Reviews for Burning On
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 31 . 7/2
Very good story. The fights have been pretty good and the story has been interesting. i am kind of disappointed that we haven't seen any kind of development in the relationship between Ace and Erza. But I am sure that will come soon. I am still slightly confused about Ace's strength. Is he at his best right now? Also Luffy and the crew have been the world for about 1 year and 3 months right? How strong are they in comparison to their post time skip versions.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 10 . 7/2
Good idea, I was afraid you were going to be predictable and make him a competitor.
DarkBlur2005 chapter 26 . 6/29
Cusi chapter 31 . 6/17
Kill Blackbeard!
Jiraiyathesanin52 chapter 13 . 5/27
Ace had been too careless in many instances, and u said that he's alert while walking? And he's weaker than in Op, very.
ashlight41 chapter 31 . 5/10
next please
himeoka tsuki chapter 31 . 4/23
I just read through all that you released and I have to say that what you have released is a good read. The characters aren't ooc, the reactions and emotions they display are believable to the character in the manga. The plot is made interesting with some of the changes and liberties you took with it such as the lock and key game, and the new fights you inserted into the story, which kept it from being redundant.
Though I do have to say that I find the One Piece characters a bit over powered or more like that the Fairy Tail characters are under powered. I wrote out this whole spiel about Erza and how you seem make her weaker than she is and by association the rest of Fairy Tail characters, but when I really thought it over and the fight between her and Ace is plausible as well as her other fights ,though the only one I have a problem with is the one with Zoro.
I'm pretty sure that she started out as a kid without all the fancy armor and though it is the main point of her fighting style there has been instances where she doesn't use any armor. What I'm trying to get at is that I'm sure she is as well versed in sword fighting without armor as well as she is with armor. Also some of that armor is bulky and probably weighs her down as well[the adamantine armor] so her swings probably pack a punch with all the muscle she probably has because of it, maybe not as strong as Zoro but she could probably hold her own. Also last thing that even if Zoro is stronger than her [though I doubt it's by much], she's extremely adaptable and could compensate with speed seeing as she's smaller and lighter than Zoro [nothing is more important than speed in a sword fight]. I don't know. It just seems to me that Erza is extremely down played[especially when compared to what I'm assuming is pre-time skip strawhat crew] and by extension those considered lower in terms of strength even more so.
Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest, cause as much as it's a good read it also frustrates me for above reasons. I know there is a shit ton of holes in what I just said and that it's probably complete bullshit in your eyes so ignore if you so wish.
Also I hope you update soon cause I'll still read this because it's one of the few well written FTxOP cross overs
Guest chapter 19 . 4/11
Epic! But wouldnt Brook be devastated that his reason to keep going those 50 years was now not possible?
Grizzmon chapter 31 . 3/7
Well, Teach ability to steal magic is really worrisome.
Grizzmon chapter 30 . 3/7
Wait, you are spoiling that Fairy Tail will lose? That's not fair!
Grizzmon chapter 29 . 3/7
Oh, that was smart, since they used no magic, it would b hard to prove Fairy Tail did it.
Grizzmon chapter 28 . 3/7
Teach stealing magic so easily is weird, in One Piece he needed to kill Whitebeard first and his crew had to do something with Teach body in order for him to get Whitebeard ability.
Grizzmon chapter 27 . 3/7
Teach? Wait? How is he here? He can suck himself inside his own black hole, can he?
Grizzmon chapter 26 . 3/7
So rubber cannot beat hair, uh?
Grizzmon chapter 25 . 3/7
Well, talk about ominous.
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