013
Oh, nice story!
jags chapter 7 . 10/18/2012
That was really good but way too short. I'm surprised at how well done it was since so many of these can be such crap. Bravo and if there isn't one already please email me when/if you write a sequel
S.M.Smith chapter 7 . 7/25/2012
Very good read, thank you!
Dark Magical Sorcres chapter 7 . 4/15/2012
I think its graet that you at least didnt kill Jim at least he can put his brain to good use
MyGuiltiestPleasure chapter 7 . 1/16/2012
This was extremely exciting and well written. I find any chance to break through to the inside of Sherlock's mind interesting to say the least. I hope you will be adding more to this amazing story because even though I enjoy reading about breaking my favorite male character I enjoy reading about recovery more. So basically you break him, you fix him, please.
Threadbare Threnody chapter 7 . 1/12/2012
It was good thanks!
Indigo1100 chapter 7 . 1/8/2012
Great chapter, and a lovely end to a great story.

I like the literary-agent-hypothesis bit with the blog. And the 'Ever.'

Oh, graciousness, poor Sherlock! (You know, he wears his coat indoors, though while watching telly, in... the Great Game, I think). I'm assuming it's a blocking-your-body thing here, though. Poor Sherlock.

I wonder if Mycroft was doing anything (aside from the afore-described having-Moriarty-tortured-with-photographical-documentation thing). Because I can easily see the answer being 'no'. It makes me think of the Mycroft Christmas Gif again.

Thank goodness for John and Mrs. Hudson. I like how you describe their different ways of support. And you know, while I can see many other reasons Sherlock might not want to go to therapy, with him using the 'boring' as an excuse, I can also absolutely see him genuinely finding it boring- analyzing the therapist's possible analysises of him or something. And then breaking down.

Heehee, "The Breakdancing Men". Lovely nod to both the story and ASiB. And, well, not so much a cure as a chronic treatment, but yes.

Oh, the bed scene- ! (And wrapped in a sheet- lovely shout out again, mood whiplash though it causes). Sherlock's first observation/question, the answer (oh, poor Sherlock). The thing he is thinking about. The assumption (have I said 'poor Sherlock' enough times yet? No.) And John's line is perfect. As is the response. Oh-!

Ah, so the story was set in 2012, then.

Do you know what just happened to me? I saw the word 'husband' somewhere else, and promptly though of Seb. Which shows that I have an odd mind, but seriously, in terms of ideal spouses- yeah.

Oh, aviator sunglasses. And I like your description of him in general, and the way the 'hard to tell what he was thinking' line comes in lieu of telling us what he is thinking.

As already noted, I have intense amazingness at Sherlock, here. At the fact that he showed up, at his composure, at the last thing he says.

"Mycroft was thorough indeed." Eek.

And damn, I want to see into Jim's head here, or at least hear the tone of "how did you find me". The backing into a wall thing suggests one, but, well, there's so much that could be going through his head, from loathing to memories of better days to terror (since he was, after all, told that Sherlock would think he was dead in the same conversation as "and if you do *anything* out of line, then you will be dead") to instinctive flinching due to bad associations.

You know, it's kind of heartwarming in its reality. I mean, what he's been able to become. I love the lines on the film. I can see and hear Sherlock in my head this entire conversation.

And yeah, the last line that I didn't notice the significance of until I happened to glance at it in the middle of rereading. Lovely.

Thanks so much for this story!
Indigo1100 chapter 6 . 1/7/2012
First of all, thank you for writing this bit. I was quite ridiculously overjoyed when I saw what the update was. A rather different perspective on it all, here, and - wow.

Second, this is absolutely amazing. I've read it over about four times already, just now, after watching so much, hearing the characters voices in my head (and they fit, because you write them so well).

I like the insight into Moriarty's background. 'How not to raise an abuser', *sigh*, and the bit about his early days in crime. Yes, he seems the type people might decide they want to hurt personally.

Very bright of Mycroft to figure out that the lack of interaction would be an absolutely devastating addition, for Jim. Arguments, confrontations, seem to energize him, even when he's on the loosing side.

"Three guesses to whom the photographs would be sent, and the first two don't count." - hooray for sarcastic thinking.

I like the names- Jim thinks of him as Mr. Holmes (as we have in fact canonically seen), and Mycroft calls him Mr. Moriarty. Very formal, very right for them. And then Mycroft calls him 'young man', because power dynamic. Wonderful. Also, I love Mycroft's lines. (And *your* choice in names. They were Moriarty and Moran to Sherlock, but this is their chapter, and they're Jim and Sebastian).

So interesting, the possible psychology here (Of Jim's lines). Is it bravado for his pride, a shield from breaking that he feels, just something he likes doing? All three, probably, and energizing like I said before. But just how broken is he?

"and who will be completely right if you ever come up on the radar again in any capacity" - I love this line.

