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HughIsMagic chapter 101 . 6/25
...and after One year of absence here I am. Congratulations Nicole chapter after chapter you manage to build up a beatifull and intence story that never stop to amaze me or interest me. Thank you. Now I'm curious like a cat ;)) sorry for errors i haven't a traslator at hand! ;)
OnyxFlames chapter 101 . 6/20
Late review is late, but hey, it's better than never! It makes me so happy that the team is there and supportive of House. Once House wakes up, I hope they remain. He needs to know how much people care about him. I hope the presence and support of everyone will be conducive to his recovery.

It was really nice reading about Stacy giving House a proper clean-up. He'll probably be so embarrassed at his "helplessness" once he wakes up, but hopefully he appreciates it and realizes how much worth he has. Of course, it's not that simple and House has a boatload of issues he needs to work through, but still. Ugh, Cuddy :/ Why did you do that to House? I'm so glad no on is taking her side.

As usual, I really enjoyed the flashback! House and Stacy are so sensual together. It's good that Stacy backed off, though, when House said he wasn't ready to have sex with her.

This is my favorite story on this site 3 Looking forward to more! Just an idea, you might want to put some trigger warnings at the beginning of the first chapter, given how heavy some of the content in this story is - stuff like past child abuse, themes of suicide and self-harm, mental health issues, etc. Trigger warnings are good so that people know what they're getting into and can make informed decisions about whether what they're reading will impact their well-being in any way.
anna chapter 101 . 6/18
love the story and all of your work. are we going to see more chapters (for any of your house fics?) soon :)
Visitkarte chapter 101 . 4/20
Abei confusing, the flashback. I love Stacy freshening him up. Dun dun duuuun!
OnyxFlames chapter 100 . 4/5
Wow, I didn't realize I never reviewed this chapter! I like the fact that this chapter, along with the last chapter, was Stacy-centric - it made her into a more three-dimensional character! Her dialogue and the flashback actually made her come across as pretty likeable. Of course, that doesn't excuse how she treated House, and she knows that. Her motives behind leaving him make the fact that she left him more understandable.

I've always liked how you take little tidbits that are mentioned on the show, such as House meeting Stacy during a paintball match, and expand on them. I like the way you've characterized both Stacy and House in the flashbacks. Some authors characterize their characters in flashbacks exactly the same way the characterize them in the present when that just isn't realistic. People change, especially when a significant amount of time has passed. Your House's personality is slightly different in the flashbacks, but he still comes across as House and in-character. Bravo!

Anyways, as usual, I really enjoyed this chapter! I especially liked the long flashback. I hope you update soon :)
HousesHead13 chapter 100 . 2/22
You are not going to continĂșe with your great stories? :(
myselfdenver chapter 100 . 1/31
This isn't the end, is it? Interesting that the baby was afraid of Wilson. So...his friends get him professional mental health care and he recovers enough to go back to work while receiving out patient consulting. He takes the job offer and both teams with him, but not Wilson. He gets partial custody of his son but he and Stacy do not get back together. Greg wins a lot of money in his lawsuit against PPTH causing Cuddy to lose her, but they do offer her a position-as a doctor in the clinic. She is no longer in charge of anything or anyone. House gets a fresh start in the new hospital and everyone likes and respects him. He gets the second HIV test and it is negative. The first was a false positive. He finds a nice woman to love and she loves him just as much as he loves her. A cure was found for 13. House went to a pain clinic at his new hospital and they were able to help get his pain under good control using a variety of methods. House and his teams lived happily ever after. :). Feel free to use any or all of my ideas. Credit for my ideas would be nice.
myselfdenver chapter 89 . 1/31
OK, he should take the job offer and with the 10M a year he can keep his apt to visit, he could also visit the hospital from time to time. He really needs to get away from Cuddy. In this story she is abusive to our House and he needs to be able to break away from that to take care of himself. Who knows, maybe he'll find a nice woman who is able to love him back after he is able give Cuddy up.
myselfdenver chapter 88 . 1/31
He should take the job offer to get away from Cuddy and get a new start with new coworkers.
myselfdenver chapter 86 . 1/30
Good for House. He finally stood up for himself.
myselfdenver chapter 78 . 1/30
I don't trust Megan. Is she a reporter or maybe working for a lawyer?
myselfdenver chapter 76 . 1/30
Good for Tucker!
Visitkarte chapter 100 . 1/2
The flashbacks are very confusing when they are (this) long and they distract from the main storyline. The actual story is amazing as it is, can't wait for more. Happy New Year, dear!
lenasti16 chapter 100 . 1/1
I'm sorry but since I'm a hard-core #Huddy fan, me not liking Stacey being the center of this much. Haha, and aww, she had a child with House? That just breaks my Huddy heart more. ;(
OnyxFlames chapter 99 . 12/26/2014
Catatonic depression is so severe, and I just hope House is able to make it out of it. I volunteered at a mental hospital for some time, and there was a patient there that had catatonic depression. It was so sad. Lots of people treated her like an exhibit, and it angered me. I'd always go to her room and just talk to her, even though she wouldn't really react. Sometimes she'd repeat my words back to me. She eventually got better, and I'm so glad.

Wow, I was wondering when the storyline about Stacy and House's baby would be continued. Stacy really does seem like she deeply cares about House, even though she mistreated him in their relationship. It's evident that she left him because she thought he deserved better. I really enjoyed the flashback. Everyone just keeps letting House down, and he deserves to be treated so much better than he is. I can tell Thirteen, Foreman, and Chase really care about House, though. I was interested in seeing their reactions to House not being able to practice medicine anymore and his HIV status.

Anyways, wonderful, wonderful chapter with lots of deep emotion. Looking forward to the next one!
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