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scolton21 chapter 138 . 11/22
when you first started this story I fell in love with it. then a lot of time passed and I stopped reading for a while. a couple of days ago I started it again, from the beginning, and I just finished the most recent chapter. you are a wonderful writer and I can't wait to see what you have in store for our girls. I love that they have a big family and that the twins are so close. all of the siblings. but Ben and Emma have the same kind of relationship I have with my twin. and I'm very close to all ten of my siblings. update soon please?
ttandme69 chapter 138 . 8/27
I had to start over because I forgot the last chapter I read. Loving it all! Love the kids and the entire extended family you have created! I hope twins are indeed in the future for Heya!

Oh, I thought it was Calen not Connor as you have Lea's baby named in this chapter?

Thanks for all of the hard work. Eager for more. Lisa
auntdedra chapter 138 . 8/23
whole story is awesome!
icesk8er chapter 138 . 8/22
Loved it, as always! I'm glad you're back. I hope you get your computer fixed soon (although, it's partly for selfish reasons). Super excited for Brady to propose. I like them together a lot. They really are like the cutest family ever...all of them. I still hope it's triplets; lets have some identicals in there. I actually like how oddly outnumbered Ben is, so I think it'd be really cool to do triplets with like 2 identical girls and a boy. That way he won't be alone anymore, but the girls still outnumber the boys. The little girls are just so cute, and with all the dancing, them having lots of girls works nicely. I'll like it however you do it, I just think upping the ante with triplets this time just sounds fun. I hope we get another chapter again soon. I can't wait.
Marissa-Xtreme SelDem Fan chapter 138 . 8/21
Yay, you finally updated! I hope it is twins again, thought I'm not sure if I want two boy to even out so they have three boys and three girls or if I want them to have a boy and a girl. So happy Brady is proposing! Can't wait for more! Please update again as soon as you can!
Gleefreak15 chapter 138 . 8/21
Yay I'm so glad you were finally able to update this chapter was so worth the wait it was amazing. I loved all the Lea and Naya moments those were really cute. Well actually I just loved the whole damn thing haha. Can't wait to see what you have come up with for the next chapter )
Guest chapter 137 . 8/4
This is such a good read when will you be updating again
Guest chapter 26 . 8/2
Lol cute
Guest chapter 25 . 7/31
So sweet!
Guest chapter 2 . 7/4
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4
Good start! Excited for more
fbedit chapter 137 . 6/24
You know why I love this chapter? SOOO MUCH LIVY! I mean c'mon...she flings herself on the couch dramatically... and "Can I pick up a track?" How adorbs is that? And she pics Gaga's Applause...kid is destined for stardom! And she's definitely my fav!

And Hemo's teaching technique of associating diving with dance...brilliant! That whole "Mommy/Mama thing with Livy" scene warmed my heart.

So much kid-interaction in this chapter...both with adults and themselves...and so was all so cute and entertaining. Disney is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see what you have in store for both groups.

And let's not forget the biggest news: Naya's officially preggers again! *happy dance*

Thank you for such a good-hearted, fun chapter. Can't wait for the next!

P.S. it looks as though I missed an entire section when I proofed. My bad! I should probably try to proof earlier in the night next time. Guess you'll have to doc my pay! LMAO
Marissa-Xtreme SelDem Fan chapter 137 . 6/22
Yay! Naya's pregnant! I hope it's twins again, two fraternal twin boys like Ben and Emma. Can't wait! Especially to see if Martha comes out! :P and Heather will be ever the doting wife! :)
Gleefreak15 chapter 137 . 6/20
Yay I'm so happy that you are back. This chapter was worth the wait I loved it. Can't wait for the next chapter )
sarcasticSweetLadykisses89 chapter 137 . 6/20
Hey I enjoyed this chapter who's carter?
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