I love the image of Moran- in chains, kneeling with difficulty, watched, getting assistance getting up.

And really, I just love *him* in here. Emotional at Jim, very calm at his captors, quavering (oh-!) when Jim starts yelling, dazed afterwards. And Moriarty, line like with Mycroft at first, but then we see the emotion. I wonder if that was part of Mycroft's motivation in coming up with all this- in this moment, it seems rather that Jim would far prefer dying in agony but still defiant to this. So if Mycroft is going for the worst blow, well...

"I'm not going to say what I would like to say in response to that, sir, as you have our lives in your hands, sir." - I absolutely love this line, I think I've quoted it at several people so far. Just- Moriarty is genius, and wild insane unhinged energy, but Moran isn't - he's pragmatic calm competence, steady and not so fluid, and the contrast between the two of them is very clear, there. And just- I can imagine the tone of the line, the carefulness of it, incredible courteousness and yet giving an idea, at least, of the truth. I love contemptuous defiance, but this is also so amazing (and also, I might note, defiance- he might not be striking out, but he's not breaking down either). And also, this Moran just has strength of character in spades.

If Moriarty is disturbing by unhingedness, Mycroft is disturbing by sheer efficiency. 'minimize his threat to the world. a) good idea and absolutely deserved, and b) *shudder*.

"I never want to see or hear anything of either of you again". And if Moriarty is disturbing for his threats, Mycroft is disturbing for his without even saying them.

And again the shielding and the breaking, though the shielding keeps jumping up intermittently. Luckily it seems Moran has worked out a more absorbent counter-attitude in the meanwhile. "Hadn't heard that last one before, boss." Wow.

I wonder why Moran gets a fake first name while Moriarty doesn't. Maybe having both was not OK, and Moran choose to be the one with the fake because he knew Moriarty wouldn't want to. And oh, Conan-Doyle- that is epic.

Yes, the irony is delightful.

And oh, a glimpse of the heart of Jim Moriarty. Fitting to the background you gave and fitting the shielding here.

And oh, *tear*, and Mycroft is absolutely right- minus the 'loyal to Moriarty' bit, this Sebastian is the kind of person who you want 1000 of and who's one in a million.

Love, love, love this chapter.

Thanks you!
BloodyRosie chapter 6 . 1/7/2012
i kinda feel bad for moriarty

i mean

the guy's life offially sucks

hope sherlock gets better

Indigo1100 chapter 5 . 1/6/2012
Yay! New chapter!

Is it ridiculous that I'm sitting here thinking, "if Moriarty's that's tired, what was he going to do if he'd won the chess game?"

Heehee- off the lovely influence of ASiB.

Poor Sherlock! And hooray for John, and I love his moment, his quiet and absolute wrath. I also love his sentence, for some reason especially the way he says "Mr. Moriarty". "Without a second's thought, Moran obeyed" -wow. That's very- because we know he's physically capable, he could have fought, could have run, maybe had a weapon in the room somewhere, might have had a chance to get away given that Moriarty would almost certainly be John's priority. But he obeys, without a second's though. I love.

Yep, the blanket scene is very much as heartwrenching as expected. Oh, Sherlock!

Mycroft's several non-statements on Moriarty's fate are... disturbing. Gratifying, given the who, but still *very* disturbing.

"Ex-Colonel Moran is most likely going to serve a life term in prison."


"I won't trouble you with any more distress than you have already experienced,"

"I am sure that more than once within the next few days the man responsible will hope you were wrong, as well," (and with the cold eyes).

"a photo album he may find gratifying."

*shudder*. Remind me never to get on Mycroft's bad side...

Oh, I like this new addition to your story! Hooray for The Woman. "as one one does when one finds a provocatively clothed dominatrix wielding a riding crop and a semiautomatic in one's bedroom offering to help rescue one's flatmate from a giggling maniac" best sentence ever.

I like how you have brought her in, the backstory and such. Feels especially good given the current canon and my headcanon of it. Though I find the "make Sherlock have dinner with her" part rather disturbing, given what just happened- not as in I think she's being disturbing, but as in I'm worried about how that might go.

Oh, Mycroft (with the permission thing, "He'll want to see you, not me"). This reminds me of that Christmas GIF, in a way.

The moment when John reacts to the injury list- oh-!

And *sigh* for high-handed Mycroft.

setsuko teshiba chapter 4 . 1/5/2012

BloodyRosie chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
poor sherlock

this must be hell

hope he wins every chess game

but i know that's not going to happen

redaerara chapter 4 . 1/5/2012
Well, this is rather interesting story, keep going:)
BloodyRosie chapter 3 . 1/1/2012
moriarty is evil

poor sherlock

Indigo1100 chapter 3 . 12/26/2011
I forgot to mention the hand-tremor- that's one of those really fitting, really disturbing details (like!).

And thank you again.
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